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    Twice? No, I won 7 or 8 times. I haven't played for a week now, but I'm going to play again soon. I can send you a message on Steam. Maybe we can get a group together on the ground branch forum.
  2. Ready Or Not (SWATlike)

    I'm really looking forward, can't wait to try it!

    It is a good game, it's the best battle royal game that you can get. I've played a couple of rounds and i won a few times, it's amazing and the feeling when you win is very satisfying. Best way to play this game is with friends! This game still needs a lot of work, but it's working better then H1Z1 King of the Kill. Especially the shooting feels really great..
  4. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Beta

    The open world aspect is kinda cool, it's a must for sniper games to be honest. But not a lot of people are positive about this game, especially the AI is dumb and the view distance isn't that far. Some AI don't render from a distance, that's bad for a sniper game. It is still a beta, but a lot of people doens't have a lot of hopes that all the bugs are going to be solved before release.
  5. ArmA3 announced...

    If i had the resources, expierence and the skills, i would be making Crysis Wars 2 but on a much bigger scale, meets Planet Side 2..
  6. Star Citizen

    This is what i like about Star Citizen, fly, go out of your ship and enjoy the atmosphere. It game lacks in content but it feels big already, especially when traveling in a Multi-crew ship. I also made a couple of new friends, i'm having a blast since they added local servers. I also explored the Starfare a few times, and still got lost. Damn, what a big ass ship! It is also great that you have outside catwalks on that ship, it looks damn amazing when flying. I will post some more screenshots in the future, especially some Multi-crew ships. I also shot my first torpedos today and killed some pirates with it. The performance has also increased, the game is now much more fun then before.
  7. Star Citizen

    This really looks amazing, there is a ship named Caterpillar in Star Citizen. It's used to transport stuff or people. It looks like this! Do you wanna see how it looks ingame with the side doors open? Can you imagen that one of those ships land right next to you, open doors and 50 pirates just run out of that ship......
  8. The YouTube Thread

    Nice footage! That's the DJI Inspire drone's, one of the most amazing drones to shoot footage with. I'm selling and using drones myself, and it's not allowed by law (The Netherlands) to fly that close to animals. Not only for safety but it can frustrate the animals, but those tigers look more curious then frustrating. It's also not allowed to fly over people. I could be in trouble if i make that kind of video's in The Netherlands, but we don't have any tigers here.
  9. Star Citizen

    I think just being active. I participated in every PTU, reported bugs to Issue Council etc. I'm around Wave 1 or 2, because i've played other PTU's in the past, being active on Issue Council, report bugs etc. Star Marine and Arena Commander are both arcadish simulators in Star Citizen itself. You can try out ships or increase your skill by just playing a simulator within the persistent universe. Everyting you lose, everyting you, doesn't have a effect on your character. You can access Star Marine and Arena Commander through main menu, or a simulator in your hangar. The movement in Star Marine is slow, it is a mix between tactical and arcadish gameplay. What i really like is the low gravity firefights, the sound and the feel is just amazing. Persistent Universe is less arcadish and more serious gameplay. You can lose your ships unless you have an insurnce on your hull. You can lose weapons, cargo etc. NPC's can die forever if you hire them to work on your multi-crew ship. If NPC's don't get out in an escape pod before the ship blows up, they will be dead forever. If one of your friends die, they won't spawn on your ship or anything, they will spawn on a station or planet and that can be far away. It's not like permadeath, but if one of your teammates die, it has an impact. You can continue the fight without that person, and hopefully he will find his way back in a ship, or your transporter fly's back and pick him up, but then you don't have any extraction or you just retreat if you really need that person in a fight and try again later. In short, Arena Commander and Star Marine are "short" PvP/PvE matches that are used to have some fun and increase your skill without any impact. You can access it in a sort of simulation seat in your hangar. Persistent Universe is the open world gameplay, you can do what you want but everything can be an impact on your character. It will be harsh, dangerous and you can lose everyting if you don't insurance your stuff. Gameplay is more serious and tactical.. Some people are even making tactical plans like codenames, squads, formations etc.
  10. The Lone Kurdish Sniper - Short Documentary

