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  1. Bring me up to date.

    Thanks guys.
  2. Expansion Packs

    I like the sound of that! Even if I am still living in the nineties.
  3. Bring me up to date.

    I gave up on PC gaming after Raven Shield and Half Life 2. I couldn't afford to update my pc and my favorite games were made in the past anyway. I did buy an X-Box 360 that I never enjoyed very much. I liked the original X-Box. I am not anti-console. I just thought the games became more and more samey. Not sure what I should do about Ground Branch. What does it cost these days to get a PC that will play games well? Also what are some cool games I have missed in my long gaming hiatus.
  4. Expansion Packs

    I know Ground Branch is not out yet but do you anticipate making expansion packs sort of like what Rainbow Six did with Athena Sword or Eagle missions. I loved the extra missions that were not an official sequel and really look forward to this kind of gameplay again.
  5. Funding

    Forgive me, I am new here, what is the timeline like for this game?
  6. Deus Ex Human Revolution

    A freind of mine told me about this. Was not even on my radar, seems to have the look and feel of the original (which was one of my favorite games ever). Anyone else interested in this? PC and Consoles