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  1. The Tech Preview from the website or the public build from Steam?
  2. Still have to sit down and work on a Linux version of the dedicated server. I've successfully compiled for Linux under Linux before, but my main machine currently runs Windows, so I need to try cross compiling for Linux under Windows. Fun fun fun.
  3. Third person will be disabled in multiplayer games at some point. For now, we're not worried about it, so enjoy it while you can
  4. Hmm.... wait one. Try this on your own machine: GroundBranch.exe SmallTown_Day?Game=TH?listen -server Then see if your mate can see you in the server browser with the LAN option. If not, see if they can join via ip from the console using: open <your machines ip>
  5. Direct access to the third person view is a simply a debug camera thing, so I wouldn't be surprised that it has issues like this.
  6. Its one of the debug commands that is bound to , or . for ease of use. There are several others as well. Have a look at the controls menu.
  7. There are different sensitivities depending on whether you are aiming or not. Perhaps one of those is very low? You can set them in the controls menu.
  8. G'day Sammole, Welcome to the forums! You cannot create a listen server - a version of the game that is both server & client - at this time. Are you trying to host an online or offline (LAN) server?
  9. The one major advantage consoles have over PC's - consistent hardware.
  10. @Hard2Kill : Just thought I'd point out a few things: The Ground Branch store page mentions Steam 3 times. The purchase confirmation mentions that you redeem your key on Steam. One of the developers (Jsonedecker) spoke directly to you on the forums ... within 3 hours. ... and its the holidays.
  11. Haven't talked about exfil as much, but it would certainly give people an extra reason to carry flares & smoke grenades
  12. ANZINS from several years back - the Australian / New Zealand Insurgency community - was really good.
  13. Congrats.
  14. Ahh, multiplayer PvP. Gotcha. In general, trying to run and gun will be difficult. Engaging any sight reduces your speed. Not engaging your sights greatly reduces your accuracy. Its a trade off. Once the we update and re-implement the weapon collision system, even more so. In the end though, a lot of it will still come down to the players you play with and against, combined with game mode and map. There is little chance that belting across the map will work on a map like Depot, but in a small purpose built PvP map - like the old Test_TeamElimination - your chances greatly increase.
  15. G'day and welcome to the forums! Known, unsure of cause. Known, unsure of cause. Prone is currently not supported as we didn't feel we could do it justice without sacrificing work in other areas. The system we have in mind is much more robust then your basic prone system, based on the NORG philosophy. By default, holding the number one key (1) will bring up a radial menu with all primary weapons. All controls can be rebound and many support multiple scripts to change between momentary, toggle or other combinations. We're very much against having to unlocks. Very much so. I suggest checking out some of the videos on YouTube, such as: Its ridiculously out of date, but otherwise, here you go : https://trello.com/b/Th9370Gy/ground-branch-early-access-roadmap