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  1. Ground Branch AI collaboration

    I think the GRAW series struck a good balance between getting the human player killed instantly and getting involved in some awesome firefighting. In my oppinion, based on my experience, the firefight element was mostly absent in Ghost Recon because of the AI's ability to mostly kill you instantly. So was my experience with R6 series. Again, the GRAW series AI was not perfect, but was extremely fun to play against (even again and again and again for thousands of hours) because the AI would react slightly differently and somewhat unexpectedly (by doing something unexpectedly, but awesome) every time, and giving the human players some awesome firefights and tons of good laughs, while maintaining a somewhat believable serious tactical impression. To me the keyword about the GRAW AI is "fun to play against" and to me the ultimate goal for the GB AI should be that its a ton of fun to play against, making GB a game with a huge replayability factor
  2. Ground Branch AI collaboration

    Only a couple of hundred hours (COOP) compared with a couple of thousands (COOP) in GRAW1+2, and I respectfully disagree
  3. Ground Branch AI collaboration

    I have to admit that I would be rather dissapointed if GB would "only" try to match the AI levels of Ghost Recon/RavenShield. I think those are very basic and somewhat un-impressive by todays standards. As a starting point, sure, but as a goal for the final AI, not so much. The most impressive tactical AI I have encountered (and which I personally would like to see GB try to match/surpass) is that in the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter series. Very responsive, unpredictable, surprising and - most of all - fun (all those resulting in great replay value)! Mike
  4. Ground Branch AI collaboration

    This is indeed great news. I almost entirely play tactical shooters in CO-OP with friends, so a good Enemy AI is of course really essential. I cannot count the number of times my friends and I have been rolling on the floor laughing as we have been taken by surprise when the AI in GRAW1+2 did something unexpected and almost humanlike. Such moments are truly epic. Also, zoombapup - please let us in on your thoughts right away. I (and probably most others) have no knowledge of how AI is designed and what the considerations are, so please start sharing your initial thoughts to give us some insight into this particular part of game development. MadMike
  5. I have a few mates that would be in the target audience for GB Steam EA. I have asked them what would convince them to get onboard with a GB Steam EA. They have answered (in order from most significant to least): SP/COOP "Terrorist Hunt" mode Adequate AI for a fun "Terrorist Hunt" experience Relatively smooth and responsive character movement (They think OE 1006 is about 70-80% EA ready) Adequate animations and gun mechanics (They think OE 1006 is about 70-80% EA ready) One good map - more or less showcasing the graphics level of the finished GB (I have shown them the Depot map and that was a hit, so about 80-90% EA ready) A few adequately implemented weapons (They think OE 1006 is about 80% EA ready) Adequate sound (They think OE 1006 is about 80% EA ready) So to sum up. I think that if people can have actual gameplay fun from the get go with the GB Steam EA (other than just admiring the bolt action animation in super slo mo) , the word will spread more rapidly amongst ordinary gamers, hardcore fanatics and bloggers alike. If the GB Steam EA will "only" showcase stuff that is cool to military fanatics, that would have a much (s)lower impact. I am not saying dumbing down anything, just to provide a convincing showcase that slowpaced tactical gameplay is fun. Which many gamers seem to have forgotten these days If a Steam EA starts out getting negative comments and feedback, its going to be an uphill battle for sure as many of the persons that was interested from the start might not be coming back as the product improves over time. There has to be a (although limited) cool experience from the beginning. Just my humble oppinion MadMike
  6. Animations feedback

    I just wanted to give some feedback on the animations etc. At the present state, I think its definately off to a good start. As I have stated elsewhere, the animation/movement reference for me is Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. Its bloody amazing; smooth and responsive in all situations. I would like to give specific feedback on one thing. Single stepping around an obstacle When you lean and keep pressing strafe left or strafe right, the movement seems even enough, but when you single tap strafe left or right to move around an obstacle slowly, its extremely uneven as demonstrated in this video Keep up the good work! MadMike
  7. I noted that when using HoloSight or Reflex (and maybe other sights) you can start of with your aim perfectly aligned, but after sprinting (dosn't happen after running), the aim is off forcing you to press "fire" once to align the aim again before you can shoot. I dont know if that is by design, but I find that slightly annoying MadMike
  8. First of all congrats with finally reaching this milestone after all these years. Well done! I am using Tech Preview 0.95 (while waiting for my Operator Edition key) :-) A few observations: 1) I have the same tree artefacts as others have reported. I have a Nvidia GTX 670. Please observe the sick looking tree on the left and also on the tree on the right which changes (LoD?) according to me panning. 2) In normal walking mode, the operator will actually speed up (instead of slowing down) and run through water (on the nature map). Also, a humble question: Is sliding (pressing crouch when running or sprinting) being considered? It worked fantastically in GRAW1+2 and is bloody cool. And I dont think it breaks the tactical realism that GB is trying to achieve. I really think the character movement in GRAW2 is a reference and the greatest I have experienced in any game, and could be something to have in mind. Its extremely fluid and responsive in all situations, as opposed to many other games where the character movement sometimes is actually hindering and breaks the gameplay experience. Keep up the good work! MadMike
  9. Moving Forward

    The blog and demo parts all sound great. Maybe you could put a "Paypal donate" button next to the demo download when its time. I would like to donate something in exchange for the demo.
  10. Plan B

