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  1. Tomb Raider (2011)

    Looks like uncharted on stereoids,in one video she even shot a barrel with bow(On a remote island there are explosive barrels..) and killed four guys with arrow/barrel combo ? ######.
  2. Game Screenshot Thread

  3. Alan Wake (PC)

    I can max out game at 1680x1050 resolution and while it looks really good (No ###### its linear as hell),the core gameplay killed it for me,moving camera and controling main character feels like you're controlling pinokio..Plus shooting is really nothing special... Does anyone remember tech demo from 2005,when they showed open world game,where you could drive jeep and find cluse all around island,the demo ended with big tornado. At the time Alan Wake was pc exclusive game..
  4. Game Screenshot Thread

    PES 2013 - SMOKE PATCH mod - BAL (Become a Legend). Playing as myself,marko ilič. CF/LWF,Heracles Almelio (Eredivisie league).
  5. Guess what game

    Manhunt ?
  6. Battlefield Academy

    Hm it sure looks interesting,thanks for info
  7. Guess what game

    Guess i shall continue if noone wants to. Lets start with something more easy hah x) :ph34r: