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  1. I've not actually read any books about submarines but if I were to give advice about searching for any about the Cold War era I'd say look for anything about the USS Parche. She's pretty much a legend in the sub community as a "spec ops" boat and anything written about her would probably be a great read. It probably wouldn't be much help in most subsim games because she could do a lot of things that serious game developers wouldn?t believe.
  2. Anyone looking for a game publisher?

    Oh, I was going to read it but there were all those words and stuff. It mentioned just making movie games a ?specialty?, I didn?t think they meant ?exclusively? considering they want to make 60-100 games in five years. I can?t think of that many movies becoming games considering how poor other movie games have been, but I did just Scent of a Woman and could see that as a good game.
  3. Anyone looking for a game publisher?

    Should we be taking this as a hint? If I'm not mistaken, aren't you guys looking for a publisher?
  4. What weapons do you own?

    Ruger Mini-14 Ruger 10-22 Mossberg 590 Glock 19 Romak 3 (SOLD, but i thought I'd add it given my small list)
  5. A Beer Before It Starts

    This joke makes no sense. My wife would never get me a beer.
  6. learn to kick open doors like elite soldiers....

    I figured he had trouble getting up because he was laughing so hard. I know that's why I had trouble getting up after seeing it.
  7. Melee attacks?

    Don't they call this "habis grabius" in law enforcement?
  8. Real life pictures?

    Me and the "old lady". That's right, she's a Marine and I'm a hippie. MODERATOR EDIT: Large image changed to link
  9. Left-handed characters?

    Could you elaborate? Was it completely intolerable or just a slight nuisance? Thanks
  10. Console games are NORG!

    What is that soldier on the left holding in his hand? I found this picture in a Wikipedia article about Future Force Warrior's. A bigger picture can be found here. I thought it was funny.
  11. Roll Call

    Good 'ol pier 3 What can you say about sonar techs and their Hollywood showers wasting my freshwater? And you gotta love stories about Groton because they always begin and end with ?I?ve been to Groton.?
  12. Is there a name for this title?

    Having been a Sailor myself I?m quite use to acronyms, even the weird ones that seem to not make any since. Sometimes they are just something that only people ?in the know? will recognize like SWCC and some that are well know because they were made popular by their own mystique such as SEAL. I?m going to try and use a couple of techniques the Navy uses to come up with a name for this game. One being the use of an acronym pronounced as a word but not the actual spelling, and the other, their mixing of the order the letters appear. One relatively new acronym in the Navy vocabulary is SWCC. Some may have heard of it and some have probably heard of it but haven?t realized it as SWCC is pronounced ?swick?. Ring any bells? If not someday you may hear of it, either way my point remains, this is a situation where an acronym becomes a word or is pronounced as such. Another thing I?d like to bring up is how the Navy seems to make their acronyms. Much of the time they simply don?t make since or are not in order to how they are said. For instance, Dock Landing Ship, which has the acronym LSD. Doesn?t make much since does it? That?s just how they decided it would be. Nothing has to actually be in sequence with them, it just had to fit whatever criteria they had set forth. Given this format it may help with making a name with acronyms that doesn?t seem too corny but actually realistic. I?ll start one that fits this format. HRD-8 Direct Hostile Reconnaissance team 8 is how it would be spoken but the Navy would probably rearrange it to not make sense as in example two. The way the acronym is written, ?HRD? most likely would be spoken ?Hard? and this goes along with example one. Since the title initially won?t make since it seems that much more realistic. The best part is, up until the release of the game most people would not know how this is said and only the people already in the community would know, adding to the mystique of this team. Throw the title around enough and people may start to assume it?s a real military unit. The team could even have dice showing double 4?s, hard eight or eight the hard way, as their team insignia in case people don?t get it. Sorry that was so long.
  13. Roll Call

    US Navy from 2000-2006. The first two years were spent training in the Navy?s Nuclear Training pipeline, and then spent a year and a half as a nuclear Machinist Mate on a Los Angeles class submarine out of Norfolk Naval Station. After losing my mind I served the remainder of my time at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center working for the Facilities Management Department. For the longest time I?ve felt pretty bad about wasting the Navy?s time and money in training me but after seeing the facilities at Walter Reed I feel much better about the job I did at Portsmouth.
  14. HUD

    Two things: With the directional indication for where you?re being shot from; I personally agree with a very vague visual indication to compensate for not actually being there. For silenced weapons, just have a weaker indicator or allow it to go undetected at certain distances, and of course nothing if explosions affect your hearing. I?d defiantly prefer not to see tracers (unless I load them) or ?Matrix? waves. Which brings me to my second point, tracers. There was a thread about ammo and reloading that this might have fit in but couldn?t figure out how to bring it up, but this seems like a good place. If we could individually decide how to load our magazines or belts then we could theoretically have our own personal ammo counters. Such as, you could load tracers in your 30 round magazines every 5 rounds, this way you?d only have to count to 6 before knowing when to reload. In my case I would just load the third from the last, it would let me know I have one more shot before I can do a tactical reload. For my SAW I would probably load one every 5 until about the last 15 or so and then every 3 letting me know about when to reload.
  15. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    Tactical simulations No, your scope reticule or your iron sights tell you where your bullets are going to go. The spread would be from pulling the trigger while your sights are not on target. I think most are here in hopes that we can help get a game the fits a niche that has been void for sometime now, tactical sims. Not a fun quasi-realistic tactical shooter, there are plenty out there. If a game came along that even encompassed a fraction of what's on the wish list for this game it would trump all that came before it. There are only a few things that NORG could do to make a game not fun for me such as making me clean the heads on base or wait 30+ hours to take a sniper shot and complete that section of training.