    This is a powerful video, especially when he looks at himself in the mirror and didn't said any word when the barber ask "did you killed IS members". Kurdish forces like YPG (People Protection Unit), YPG (Women's Protection Units) and Peshmerga are the key to defeat Islamic State. They need to get full support from military intervention against ISIL. But the problem is, Turkey doens't want it and sees Kurdisch groups as terrorists, it doesn't matter what kind of Kurdisch group it is. Erdogan has changed the constitution, so he can stay in office till 2029. As long he stay's in office, problems won't be solved in Turkey. We should throw Turkey out of the EU, especially how Erdogan threats Western countries to open all borders so IS terrorists could easily travel undetected to EU. There is also proof where IS fighters cross Turkey borders, so they can attack Kurdish people's in the back. It benefits Turkey a lot! As long if Erdogan is in office, things wouldn't be solved in Turkey with Kurdisch people. I'm not telling PKK and TAK are good guys, they still do terrorist attacks but what Turkey does, is also bad. I saw some pictures how Turkey humiliate dead Turkish women's that they have killed. They oppress Kurdish people for decades while Kurdish people want more democracy and more feminism. The war also continue's when problems aren't solved with Isreal and Hezbollah. Shiite groups (like Hezbollah) are not really our enemy's. Yes they hate the western but they are no threat to us, they only want to destroy Isreal. But i believe that Hezbollah is open minded about political solutions. But both have a different opinion, so they will remain in war forever. Our real enemy's are the extremist sunni muslims, those are the real bad guys. Kurdish people are saying that they have proof that Turkey is supporting sunni extremist terrorist groups. Some of the most famous sunni groups are Al Qaeda, Al Nusra Front, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, Islamic State, As long Turkey won't solve the problem with Kurdish people, as long Isreal won't solve the problem with Hezbollah, problems won't be solved in middle east. Kurdish and Shiite are the key to defeat Sunni Terrorist groups. Meanwhile, someone want's to release a war between Turkey and Russia (Russian ambassador shot to dead earlier this week in Turkey) but that would be really bad. We as Western countrie's are going to be in the middle when that is going to happen. We could maybe start a new topic about this subject if someone has another opinion or if i'm not correct about something. But to be back on topic, the guy in the movie is fighting for a better world, more democracy, more feminism and he is also fighting in a indirect way for us. He is trying to defeat sunni terrorist groups that are also dangerous in our own Western countries.
  11. Star Citizen

    I just played 2.6 and i'm highly impressed. Only thing that frustrated me, players can eat a lot of bullets sometime but it's still an pre-alpha so that could be changed in the future.
  12. Ladybug kisses

    My condolences to you and your family.
  13. Star Citizen

    It's only part of the crowdfunding! You can't buy any ships for real money anymore when Star Citizen hits beta status. All the ships will be purchasable with in-game money. Every ship has his own roll, keep in mind that a bigger ship cost more, but also maintenance will be higher. You can also help out other people with a multi-crew ship. You can also lose every ship forever if you don't insurance but that will be very cheap with in-game money. You can only buy in-game money with real money in the future, but it will be capped. You can only buy like 25.000 a day with a monthly maximum, and you can only buy it when you are a poor ######. You can't buy any in-game money if you have already millions of in-game money. Some people did some math, and it looks like that you can only pay for a few starter ships per month with real money. Did anyone of you guys played Eve Online? If you want to fly the biggest ship in the game (Titan), it cost you more then a year to get it, and still you are only able to fly in 0-sec that is controlled by other players. Bigger ship doesn't mean you are better. Bigger ship has bigger guns but are slow. Just like the Retaliator that i have, it's used for bombing planets or bigger ships then me, but those single-seat fighters will be a pain in the ass for me. So, i need NPC's or friends that could escort me.. The ships that i'm aiming for are mutli-crew ships, i'm also member of Xplor with 12.000 members already and i have the second highest rank. I'm focusing on bombing and (capital) multi-crew ship. If someone owns Star Citizen, just PM me so we could fly together.
  14. Planet Earth II

    In need this in 4K asap! Planet Earth is one of the most expensive and most beautiful documentary. Are they using the same narrator? It wouldn't be the same without David Attenborough. Keep in mind that the US version uses a female narrator. This kind of documentary's got me into photography. Here is David Attenborough.
  15. Name one thing (not people) you hate.

    Working on computers with only traditional HDD's especially those edi ones. I've got a lot of patience, except for slow computers... SSD's are addictive, if you use/buy them, you can't stop using/buying them. They are just like drugs, so addictive. It makes me hate computers with traditional HDD's. Yes, I'm also using HDD's for big storage and external, but my OS and big games like Gta V are running on a few SSD's. Everything that I open needs to show up immediately. I can't take it when Chrome or other programs need to take a few seconds to show up. Same with websites, websites needs to show up immediately.. I have a lot of patience except when it comes to computers.