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  1. Map Editor & SDK & Updating.

    As a Source mapper I'd love to see a Hammer-like editor for GB. Except, without the stability problems. (I love hammer but not it's likeliness to crash - if you can't have great stability in your editor, at least have an autosave function. This will stop people like me from destroying keyboards and mice. Hammer autosaves the file you're working on before it dies, so you rarely lose any data.) Something that bugged me about Source engine games, though, is the mission scripting. If I want to script a singleplayer mission with AI, I have to edit the map and redistribute the BSP as a separate file. BSP files are large and it's just not efficient having four BSP's lying around so I can play four different games modes on a single map (Co-op, Push, Domination, and deathmatch as some examples). It would be possible to code in a system that would get around this but it'd be a lot of work, and would require you to release your own game mod. Not exactly simple if all you want is simple mission scripting. I really liked Ghost Recon's approach to object placement. There's a map file that has all the structural data and environmental data, but by itself can't be run in the game. The game instead loads script files, which have a path to the map and entries for all the AI units along with their mission-specific scripting, objective zones and whatever else, along with mission briefings. They can even override some of the default environment values like which skybox to use, level of precipitation and fog values. This way, you can create 20-30 different missions or game modes based off the same map and release those individually for under a meg. No need to recompile a map just to create a new mission, you load up a script editor and do object placement and save to a text file. This is contrary to how Source engine and IIRC most other games do things. They place objects right into the map file, which means any variations on the mission or game mode must be distributed with a copy of the map file - like I said, this gets large and really stupid. It would also be really nice to be able to create 3D skyboxes.
  2. Arm Patches

    Here's another +1 for armpatches. Loved that feature in Raven Shield.
  3. Welcome to BFS!

    Definitely looking forward to what you guys are currently working on. It's been too long since we had a really top-notch tactical shooter.