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  1. Maybe it's time to hook a PC up to your TV, then. But the controller thing shouldn't be an issue. Windows natively supports a lot of controllers, and from my experience with UnrealEngine, it should automatically understand all of the controllers Windows does. The only issue might be interpreting some axes correctly.
  2. Skip DirectX10 support , goto DX11 & PS5 instead

    I wouldn't be surprised if they push support out another year or two. Still, I guess it's time for me to upgrade since MS is unwilling to allow XP to support their newer graphic API. :-/
  3. Used Game Sales Strikes Again

    You know, for the longest time I refused to use Amazon due to an issue I had with signing up for their credit card to get some money off of an out-of-print CD. But maybe it's time to give them a try again.
  4. Used Game Sales Strikes Again

    Unfortunately, in my area, they're one of the last people who take preorders for boxed PC games that guarantee they'll have it on release day. For everything else, I generally go Steam.
  5. Used Game Sales Strikes Again

    The problem with that viewpoint is that Gamestop has so much clout in North American distribution, that no one is going to try to call them on their ######. It was only, what, a month ago where Gamestop recommended its employees open up boxes of the new Deus Ex to remove OnLive coupons. What was Square Enix's reaction? "Our bad, we're sorry. Go ahead and totally do that." Now, sure, it's in Gamestop's interest to know what exactly its selling. But notice in the letter quoted here, the Gamestop streaming service isn't even active yet. So instead, the developer can more easily attack the entire second hand market instead of singling out the primary offender and primary reason why it's hurting sales. But I also agree with the assessment "the company should make a game worth the price." And, yes, I'm a person who buys collector's editions for games I think will be worth it, so it's not a "$60 is too high!" thing for me. I realize product quality isn't going to solve the whole issue. But it's definitely something that can contribute.
  6. Bridge Can Opener

    My brother drives trucks, and apparently this is almost one of the most bone-headed mistakes you can make. He freaking showed me a map he owns that has every single bridge clearance in a given region (the book covers the entire U.S.,) so it's not like it's hard to plan your route. Having said that, I giggled a little bit at how perfectly the top of that truck was peeled off.
  7. Red Orchestra: Heroes Of Stalingrad

    Zeep, unfortunately some of the replies I read over the last two or three pages were responding as if the videos posted were the end-all, absolute representation of what gameplay in RO2 is going to be like. My explanation of a beta is for them, as was my comment about criticizing the game. There's a fine line between "I don't like what the videos are showing, I hope the gameplay ultimately takes a different approach by doing x, y, and z," and "I don't like what the videos are showing, this game is obviously going to be a disappointment." This is why certain companies make all of their beta testers sign NDAs to even sign-up for the beta; if they don't have the marketing dollars to counteract negative press from a version of the game that's never even going to be released, they could damn their entire title. It's a sore point of mine after participating in an expansion beta. I compared the current version of the expansion to an older version of the vanilla game and got flamed to ###### because "the video they released shows this." So, yeah, it's not that I think the game shouldn't be discussed the videos analyzed. It's that, for the few posts talking about how "the game is going to be bad," freaking come on. It's a beta.
  8. Red Orchestra: Heroes Of Stalingrad

    Is anyone else concerned that some here are criticizing a game with "BETA" displayed before every single video posted, and that things are, in fact, changing between some of the videos? Technically, "beta" means "feature complete," not "features tweaked." Every single thing they promised could be in-game, but not tweaked to a noticeable level. Feel free to criticize if the videos start saying "release candidate," "gold," or "retail version." But until then, criticizing them is pointless since nothing is set in stone, and somehow I feel this is the wrong forum for offering advice and lodging feature requests.
  9. Battlefield 3 (All platforms)

    While I'm a little annoyed with what they're doing with Origin, the more videos I see of BF3, the more I feel like I need to bust out my old Logitech controller and get it set up for flight in this game.
  10. Might & Magic: Heroes 6

    I thoroughly enjoyed 3 as well, I didn't play 4 or 5, but heard decent things about 5. I'll probably give this one a shot if I can get it for not too terribly expensive.
  11. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I'll likely buy this. My brother and a few friends used to kill hours on end playing CS and CS:Source.
  12. AI makes or breaks a game

    Hopefully I'm not too terribly late to the convo, but here's my thoughts: One reason you generally don't see smarter A.I. is because some developers deliberately avoid it. Not because of cost or hardware prohibition, but because the average player doesn't like it. Sid Meier give an excellent keynote at GDC a couple years ago about this, and what they found was that if the A.I. is too "smart," that is, if it always takes what it feels is the best possible approach, players accused the computer of cheating, even if it wasn't. It actually degraded these peoples' playing experiences while playtesting Civilization V because they were being outsmarted by a computer, and they could not easily reconcile the fact that if they just played more intelligently, they could outsmart the A.I. they claimed was cheating. Firaxis actually had to allow the system to cheat in the player's favor, or deliberately represent statistics in a less-than-precise way to get the best response out of players (i.e. representing some fights as 10/20 chance to win instead of 1/2.) Now, given "realistic shooters" isn't exactly a widespread market these days, I don't think there would be as much of a problem with this as it would likely *not* attract a horde of people looking for mindless shooting. But it still poses the interesting question of how the programmer dumbs down the system for the player. Make it cheat, know where the player is at all times, and make it deliberately ignore the player? Simply restrict the number of actions it can consider at one time? Etc.
  13. Podagorsk Campaign

    Oof, this makes me want to go back and play Ghost Recon, again. Or just try out ARMA II, I never got a chance to play it.
  14. It's back

    Please bear in mind I have never tried this mod personally, I just did a quick search to see if I could dig anything up on it (after all, I did say I read speculation *before* release that it could be done!) http://forums.runicgames.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=12680 Although I really want to try it out, now!
  15. It's back

    Yeah, info about their multiplayer was convoluted. I think the confusion came from a few early statements made about the MMO and speculation on the flexibility of their mod system (which I see someone HAS put out a multiplayer mod.) I had to go to their forum shortly before release where they definitively stated "no, there will be no multiplayer." Galzohar, I was really skeptical at first, but the more I read about the changes the more hope I had that they'd make sure there were still ways to customize your character's playstyle. I'm still a tad skeptical, but I suppose as long as it doesn't turn into WoW on B.net (which I've seen some people on other forums stated,) I'm willing to give it a go at full price. And I never had a big problem with the real money AH. I don't see why people did maybe minus the people who want to PvP and don't want to be at a disadvantage due to buying power. But in that case, it seems those people could go to the non-gold AH.