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  1. He was recently the main actor in a show done by Ricky Gervais over here on the BBC called 'Life's too short' He played himself in this mockumentary,check it out Witz.
  2. Spot on Det
  3. New trailer here folks...
  4. I'll take a stab at Patriot Games Kirq.
  5. Cheers Witzbold. Maybe everyone could have a go at Riley's movie pic (a few posts up).
  6. Taxi Driver (if it's right someone else can have my go ,I don't have time to find a piccy at the moment ) Great game btw.
  7. Wahey! snazzy place you have here Blackfooters...well done Gents. Effin' Irene indeed lol. I love the new screenie of the team wielding the MP5's btw ,lovely stuff.
  8. The PC demo will be out later this month apparently Shack news
  9. Rgr. *sinks back into the muddy undergrowth and resumes overwatch on April 16th*
  10. I feel the same way Mike,it's been a long time since I've been this excited for upcoming games. Ooh! let's was probably around 2003
  11. Hehe it's good to know I've finally made 'selection' As Korobushka pointed out in his post it seemed to be the Captcha part that was causing joining problems John.
  12. Cheers chaps. Was registering for the forum part of training because it took me over ten attempts to join If it was I think I've passed
  13. Hi troops Yup yet another old school original R6/GR player joining up after 3 years of forum lurking. My story is the same as all the other guys joining ( extremely fed up with putting my brain on hold whilst being hand held through yet another linear cinematic set piece etc.). I'm still playing RVS to this day so a big thanks to John for being part of something that's gave me years of pleasure. It's looking like the good times are finally coming back and us 'niche' gamers have some great things to look forward to at long last