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  1. Battlefield 3 (All platforms)

    guys am on the bus back from ishinomaki. So will see you all on the battlefield when am back home.
  2. Australian SOTG Documentary

    Good stuff mate am glad you posted it up here also!
  3. Battlefield 3 (All platforms)

    Gonna try to redeem one tonight. Am safe and back in country thanks whisper, mono!
  4. Battlefield 3 (All platforms)

    To all who played over the thanksgiving holidays that I manged to link up with briefly good games guys! am packing up camp and heading back home now. so will see you guys online again when i get back. Porter good times dropping birds out of the sky and as usual excellent communication and teamwork!
  5. Battlefield 3 (All platforms)

    I think the SCAR H nerf is funny, since I still out class guys with ARs using the 870 w/ flechettes. Truthfully that rifle isnt all that at longer ranges unless you work it on semi, since the recoil is quite high in comparison to the other rifles on full auto.
  6. Battlefield 3 (All platforms)

    What kirq means Cpl. is that each weapon has a certain requirement of kills to unlock the attachments for. So whatever weapon you were using when you unlocked the SCAR-H that is what the optics was for. The SCAR-H should be a clean slate with attachments till you start using it and racking up the kills again with it.
  7. Battlefield 3 (All platforms)

    Wonder if thats a new bug? Since have not heard of a problem with optics not attaching correctly upon being unlocked?
  8. Battlefield 3 (All platforms)

    One thing for sure is a team of RnGers get taken down pretty bad when up against a team that is working together even slightly and working in groups. Porter and I had to deal with having a team of RnG kids on our side for a while and man did we get hammered. Since whenever we would try to push up and take points there usually was a whole fireteam waiting in place. Plus they would push up in waves if we did manage to clean out a location, making it harder to gain further ground. Its nice to see that this really you cant rambo your way to the top.
  9. Modern Warfare 3

    I just call it stupid in mass numbers. Then again you all know Im the resident ###### here so this answer of mine shouldnt surprise anyone. Seriously though, its as porter said. The more simple product will win the hearts and minds of the masses over one that requires a bit more thinking. It helps too that the more simple product has an easy button to feel like Johnny Badass, which all the kids swarm to like flies on ######. Add in the "latest" man toys from the world of weapons & defense technology and you reel in the mall ninjas.
  10. Battlefield 3 (All platforms)

    Agreed lol. I almost felt sorry for those guys being snuffed out so quick haha BTW is the guided shells a 1 hit kill or close to it for tanks too? Since last night from another tank something hit me that knocked off like 65% health in one shot. Then the 2nd shot finished me off. That was some good games though last night, even if our team was a bit random on some maps.
  11. Battlefield 3 (All platforms)

    Im ready for it! Also got the MAV unlocked its pretty damned useful for spotting where all the enemies are. Im sure with you guys in squad and me running the MAV we will be stacking bodies like plywood. I so love my 870 and pray to god that the new patch wont nerf it in any way, shape or form. Went on a rampage with it tonight and was 15/1 for a little while on Caspian. Still have 2 stars to go till I get the medal / custom dogtag for shotgun usage. They seriously need to have stingers out class a single engineer repairing a heli. Its stupid disabling it multiple times due to repairs. Truthfully the whole disable feature itself is stupid. Problem solved thanks to Dr. Porter and his wonderful world of science & technology lol
  12. Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

    Im still going to do my usual of stealing everything and anything I can get my hands on lol. Am looking forward to seeing the new crafting system.
  13. Modern Warfare 3

    I cant wait to steal everything that isnt nailed down in Skyrim when I get back. My copy should be waiting for me then. Yeah I keep looking at MW3 here at the stores, but cant bring myself to purchasing it. Did get the PS3 versions of Assasins Creed Brotherhood / Revelations tho. I think might take a pass on MW3 actually, since cant see myself playing MP. If I do crack and buy it one of you guys kick me in ass later for being weak lol. But yeah the style of MP with MW vs BF just cant beat BF with the overall oh ###### experience you have and crazy things that can happen. If the maps really are smaller too that aint going to be pretty...Porters experience does not sound too encouraging also and he was Mr. King of MW too so would have to say his opinion would be pretty solid.
  14. Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

    That is unfortunate to hear since you would think they had learned from the feedback and type of mods out during the oblivion era. Especially the mobs auto levelling up with the player. Which i call the lazy way out of wanting to take time to proper populate the world. Am sure will still enjoy the game but will be sad that the console ver does not have mods. In the future will go pc ver for that.
  15. I think that might exist in those korean free to play FPS games but dishing out cash gets you better gear.