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  1. I think that one big advantage small maps have over one big one is you feel more immersed in cqb. ......and of course more different settings.
  2. The only game series that I enjoy from Ubisucks and it looks pretty cool. Not a wild west that have been rumoured.
  3. Thank you very much WK77.
  4. Okay this was just a test to try and getting a GIF in a post and I can't get it to work. Can someone help me explain how to do this
  5. Well tried both ways and I can't get it to work......strange, but thanks to both of you.
  6. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
  7. For once I'am fine to be a hole
  8. I think this shows how a horde mode can be.
  9. They call violent actions either Foreign internal defense or Counter-terrorism. Direct action is also some kind of a assault. .........but for a game mode I also like Sweep and Secure.
  10. Don't care how good it looks it's just another PVP. I will compare Dice's games to a short story from an author who is from the same city as I'am.......... The Emperor's New Clothes.
  11. Saw all of the dev diary yesterday and after they announce they have started to go into full production it will take 14 months to reach alpha and a total of 26 months to full release. They have ambition with this.....the map is going to be 100sq miles and the 20 of them will be city alone. All buildings is enterable. Just the amount of different unit you should be able to play as is insane (in a good way). As a console gamer I will look forward to play this on the PS5
  12. It sounds really awesome. I'am gonna follow this game very close from now on.
  13. The reason why I support this is a hope to get a console version one day.
  14. Merry Xmas to all
  15. I don't recall that there have been an actual release date. Keep in mind how small a team there is and by that in mind they have done a great job so far and they have my full confidence,,,,,so no need to rebuild here