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  1. Bought into the Hype

    I put almost 96 hours into the game so far. It's got problems, the story is "meh", missions are repetitive, grinding etc. TitanFall I played about 72 hours and hadn't played a multiplayer component of a game in about 6-7 years(gets too addicting). I thought TitanFall was more fun in the PvP and Destiny is better in the PvE(though TitanFall is just now getting a form of PvE). Usually a shooter, I'll play the campaign once or twice if it's short. With Destiny it's setup so you can keep going and be rewarded. The missions are the same, but you can play them coop or solo. For instance, you pickup a bounty to kill a boss who happens to be in a particular mission, you go play that mission. There's a daily mission that gives you rewards(currency, items). The strikes are cool. The shooting is fun and the weapons are varied with upgradable stuff. I guess it's just this "in search" of better gear or upgrading stuff kind of game. I play with a group of guys from work, so it's pretty fun going through a strike, communicating, reviving each other, etc. The art direction is fantastic in this game. Main issue I'd say this game has is a lack of unique content over the long term and generally more stuff to do and make the world feel more "alive." Though, I'm amazed at how playing the same areas and strikes/missions/patrols over and over is still fun. Then again, playing any pvp multiplayer game over the same few maps isn't that much different. Just the competition varies. Overall, I still feel like playing it some more - not sure how long that will last.
  2. Metro Last Light

    i think this is done more for consoles than PC, but not much harm done releasing a PC version for super fans or even people that never played the originals. I believe it adds modes to 2033 that were only in last light. Last Light was a free ps+ game on ps3 a few months ago. I never played 2033 and started last light. It didn't look bad but was definitely not smooth. It was pretty cool, but I didn't understand it, so I stopped and tried to get 2033, but it never came out on ps3. Didn't pursue it at that point. Downloaded redux on ps4 last week and just finished 2033, not a bad game, but I'm enjoying last light a lot more so far. Both games look great on ps4. Sharp 1080p and smooth 60. I know that's not problem for a good PC even in 2005, but for consoles, this is pretty sweet. Last Light has a great fallout feel without the open world part. Just a linear story shooter, both games, but a nice different take on post apocalyptic. I tried to share some ps4 pics, but it has to go through twitter. Not sure how to just post the pics or why they are so small:
  3. I lost interest and track of this game when it had the shoulder attached rocket launcher and strange gun with every gadget known to man including some kind of giant church key bottle opener on the bottom of it. Plus the name was so lame. It looked so beyond the already over done future stuff of the console Graw. I didn't even notice when it came out, think it was in the shadow of DiabloIII as well. However, I recently decided to try it, and actually feel kinda guilty that I only had to pay $9.99 on xbox live for it. It was a 50% Tom Clancy weekend or something. At first I was little put off by the end of the first mission where you just fire the pistol and the character moves on his own, but the more I played, the more I really liked the game as a console shooter. It actually feels less futuristic than the graw games and more contemporary, save for the camo thing, which didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. Very pleasantly suprised how this turned out. The gunsmith thing is awesome, the characters look fantastic, the missions are fun, the environments look great. I find this game to be better then the latest cod:ghost game. The scout, tag, and shoot gameplay is fun. Overall, I enjoyed the campaign and shooting. I realize it's not OGR, but I can't even look at GR games that way anymore, they're just more mainstream games now. This is just way better than I thought it would be from all aspects and I'm glad they toned it down to be less future-y. Seems like most of the weapons are fairly modern day weapons and I'm happy you can put a single shot trigger group in them. It will be interesting to see what they do for the xboxone and ps4.
  4. The Kickstarter thread

    The Red Baron Flies Again: I remember getting the original on Amiga500. Thought it had the best big old box and manual, career mode, etc. That and Aces of the Pacific. Not sure I'm into this version, even though it's the original creator. I like the direction they are going, but not sure about the "look":
  5. Naming Ground Branch

    True, but that's a sequel. The first one, even though a remake/reboot, is just called Star Trek, plus there are dozen other Star Trek movies, so they all can have extra titles, since the brand is established. I don't think Ground Branch needs the extra is all and should be reserved for subsequent titles or spin offs.
  6. Naming Ground Branch

    I would stick with just Ground Branch. Maybe Ground Branch.CIA, or CIA.Ground Branch, but really it stands on its own. Adding the second phrase after a colon can sound cool, but seems to imply there have been more before it or it's pretending to be bigger than it is. Better left for a sequel as others have stated. Perhaps you could say something like Ground Branch, Tactical Gaming Redefined. More of a tag line. Was that the old one? I feel like I've heard that before. Maybe someone else wrote that here?
  7. The Last of Us

    Definitely agree! A lot of the guys at work have this same feeling. Just a great visual, lengthy, and enjoyable ride. A serious toned game, not gory but brutal. Still a game, not a simulator, but I really like the design choice. Even the melee weapons that for all intense purposes have "ammo?" I guess you could call it durability uses. The simple yet effective crafting and upgrade system. This isn't even my type of game but a great apocalyptic tale. Felt a bit like playing the walking dead tv show. The whole time I kelt thinking to myself, "I can't believe how good this is."
  8. CoD: Ghosts

    I also thought the trailer was sufficiently cool and spooky at the same time. Very well done imo. On the "new" tech side, seems like BF4 and even BF3 on PC still have it beat, but...I've always enjoyed the MW games as short as they tend to be.
  9. White House Down

