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  1. Tango Down! Nice job.
  2. Huge scope for an indie dev, highly doubt anything good will come out of it.
  3. It's like watching speed paintball.
  4. Game of Thrones, mostly about struggles between noble families with lots of silver tongue characters. And a fantasy side with magic, dragons and a doom's day story. Excellent acting and production quality.
  5. -There is no crosshairs, all aiming done by sights. -Bullets come from barrel, not the center of screen. -There's sway when moving fast. Almost none when slow or still, but that will change when fatigue is implemented. -Recoil pushes gun up and sideways. -Bullet drop will also be implemented.
  6. I doubt that, given there were many other games with weapon models during that time.
  7. Thanks for sharing. You said it's going to be a plug-in, does that mean you going to sell it on asset store?
  9. I don't think custom patches are uploading online yet.
  10. The Very Patient, some of us have been following this game for like a decade now.
  11. Welcome aboard Phil!
  12. Yea the character movement is stiff, not as fluid as I would like it to be. Playing with a controller kinda helps but still doesn't provided enough variable speed, wish there was a jog. Slopes don't seem to affect speed at all, you end up flying up and down stairs. And the levels are littered with ###### to bump into or get stuck on. Also noticed some wacky foot IK on a wooden dock, your feet fall in the gaps between the boards which kinda cool standing still. But when running over it, the character bounces up and down. Dunno, I played alot 3rd person games without complaints, this one is a thorn in my side. Maybe I been spoiled by playing alot gta5 recently. Anyways I'll keep at it, maybe get used to it.
  13. That's 90% of all online games with strangers and teamwork with strangers is pure luck.
  14. That's great. I'll play around with scripting when I get a chance.