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  1. Very nice, hope you guys are on track. Good luck with it, seems like its going to be so cool.
  2. New Game name for you - Buzz Kill, hope it sticks. LOL
  3. I'll TAKE IT!!!!! GIMMIE!!!!
  4. so I am hearing now it has a mind of its own, lol
  5. Ok now to real news!!
  6. Lol you guys are like a dog with a bone, ok so the leaves don’t look like they are real, I don’t understand how a single little detail matters about a game that is in the making and should be released soon - please explain the interest in the trees and critiquing it so much before it out
  8. I want you guys to suceed above all else, we are looking forward to your progress and sucess. Let me know if I can help!
  9. Ok Im not trying to be negative here but Im a little curious and have several questions and maybe a comment or 2. So back at the beginning of the year you mentioned a release of sorts for the public, then it didnt come out because of something?? Now this is coming out and it not really groundbranch but its a test of sorts for something? I think I am confused quite a bit and I am seeing where you went wrong (and knew it at the time) mostly under UE4. Dont bite my head off here im trying to sensitive to your progress but I am confused. It would seem that you guys should be almost ready for public release for something seeing as how earlier this year you were going to release alpha? or of sorts?
  10. no hopefully Beta!
  11. Well it was on steam for like 4 bucks (hope I dont miss my house payment), I didnt know at the time. I see where that game could have been a great game but functionality wise its too cumbersome. Lacks features to control certain aspects and it was only 4 player. Too bad a mod wasn't made to increase player size. I am curious do you guys have a topic as to "what makes a great multiplayer for you" or "What makes a great PvP for you"
  12. Agreed, Number 1 make it so - Enterprise out.
  13. Yea nobody wants to see that!!! Keep it on!
  14. I appreciate that information. I bought Op Flash PT Dragon Rising (sunday) hoping it would be more players - it only carried 4. So no one else bought it because of that, most want to be in the same team and be able to play as a team. If they had only given the game a max button like choose your player count or something, IDK. Im just a player dont know what or how diffacult it is to increase team sizes. Most of us Grew up with DFLW, JoIC4 so player count was HUGE.
  15. Im glad thats not written in stone yet, The 8vs8 should be fine, however in the coop I would suggest at the least 10 if possiable. Thanks for the quick responce