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  1. People just need to judge it on its own merits. Is it a terrible game? No, not in my opinion. Is it a great or even a good game? Absolutely not. Is it the epitome of mediocre? Very, very mediocre after having played it (free copy from Ubi). The issues I bulleted in my previous post jumped out immediately. They're all very, very, veeeeeery prevalent. And that's kinda a shame. Ubisoft obviously spent a lot of time building this absolutely stunning world. I mean if you haven't taken the time to just sit/stand there and look at it, you're missing out. Really. The vistas in this game are truly a sight to behold, especially as alternating weather rolls in. Just f%#&ing wow. Still, its a shame that the gameplay is so hollow and so disjointed from said world. While yes, it can be a great deal of fun in COOP and that is where it really shines IMHO, it doesn't negate the fact that it just isn't a good game. It's just, like ya know, kinda there? It's that game you know you should uninstall because it isn't good but just can't quite do it. You just kinda know one of your mates has it, and he'll want to do a raid or something and you'll wanna do it as well because nothing else like it exists? That's kinda how I feel about it, and that's the sad part. It's the only option that exists. This is very reminiscent of my invitation to play the Mass Effect: Andromeda closed beta a month ago. I was super impressed with the combat, the scenery/level design, the characters, all of it. Then I sat back and thought about it. I thought about what I had seen and done, and what I saw and played was just really sub-par. It wasn't good. Point being, I think people should always take a step back and objectively judge what they're emotional about. You might come to a different conclusion.
  2. No s$%t, right? I dumped DCS in favor of the new IL-2 series a few months ago. Granted, you can't click all the button in the cockpit, but the flight dynamics blow DCS WWII birds out of the water. No. Third-Party developers develop content for it. Ya know, like FSX/P3D/XP with Aerosoft or Flight Factor or Carenado or....
  3. I don't look at it as a GR game. It's just a game to me, one I was considering picking up at one point. That said, I've heard and seen some very disparaging things about it as a game. Craptastic AI. Awful voice acting. Odd to poor animations. The physics are apparently ######. Generic characters and a pretty awful (writing) story. It really runs out of steam after the first eight or so hours and becomes obnoxiously repetitive. What really did convinced me not to buy it was the AI CoV. The AI can only see the player, they can't see your team. Your team is always invisible unless you are seen. I spose' that makes sense from a, uh, kinda gameplay aspect? However, I just chalk it up to lazy devs who didn't want to write any sort of in-depth spotting code. Might pick it up on sale but I'll never pay full price for it.
  4. Filmed entirely in-game using the Cinematic Tools on the PC version.
  6. Looks like a Russian Wargasm.
  7. Yeah, okay. And yes, these were taken in-game via Hatti's Tools.
  8. That it did. Here ya go.
  9. I have H&G, and it's nothing like it.
  10. I don't know how you make BF slower though.
  11. I'm enjoying the alpha. That said, I'm not sure the BF formula really fits the era on this one.
  12. I uh, found these somewhere.
  13. Apparently it's “very exclusive, very small”. Guess I better remove all of the footage I uploaded or I'll be in violation of the NDA.
  14. Quite fun actually.
  15. Pretty interesting. Predictions: Does Bernie have a snowballs chance? UNU SAYS: "NO" Is Hillary Clinton trustworthy? UNU SAYS: "NO" Who will Donald Trump pick for Vice President? UNU SAYS: "Chris Christie" Will a manned Mars mission take place in the next 3 decades? UNU SAYS: YES Does Hillary Clinton support the voter or Corporations more? UNU SAYS: "Corporations" “Will a great power war erupt within the next fifteen years?” UNU SAYS: “YES.” Will we see world war 3 within the next 50 years?” UNU SAYS: “Maybe.” Oops! Wrong General Dicsussion section. Move please.