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  1. I just ordered a key and activate it on steam. I guess I won't get the game until its released on steam. I got a link about where I can download my "digital products from". I have been on this link and clicked download, nothing happens I just get redirect to this website, now I got two more downloads remaining for... what? lol Thanks Asim
  2. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    It looks fu.... failed to initialize network service
  3. Can't you just pair up?

    Yeah maybe companies cannot see profit in it, Steam should boost the popularity, games like BF3 and COD get create attention but that's either great marketing or people gone full arcade..
  4. I am sure you need a license for using weapons and designs in a computer game. GTA is a good example, all the cars, guns, music they use require a license and any logos they use as well. Maybe you can get away with some of the stuff as it is free advertising for some companies.. It's all trademark / copyright..
  5. Will we see this in the summer?

    That's made me smile... hope it's a demo
  6. Can't you just pair up?

    Well yeah I guess that's true, I don't know how the businesses works, but I guess if a company is interested they would come to you. Sadly everyone has gone BF3 and COD mad.. Really sick and tired of those, need something fresh. Play GRAW2 and RV6 Vegas but AI are stupid.. Hopefully it will run on my PC
  7. GB needs a lot of funding would it not be easy for the team to pair up with a decent company interested in making a game like this? I mean the only company I know is Bohemia who would build something like this, but I think it would speed up development if you could.. The thing is if this game is released in September time or after don't expect to get my money or anyone else's I think a lot of people will be hugging GTA V!!
  8. As the title says will we see a beta or some kind of demo in June/July ?
  9. Goodbye Gamespy

    It is very sad news about SWAT4 this game means a lot to me, such a shame, won't find any more games like this, all run and gun. I bet RvS will be next..
  10. There is a 15 second limit so if you enter wrong keywords you need to wait, that's annoying..
  11. What software do BS use?

    oh lol my bad..
  12. What software do BS use to build their game, is it all max out spend money of the expensive stuff like Autodesk or just stick with open-source software like Blender? OS would be better to save money, but I guess commercial also do come in play.
  13. I play SWAT 4 online and RvS so in GB, will the missions be random or something like hostage rescue, bomb defuse, terrorist hunting etc. I know there is no story but that does not bother me much. Too me on Youtube the game looks pretty good with the graphics and animations, and realism I doubt my PC will be able to run it but I will still by it if I can to support devs. I personally would like HR, Bomb defuse and terror hunting.
  14. Any estimate on release date? The release date is not known it just says "Early 2013" now that can be, January, February or later. I just want to know because then I can see if I will buy the game or not lol + the PC specs, because GTA 5 is coming out too so money will be well spent, my wallet is going to be empty! Oh I can't change the title
  15. CS or Lean?

    Yes I would prefer system like RainBow Six Veags, and currently leaning system they got in it, would provide more realism..