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  1. Lockety lock lock lock.
  2. I have nothing to add. I just felt like being part of this thread.
  3. Live a ways away from the coast. And its the Victoria coast - no fancy coast line here
  4. Saw the ACOG's. If its happening again, then I done goofed.
  5. What @#$@head let that happen with the risers? Oh, wait...
  6. You could ask the same question about all the engines Given how much UE4 has out of the box compared to Unity and how many people have jumped ship from Unity to UE4, I'd say yes.
  7. They already react to being shot at, which is start
  8. Once we shift our focus to hit feedback and the like, we'll see if we can differentiate between the two with a combination of sound and screen effects.
  9. They are handled the same way helmets, masks and so forth are and should not be visible. Gah! Also, fatal crashes client side? Gotta get the crash reporter working...
  10. Bit out of the blue wasn't it? (Responding to a post from over a year ago). Also, keep it nice.
  11. Grats. Always feels good to be appreciated
  12. Looks like the build number didn't change :| As long as you got the 28ths hotfix, you're up to date. Check your FOV settings. If you can change them and they actually stay changed, you've got the fix
  13. Being able to quickly restart without having to return to the ready room has come up before @Jsonedecker brought it for this last hot fix, but I have been focused on animation related code so it is something that will have to wait.