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  1. Ghost Recon Online

    Starting to think that I'll never ever ever play another ghost recon game. Mabye if they create Ghost recon 3 it bettttttttttter be a STELLAR GAME Once they cancled ghost recon 2 for pc everything just died for me. woulda made a great game as for this GUHHHH IDK??? looks horrible if i must say
  2. I am very suprised on how well ghost recon for the times that video gaming started to prime out. I remember having to have a 2,000$ computer just to play those 16 MB Graphics Felt like a champion being able to play these games before anyone else. nowadays it's near impossible to find a game that has any fresh new formula for success
  3. I believe it would be a good idea to put in an access to beta for like 10$ and then make the game 25$ MP, 40$ whole game. Mabye even adding options for special features in the game (Certain gun, Gamemode, Armpatch packs, More host options) GOOO KICKSTARTER!!!!!
  4. Reticule-only view

    After playing a lot of non tactical shooters it might be hard for people to feel comfortable with that type of style. Every shooters mission nowadays is to fire a full clip reload, keep firing and EARN SMORE XP! omgoodness stopthisnonsense It does expand your limitations since you have more of an open screen since the gun model display isn't infront of you. I really do miss the reticule shooting. Makes you have a feel for the guns, since you can feel how rapid the shots fire and how slow it takes for a 'recharge' in your shot.
  5. I never understood what all the arcade e-points were all about. I don't want to feel special for playing your game! i want the game to feel special for me :]
  6. In the earlier version of the game the sa80 was far more superior than the oicw The reticules were not nearly as effective as the 1.4 version was, and once you switched your kit you couldnt move around at all without ruining your aim.
  7. For me ghost recon was the most strategic game ever made. If you were a great player you could win almost every 1v1 you ever played. And when you had another great player by your side you could battle 2v10 It was all about how you placed your oicw spam and rocket usage. If you had great grenade lobs you could easily perfect your throw. With having knowledge of what direction the enemy was coming from it made the game different everytime you played. You could spawn on all 4 sides of the map and have a new directional flow of how you wanted to plan your strategy and how you team should move together. Tip toeing in the earlier version allowed you to look over brush or crates by simply looking down and peeking up for an advantage. Oicw Air spams, Tight wall peeks, Threat indicator grenade tosses made it the perfect game for me.
  8. Getting your message around on some big time websites will be a great way to booost up. Things like and give a good way to get a mass amount of viewers or the allmighty pcgamer joystiq kotaku
  9. Great job on the gameplay!!! Love the moving and look around view. Such brilliance for what is to come! This game better get a good kickstarter! WoooooooooooooooooooT
  10. Lol same. I could play the original for so many years, this maybe a couple minutes. I miss the old clan battle days, best gaming ever :]
  11. So, what is April 16th?

    If you check the youtube channel it shows a trailer of the training level and that was posted nearly 2 YEARS AGO! only 4 comments posted on that video and it looks spectacular. (if you watch it at 1:45 you see an epic Helicopter!!!) I R EXCITED!
  12. 40% Gears of war 40% Call of duty 10% Battlefield 7% Blacklight tango down And the final 3% Looks like GHOST RECON!!!!!
  13. Introduce yourself

    Back in my ghost recon days was formally known as dAk.Rampage (name got so common had to ditch it) So many good clan battles back in the days with (UCK, AMS, oGR, HMA) Once the version died, it was hard for me to move on to another game. Since the game really changed its direction in gameplay in version 1.4 With no longer people playing with threat indicator, instant rocket shots, and grenades you could throw 100 feet this game lost a lot of what made it amazing. Moved onto raven shield and loved the atmosphere, gameplay, mods, and skill based mechanics!!

    This website really tastes like sunshine, lollipops, rainbows everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we are together try and lick it, it tastes so yummy
  15. April 16

    I am so stoked to finally see my favorite genre being built again after watching a few future soldier videos I am about to puke. No offense on how bad the game is, just not my style. I hope this game gets some of the community back! tactical shooters don't get the love they deserve :'(