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  1. Nem, really mate? Really?! Here's my take. Disregard some the franchise for a moment. Instead, lets look at Covenant from a purely movie standpoint with some Alien mythos intertwined. The 'Idiot Plot': It's very disconcerting that following Prometheus' story-line, we get another Scott film that requires the entire cast to act like they suffer from severe congenital mental handicaps that require all of them to have to make the worst possible decisions just to move the plot along. It was insulting in Prometheus. It's just downright lazy film making here. Alien planetary vistas, wonderful technology and deadly creatures are but a backdrop. Good sci-fi has to tell human stories and if the supposedly bright humans involved consistently behave like low-functioning morons, then you've lost the connection to the audience. Not only that, but all the whiz-bang CGI, stunning cinematography, and amazing set design just magnify the sense of potential unfulfilled. Suspension of Disbelief: Now this somewhat coincides with the Idiot Plot aspect, but its prevalent throughout the entire film from the dialogue to the characters to the actions they take. The acting captain of the remaining crew risks a ship with 4000 people on it by shutting off CAI and dipping close to the atmosphere just to be able to chat with his wife. It is heavily implied that in Covenant David is actually the creator of the modern xenomorph we all know and love. If that's the case, then why the is one clearly present on the mural in Prometheus? Plot Holes: If you saw the film this component doesn't need expounding. Like, at all. Summarization: Characters regularly make unreasonably idiotic decisions, sometimes only moments after arguing fervently against them. Moderately important plot points seemed to have been skipped entirely. Unexplained mysteries were encountered, not with due curiosity and awe but seemingly almost without being noticed and then forgotten moments later. Covenant isn't Alien. It contains none of its dread or edge of your seat pant ######ting moments. It isn't Alien 3 which I would argue is a far superior movie to that of Covenant or Prometheus. So what is it? Well, its Aliens. It's a pseudo militaristic, sci-fi action romp, minus anything that made Cameron's Aliens enjoyable. Ya know, like characters or story or dialogue or any of that other inconsequential nonsense...
  2. Well, no ######. It's a constant reiteration of the obvious. The fact that they repeatedly state said commentary doesn't make it relevant to the concurrent storyline that's been chosen. Considering that subsequent Polygon articles, the ones where it lambastes CoD WWII for its failure to include trans-gendered soldiers, is absolute f$%&in' lunacy. Same with the previous one. Polygon has a heretical hyperbolic reputation and entrenched political philosophy on basically everything. They're not a gaming pub. Never have been.
  3. I've seen a lot of great ones over the years, but this one takes the cake. Any others? [media]
  4. Absolutely insane that BFS still hasn't fixed the link embed aspect. I mean its only been four years....
  5. Yeah mate, took a long time. Agreed however, the chin was a major issue here.
  6. https://www.polygon....eveal-diversity As someone that thinks the entire franchise is a heaping garbage pile, it doesn't negate the fact that the article in its entirety is absolute and utter nonsense. Could the developers have, for example, explored segregated American (black) units that fought in the ETO? Yeah. Could they have chosen the French North-African Legion? Sure. Perhaps a mission or two as a female spy in the British SOE tossed behind enemy lines? Why not. But they didn't, instead Activision and Sledgehammer decided to focus on the 1st Infantry Division as their story centerpiece. A historically segregated military unit of the time, period. To force diversification for no other reason than to do it, to be PC and inclusive for the sake of SJW's everywhere is not only disrespectful to those that served, but is also nothing more than an attempt at whitewashing history and is just utterly absurd. Polygon...what a in' joke.
  7. The visuals are nice, but the one-dimensional characterization of soldiers is pretty played out. It’s about time that COD gets some personality beyond that of "grizzled warrior". It’s the same one-note tune that Activision has been playing for over 10 years. Still, seeing as how I served with the BRO in Iraq and Afghanistan, I might take a chance on it.
  8. PCG just nominated me for mod of the year.
  9. Now this is funny! Even at modicum distances, thanks to engine limitations, the inability to see a player somehow or its offshoot makes the game better? It's just utterly ridiculous to read or hear things like that IMHO. The engine is incapable of rendering players outside a certain distance that even the Human eye can distinguish. But no, that's not a fault or concern for improvement, its somehow a huge advantageous and or component of the existing gameplay. How's the Koolaid down there, good?
  10. That's the least of their concerns. Almost every game still turns into a ######ty pixel hunt, especially on the large open Afghan maps. Out past 500m its really bad. You think you saw something, you're not sure, but you might have. That's the reaction every time. The the blurry pixelated characters on the opposing team, even at medium distances, merge back into the terrain like they melted into it. The rampant server latency at said distances doesn't help either and given the UE hard-coded limitations at present, likely never will. The engine choice just doesn't support those engagement ranges and is a bit like A3, only worse.
  11. Three months in the making. Original image: My version:
  12. Buh... While I occasionally like the Marvel flicks, its gone past f$%kin' overload at this point. Spinoff after spinoff, origin story after origin story, one unnecessary interim movie after another. The only Ragnar-rocks movie I want has King Lothbrok in it.
  13. DCS has a plus from me though. No matter how great the campaigns or online features or visuals or flight dynamics or MP are in IL-2, they're still dealing with a niche within a niche. That being the Eastern Front. While the Barbarossa/Eastern Front is a favorite of mine from a history standpoint, its aerial battles were certainly nothing like those waged by the Americans and British over Germany from 44-45. That's the real meat and potatoes as it were, the one addition most people want to see. That being 190's and 109's vs B-17's and P-51's, strategic bombing aspects and so on. But they're (IL-2) not doing that. They're moving to the Pacific following Kuban with plans for Midway and Okinawa. DCS on the other hand is doing all of that, Reichsverteidigung, which everyone wants.
  14. Ouch.
  15. The flight dynamics on the DCS WWII birds are hit an miss at best. The Dora for example is really spot on for takeoff and landing, but it floats a lot in the air. It does some things it shouldn't with regards to performance standards, both exceeding and regressing its potential. Even doing off the wall ###### outside its whitepaper specs. The same goes for the 109K. The devs on that one have really pumped its numbers up big time. Not to say it wasn't a hell of a bird, it was. It's just that they tweaked the performance to such an extent that its more a spaceship than anything else. An in-depth mission editor for the BoS series exists, yes. To include a dynamic campaign as well. There is also a lot more community content for BoS/BoM/BoK. I've done a bunch of textures for it myself.