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  1. There is a known issue for some people when running the game for the first time. It will display the splash screen (and potentially the log) and go no further. If this happens, you will need to force quit the exe and start it again. From the second run onwards, it should be fine. Should :|
  2. More traditional style FPS games (such as BF4) animate the firearm mesh and use a cone of fire or shift the camera during recoil to show spread etc. In this case, an aimbot can change the players camera to face the desired aim direction and know that the bullet will go in the same direction. BF4 also uses client side hit detection, with some form of server verification. It may be that this server verification can be exploited more easily then expected. I don't know, I didn't write the damn thing
  3. While it is something we've discussed and looked into, its not a huge concern at the moment. There are one or two UE4 specifics options out there already, not to mention things we could do ourselves to reduce the ability for cheats to be effective. It'll be interesting to see if anyone comes up with a decent aim bot for GB, as the way it actually determines the aim and such varies after every shot. At point blank range, this means very little, so an aim bot is helpful. After that, not so much.
  4. Sounds similar to the timeout issue that popped up a few engine versions ago. Its one of the reasons we swapped to using UWorks. Makes no sense that it would suddenly return though.
  5. Hell Let Loose (WW2 Tactical Shooter)

    Another tactical shooter is not a Bad Thing ™, though they have their work cut out for them to compete against mods for Squad/ArmA/Insurgency, not to mention stand alone games, that are set in the same conflict.
  6. HUD concept

    No intention to use those kind of markers outside of the ready room.
  7. HUD concept

    ^ what he said. Also, not sure if I want to click on a Kotaku article...
  8. Pretty sure this would be my Sunday, in which case, I should be able to make it.
  9. Respawn / Reinforcements

    Code is there to support multiple lives. Adding a screen / mid-death option to select an insertion is doable. We don't plan on having any game modes with such support, but that isn't to say that we or someone else adds one later
  10. Keep forgetting GB is even on reddit :| In any case, it is duly noted. We have had internal discussions about such things, but feel spending too much time with it at the moment takes time away from getting to where we need to be - a viable version for an EA-style release on Steam. We've had people volunteer to help out in that regards, but so far have not taken up anyone on the offer for the same reason.
  11. Ground Branch Screenshots

    What's wrong with mentioning Insurgency?
  12. The Armory

    ^ potential new German military rifle? Edit: yeah, its the one I was thinking of.
  13. ^ this. It may not be in Soon™, but its definitely something we plan to get in. Also please note that @zoombapup is the AI guy and has a massive hardon for that kinda thing.