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  1. Gotterdammerung

    Apologies! This was a project I was contracted on to do the ad concepts for. Whether or not its green lit I have no idea.
  2. Escape From Tarkov

    Can't deny it has the best gun-play I've ever seen. Too bad there really isn't much under the hood as far as everything else. Hate to say it given how awash we are in the genre, but maybe if it was had more survival elements (base building, food/water reqs, etc etc) it might be a bit better?
  3. Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 at Gamescom 2017

    Apocalypse with regards to rampant economic, SoL and population decline. While nationally the unemployed continues to slowly dip, the numbers of those underemployed are rising. The payroll growth data is sending an alarms throughout the IVI's. Given the almost zero wage growth, nobody can expect consumer spending and demand to increase. It either stagnates or continues its trend of decline since 2009. Things are bad and looking worse.
  4. Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 at Gamescom 2017

    I hope it succeeds. I mean it could be the definitive space-sim. However, I know the guys history and it doesn't bode well. Recent reg's show they've taken out multiple $Mill loans which while bad is certainly in keeping with Roberts' history. You really in Detroit? What's the post-Americana apocalypse like? I ask because its coming to all of us pretty soon.
  5. Game Video Thread

    Seen their stuff as well. Oh crook you.
  6. Featured in RPS again

    A3 and FSX images at the bottom.
  7. Featured in RPS again

    A3 and FSX images at the bottom.
  8. My Photoshop Project

    Comicbook style.
  9. Game Video Thread

    Came across these guys a few months ago. Pretty Good Contentâ„¢.
  10. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    I'm over halfway though it now, campaign wise. It was fun for the first 8 hours or so, but everything is just rinse, repeat in every...single...province. It's infuriating that they built this beautiful world and basically did nothing with it.
  11. Alien: Covenant

    Glad you said that. Life was pretty good, really. Take the plot, set pieces, acting, dialogue, all of it, and adapt it to Covenant and we'd have a pretty great Alien film.
  12. The YouTube Thread

  13. Game Screenshot Thread

    LOL! Is that your nightstick or are you just happy to see me.... Created the Dunkirk film Spitfire textures.
  14. Squad

    In A3 for example, you can see troop movement quite clearly as you can with your real eyes, and as much as I dislike that game it at least has that going for it. Squad on the other hand just renders semi-distant objects very poorly. When I say pixel hunt I mean pixel hunt. It pixelates and blurs them to such an extent that they almost perfectly meld into the terrain. I did this as an example of what happens in-game. Now while its perfectly visible here, take that image and shrink to 90% of its size, color grade it and slap it onto a hillside and you'll miss it the vast majority of the time. A3: