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  1. Helicopter inserstions into mp games

    Yes, that all sounds good. I would also like to see a more interactive enviornment, like opening car doors and take cover behind them, fliping over tables for cover, and doors that are usable.
  2. Oops x2.... Original Post Well, I don't know about you guys, but I think it would be pritty cool if your team go to parachute into a mp game from a plane or chopper controlled by other human players, who could then attack the enemy from above or land the chopper and start fighting on the ground. Also, you could create a game type where each team has a certain number of insersions, and a team captin or something could decide when to use the insersions, and say 8 or so players who died earlyer can respawn in the helicopter/ plane (the game would have no respawns besides the insersions). Also, the vehicle should be able to be shot down able carrying troops. On a different note, consistent bullet damage would be greatly apprecieated, Im getting sick of playing in games of GRAW 2 (even though if probobly been sick of the game for over a year now...) you can be shot and killed in one shot to the foot with an m4, but then later in the getting it takes 3 shots to the head/chest. Just my two cents...