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  1. Game Screenshot Thread

    Dismemberment used to be a Feature in the past Soldier of fortune and quite a few games after them had it. COD kinda changed that.
  2. I would expect the maps to be about the size of Hidden and dangerous 2 maps.
  3. Enemy Front - Warsaw Uprising

    But why do they mess up the iron sights? Look at the Sten/sterling? If they want iron sight, why don't they do it right? Games like that makes me shoot the floor all the time.
  4. Receiver

    Ok, first video I found on youtube. Not a good choice I know. Look at the link, there is a video there also.
  5. Receiver A nice little shooter. Game play is effective, and the gun mechanics are the main attraction here.
  6. Making of an AK-74M for Ground Branch

    I can take photos of my ak-47 if you like. But its old and there is no rails on it.
  7. Ground Branch Modding - WIP's

    Not sure if this is the right topic to ask, but it is mod related. How will GB deal with mods? I ask because in Arma2 there is a lot of good mods, but I kinda feel that most players usually plays unmodded, perhaps because finding a modded and populated server is hard. Will GB's multiplayer make you download the correct mods if you connect to a server using mods? Or if people makes good mods, ie a weapon mod that ads some guns that the game lack, lets say that I make a "stengun" mod, can it be included in the "main" game somehow? Ie let users vote for "items" to be a part of the main game? If quality is on same level as GB, and it does not already exist ingame. Rights have to be given to Blackfoot I guess. So that people don't have to deal with mods to get a "bigger" game.
  8. Hi, I have been on this forum for about a year, but as far I have only been reading what other people have been writhing. I have played most fps games since Wolfenstein 3D (PC games only). And I wonders what kind of game play GB is going for. What other game is closest to GB in gameplay? I hear Rainbow 6 and Ghost recon, but those games had (if you ask me) quite different game play. Yes, both games were good (And I miss games like that, I still play Rainbow 6 Raven shield monthly), but they were not the same. Rainbow 6 was a "room clearer" (Mostly), while GR was more of a small (It's not ArmA) outdoor map "do it as you like". Hope someone understands what I'm trying to say here. I assume it's not going to be any like Swat 3/4. (Taking prisoners) Is it a mixture or is it more like one or the other. Personally I hope for something like Hidden and dangerous 2 Burma 1 mission. That is what the setting "Sumatra" made me think of. And while I am at it: Are you planning a coop campaign? The best coop campaign I have ever played is Hidden and dangerous (1), sadly the game was so bug ridden that it was a miracle if all 4 computers managed to complete a mission without crashing... And they cut the coop campaign out of the sequel. The fact that if you lost someone during a mission, you were one man short on the next mission was just great, and that the only equipment you had was what you carried from one mission to the next.
  9. So, what is April 16th?

    There is a mix up on the front page. Community & contact. Looks great.