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  1. Filmed entirely in-game using the Cinematic Tools on the PC version.
  3. Looks like a Russian Wargasm.
  4. Yeah, okay. And yes, these were taken in-game via Hatti's Tools.
  5. That it did. Here ya go.
  6. I have H&G, and it's nothing like it.
  7. I don't know how you make BF slower though.
  8. I'm enjoying the alpha. That said, I'm not sure the BF formula really fits the era on this one.
  9. I uh, found these somewhere.
  10. Apparently it's “very exclusive, very small”. Guess I better remove all of the footage I uploaded or I'll be in violation of the NDA.
  11. Quite fun actually.
  12. Pretty interesting. Predictions: Does Bernie have a snowballs chance? UNU SAYS: "NO" Is Hillary Clinton trustworthy? UNU SAYS: "NO" Who will Donald Trump pick for Vice President? UNU SAYS: "Chris Christie" Will a manned Mars mission take place in the next 3 decades? UNU SAYS: YES Does Hillary Clinton support the voter or Corporations more? UNU SAYS: "Corporations" “Will a great power war erupt within the next fifteen years?” UNU SAYS: “YES.” Will we see world war 3 within the next 50 years?” UNU SAYS: “Maybe.” Oops! Wrong General Dicsussion section. Move please.
  13. Reposting things to this thread that were posted elsewhere. Simply because they're that good. Yes, I'm Clarkson on this. A project completed in conjunction with American Airlines. No ######, side by side on it. I had to sign NDA's, and IP's and all kinds of legal documents. Still, AMR was absolutely brilliant about the whole process. An A3 flick. ######ty game. Fun production aspects. Old-school A2 TVT stuff. Lots of combat vet stuff.
  14. If you have access to it keep going I say. It's just that it goes downhill fairly quickly after S3.