    Just saw Olympus has fallen over the weekend and I loved it even with some of the cheesy bits. Didn't know who the director was until the credits rolled but it somehow felt familiar and it clicked why when I saw his name. Fuqua does a good job making things feel authentic when it comes to swat teams and sf, soldiers etc, even if they do some dumb things for plot reasons. I couldn't help but love that movie. This, been a while since Hollywood doubled up on the same story same summer. Perhaps if Olympus didn't exist this would feel compelling, but I don't know, doesn't seem to grab me now that I've seen Olympus. To me Olympus felt like Diehard meets Air Force One. Guess I was in the perfect mindset.
  10. The Kickstarter thread

    Gas Powered Games: Wildman Another known studio doing a kickstarter. Goal - 1.1million. Interestingly, they had some layoffs this past week and may be down to a skeleton crew. Chris Taylor's videos are always entertaining. Anyone remember the behind the scenes series they were doing a few years ago for kings and castles. It just kind of stopped one week, not sure if they canned that game, but the videos sure were funny.
  11. Black Ops 2: Pewpewpew!

    Got this game for Christmas. Could not bring myself to buy it, but I did want to play it. I hate and like it at the same time - don't luv though. I really enjoy the mw campaigns, as short as they are. This is kind of all over the place. I do like the 80-90s mission settings, but the rest is a bit like graw only way worse. Too future for me. Some cool guns, and it more or less plays the same as what infinity ward designed in 2008. No laser guns, but still, all the drones kills it for me. I did not like the real time strategy missions at all...however, there is a strange ogr potential there in that you can jump into a soldier or turret or robot and take control of it like old red storm games. If I had to rate the game objectively I couldn't give it less than an 8, because of the high production values, visuals, and game modes. But subjectively, for me, it's about a 6.5. kind of surprised no one here played it, but then again, I really didn't have much interest in it given the setting.
  12. WASD alternative

    I luv the way OGR did reload. It was z, and I have to change that in every pc game I play now. It felt better for me, but then that's the great thing about assigning controls, make it how you personally like.. More console games should do that. To date, only the orange box lets you do that on console as far as I know, and really don't know why other games don't give you the option to assign the buttons how you like. I have to say, the ultimate control for me would be left hand movement with the stick, right hand aiming with the mouse, and trigger with the Xbox controller. How the heck that would work I have no idea.
  13. World War Z

    #1 rule for books being made into movies: if you know they are making a movie out of a book, DO NOT go out and read it until after you see the film. All you do is set yourself up for disappointment. Patriot Games taught me that. However, I have read this book about four years ago. It's very interesting, but seems impossible to make into a movie the way it's written. No compelling central character, a spread out timeline, random stories that don't seem to tie together. Sounds bad, but in book form it's very good. Almost like a history lesson. I don't remember the zombies being that crazy in the book, but it's been a while. They did pretty much overrun humanity and militaries due to shear numbers. So, maybe that's what they are going for. They might also be trying to separate themselves from things like The Walking Dead(luv that show) type of zombies. Anyway, been looking forward to this film for a long time. I can't imagine it will be much like the book save for the premise and some tidbits of info. Great book, but prepare to be disappointed of you read it before this summer.
  14. MoH: Warfighter

    I remember seeing that gamespot e3 rebutle interview over the summer and that guy Tom came off as a totally pr!!! IMO. However, it was still painful to watch Greg Goodrich have to do that. I thought he was right on most accounts and Tom was just trying to play the devils advocate over a very minor point. Authentic does not equal battle simulator, or that they are disrespecting the service men and women of this country by making a video game. Personally i think greg shoulda bi@&$ slapped that f@&$). I was wondering why we hadn't seen much of him in the past few months and especially leading up to the release. I also wonder if these game journalists got together after that interview or what type of circle they have. You guys seem to hate the game here too, so probably not. I do wonder what happened to Goodrich though. Strange.
  15. MoH: Warfighter

    I'm gonna have to activate Xbox live to see what all the hub bub is about. That guy pachter,'s possible he's right, but I doubt they drop the medal of honor brand. What would they replace it with? I'm sure they will make another shooter with danger close even if they rebrand it. Danger Close is just eaLA, as far as I know, and I use to drive past that building on the way to work everyday. I believe what you guys are saying about mp, but aside from the hard to follow story of sp, I like playing it. I'm doing my second playthrough, and ithe shooting is still enjoyable. I like the weapons and scopes, and even the driving. The battle chatter is good, I like the operators and missions. I like to shoot and this game let's me go single fire and do a lot of it. Maybe I'm a bit basic, but I almost hate when fpss mix it up too much. I was reading a few more reviews and I'm surprised the sp is getting so much hate. A lot of them have complained about the levels being linear and boring, but this is no different then cod games which they always seem to praise. One thing I will agree with is that it does feel like you've seen these themes in cod before, but I do like the authenticyt they stive for. A lot of that happens unintentionally and is just a result of using the same inspiration, getting too deep into it before you realize it's been done before, or even know. Doesnt really matter to the end user, but I understand how it happens. I wonder if they beat that drum too hard though and came off as pretentious to the gaming media. I mean, the whole tier 1 thing is great, but the way they talk about it sometimes comes off as if they invented it, and almost arrogant. Authenticity is great, but I think maybe they tried to hang their hat on that too much and it just came off wrong? Makes me wonder if something else is going on here now. It's hard to discredit mass opinion that this game sucks, but then on Xbox marketplace out of 32500 user ratings, it averages a solid 4/5 stars. I suppose you could chalk that up to buyers just wanting to like their purchase, but a 50 rated meta critic score seems a bit extreme to me. I just feel really bad for the developers.