    Sorry, but I dont agree with that. My friends and I have played Ravenshield, SWAT4 and GRAW1+2 CO-OP for many years now (thousands of hours). The missions, graphics and objectives remain the same, but what keeps us coming back for more is the joy of being surprised/screwed over by good AI. There is nothing better than saying after your entire team was just wiped out: "Damn! We have played this mission hundreds of times - what the hell just happened!". Especially in GRAW1+2, the AI can be quite surprising and no two runs are ever quite the same, giving those games tons of replay value. So, in my view, unpredictability (primarily by good AI, secondarily by somewhat randomized spawn points/mission parameters) is what makes people want to play the same game over and over again.
  11. Plan B

    Hi Zoog, Hmm, thats not what I found, when I looked into it at the launch of the KS campaign. In the Q&A section on, one can read that: "Will there be a Singleplayer campaign? We have an active Singleplayer campaign under design, but for this first release we are concentrating on a solid MP experience with the unique core gameplay elements in place. A second release will bring with it the SP campaign as well as a Co-op experience. Will the SP campaign support multiplayer cooperative play? That is the current thinking, yes." I think this rather vague statement about CO-OP/SP may have deterred potential buyers/backers. /Mike
  12. Plan B

    Hi guys, First of all, I would like to say that I think the GB KS campaign was very well prepared, compared to something like the TAKEDOWN KS campaign (which I took part in as a supporter). However, just before the GB KS campaign started, I voiced my concerns (based on TAKEDOWN campaign experience) that it could take a long time to spread the word to the intended GB buyers/backers, and here is why I think so. I think the typical GB buyer is a male somewhere between 30-50. He has work and family and is generally quite busy. He does not have time to read gaming news on the Internet, but might subscribe to a physical gaming magazine. I am saying this, because I actually know at least a handful of potential GB buyers and they fit this description perfectly. This means that the only way they will hear about the GB KS campaign is through the physical gaming magazine (which is normally not gonna happen) or through someone telling them about it. Also, all the potential GB buyers that I know, are not into multiplayer (PvP, TvT), but are primarily into campaign CO-OP, and I think that some potential backers might have been trown off due to the lack of initial CO-OP. So, I dont think there was anything wrong with the GB KS campaign, it just needed a lot more time (and perhaps initial CO-OP) for the word to reach a critical mass of potential buyers. /Mike PS: Still keeping fingers crossed that GB will become a reality at some point.
  13. Being a veteran fan from the Takedown KS campaign (having spent a lot of time spreading the word), I would say that you need the following for a successful KS campaign pitch. - You need a cool KS intro video, not just a purely informational one - You need a comprehensive FAQ, where potential Pledgers can find the precise info they are looking for to convince them to pledge. Its a make or break situation. If they cant find the information or they information is not to their liking, they wont Pledge - You need cool concept art to convey the feel of the game. A picture says more than a thousand words - And optimally, you need gameplay footage to further convey what the game is about - For the various parts above, you need some cool genre music GB, being so far in development as it is, has a good chance to deliver all of the above, IMO. However, there are a few things that can be learned from the Takedown KS campaign. Its important not to start spreading the word until all the material is ready and the KS campaign page is operational. People have limited attention spans, and if you post a message in a forum promoting the KS campaign and all your material is not ready yet, two things will happend: 1) the trolls will go crazy, generating a lot of negative karma and calling the campaign a fraud, and 2) the thread will be forgotten very quickly and descend out of people's views. There has to be something interesting for people to discuss, to keep the thread alive. Also, watch out for being too personal and enthusiastic when posting the pitch to a forum. People will react negatively to that, calling you a spammer and you will get banned from the forum. We had that happen a lot in the Takedown campaign, as we all felt very enthusiastic about the project. Keep it relatively neutral when you are pitching the news and end by saying something like "I think it looks very interesting". However, when writing to editorial staff, the situation is different. I have had the best responses in the cases where I provide a lot of background info, but also write why I think the project is interesting. I can imagine that they are getting a lot of "new KS game" related mails these days. Also, dont be put off by trolls. So many people have nothing better to do than talk rubbish about stuff they have not even bothered looking into. Unfortunately, thats an integral part of the Internet.
  14. Congratulations with BFS 2.0! Its all looking incredibly great. I have 2 comments regarding the Q&A on 1) Renderer / OS supported I think you are missing information on which renderers (DX9, 10, 11) and OS (XP, Vista, 7) the game will run under. Especially when its Kickstarter time, people will be looking for info that confirms that GB will actually run on their rig before pledging. I know I will 2) More "hard" info about Co-op "Co-op campaign" mode on LAN is my main game and would be my reason for pledging, so I was looking for info on that. I could not find any "hard" info in the Q&A, just some slightly vague stuff. Excerpts: Q: Will Ground Branch be a Singleplayer or Multiplayer game? A: Ground Branch will eventually have Singleplayer, Multiplayer and a Co-op component to it Q: Will there be a Singleplayer campaign? A: A second release will bring with it the SP campaign as well as a Co-op experience. Q: Will the SP campaign support multiplayer cooperative play? A: That is the current thinking, yes. We know from the Takedown experience that a lot of people love Co-op and will come here looking for hard info on that before making their minds up about pledging. Could you make the Co-op info more precise, like: "The game will feature at least a Co-op Campaign mode with all the missions from the SP campaign, and possible more Co-op modes. Up to ? players can play either on LAN or via the Internet..." or something? All the best wished henceforth - I am jumping with joy
  15. April 16

    Actually I wish that you were Crysis: Warhead was (if you ignore the aliens part and did not use the paranormal suit powers) bloody close to being a realistic tactical shooter in wonderful graphical settings!