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  1. Is there a name for this title?

    E.C.O. - Elite Combat Operations
  2. AI Wishlist: Helping wounded AI

    - Just a thought but how bout enemies that urinate in fear or throw up when injured (little graphic but topic for discussion just the same) - having the abiltiy to shoot out radio's so the AI can't call in for support - having the ability to shoot a weapon out of the hand of an enemy - AI that are trying to save their fallen friends (they give support until they can reach them) - please don't allow the enemy to always know where you are eg. you turn a corner the enemy is looking at you, you climb something they are already looking at you - I dont know if this can be done, but rewards building character skills eg as you get better at stealth you eventually are able to sneak right up on an enemy and knife them for a silent kill - a little off topic but it would be great to be able to climb a tree, or dig a fox hole and be able to adjust your cover in game eg. if you are in the bushes you will have the ability to grab branches for cover and add them to your outfit Just some thoughts Jake