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  1. Takedown: Red Sabre

    The whole reason he got into game development was because of Rainbow Six modding and that got him into Red Storm. Do you really think one person working on those huge games is to blame? This comment right here is a prefect example of the BS around Takedown that I have seen on this forum. Uniformed cheap shots. Are you saying they should never have looked for an investor? Did you ever seek an investor for GB? The kickstarter of Takedown, Insurgency and GB sort of proved that crowdfunding was not enough. Some genres are pulling millions in crowd funding. Some of them with only vague ideas. Steam Early access only started March of this year. How is that any less of a gamble? What if you put your game up for some type of alpha funding model and very few people buy it? Then you are left with an unfinished game. That's just as bad to me, no different than a shipped game with feature removed to stay in budget. You have no idea how much money you will end up with. Sort of like Serellen did in it's early days. Sure Takedown might not be everything we want right now but like you said it could be a success and they can build on it. Sort of like the road to success the Torchlight games took and many other smaller games where the first game is pretty fun but sequel is noticeably superior.
  2. Takedown: Red Sabre

    Sorry you missed the kickstarter. Now I see why you are missing out on some info. The weapon list is in the KS section of the forums and so are a few video Q&As where he talks about door breaching, NVGs, and other stuff that gives you a fairly good idea of what the game will be. Edit. Yeah I agree the marketing up to this point has been bad. I just figured people in this forum where mostly original kickstarters playing closer attention.
  3. Takedown: Red Sabre

    Again the poor marketing comes down to the budget. I don't care that the trailer was silly and the website doesn't list every weapon. The weapons list is on the forums. I care how the game actually plays. Shocking. By the way not everything I said was directly aimed at you. I just wanted to add my 2 cents to this discussion.
  4. Takedown: Red Sabre

    Some of that has been answered but not officially. Just a few passing comments on the forums. I am 99% sure they mentioned NVGs being in and talked briefly and squad command I just can't find it at the moment. Seems odd to get put off by a game when you don't even know some of this stuff for sure. Why not just wait a week for a review? Then you will know for sure. Also, of course the game is a bit rushed. They actually had to ship the game after some people gave them money to make it. I can't believe people thought this was going to be some super rich, feature filled game after it just scraped by on kickstarter with just 5 thousand backer. Some really baffling comments here. Shipping is a feature. The most important feature if you ask me. They were probably given a set amount of money which means they had a set amount of time. If there are no other recent games you can point to and say "look, this is popular and made a lot of money lets do something like that" no one is going to give a new unproven dev team a lot of money and leeway to make the game prefect. They really had no options here. What are they going to do? Give up half way through after taking the kickstarter money? "Sorry guy we didn't get enough money form the investors or developers guess we shouldn't even try" They played the hand they were dealt.
  5. Moving Forward

    Thanks for the update. Sounds good.
  6. Some Assets I Have Been Working On

    Might help if there was a human model or some other familiar object in there for size reference.
  7. Get with the times.

    I play games for the gameplay, not stats or unlocks. How does the game feel? How are the controls? Hows the level design? Having stats and unlocks takes any from the game in my opinion. If you need to keep playing a game to unlock a weapon or piece of gear you should really ask yourself why you are playing that game to begin with.
  8. Any plans for an in game mission editor?
  9. I would like to brainstorm some ideas on how the KS campaign could be most effective. Here are some of my ideas. Have a small amount of personal emotion in the sell. This is important but can be over done.Talking about how much the project means to you is great but showing too much emotion makes people feel uncomfortable. Play up the independent angle. This might seem so obvious that you're an independent studio that you may never even mention it. Mention why you want to be independent and what that means to the project. Why can't this game be sold to a publisher? is a question people might ask. Address why the project seemed to be or was static for a time.This is one of the most frequent criticisms that I see. Are these points valid or am I wrong let me know. If you have any other ideas post them please!
  10. Ground Branch Modding - WIP's

    Looks great. How many square meters?