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  1. Will Do!
  2. Housemouse here. I have not been around for a while. Now I am back and looking to go with the operators edition,on one hand it seems I missed it,but in the store it looks like it is available. I did not attempt to buy it because I do not want to be left in limbo,so I am awaiting further orders on the subject. I just want to get started. Are guys actually fighting on maps now? Housemouse out!
  3. Housemouse here, I have been trying to get this thing loaded for a few days now without success. It seems I am missing a file,msvcp120.dll , I have re-installed this file multiple times but i cannot get it to function. Any body have any ideas let me know......housemouse out.
  4. Naah,wasn't me....must have been some other mouse.
  5. HOUSEMOUSE here! I am excited. I will do the free tech preview today,gotta wait till later this week or next Monday to do the OPERATOR EDITION. IT'S ON!.....HOUSEMOUSE out.
  6. Housemouse here........the mouse is very excited and can hardly wait to get started.
  7. Well said GRAND Poobah! I,for one,am trembling with anticipation but I shall wait patiently.
  8. This sounds just fantastic,the adult gaming world needs a shot of encouragement.
  9. Fantastic! Look guys,I am retired with time on my hands and a coupla bucks burning a hole in my pocket.....gimme something to do ( lol ). I am patiently waiting.
  10. House Mouse here. Will there be a notification posted on site when access is made available? I have become a little anxious,I'm really looking forward to this!
  11. I liked every thing I guys are doing a great job,keep up the great work. I can't wait to play this thing! HOUSE MOUSE OUT!
  12. Well,all housemouse can say is that I am really looking forward to this and that it is sorely needed by older gamers. I sit upon the edge of my seat in anticipation!
  13. This is all very exciting. I am very impatiently waiting to get my handson this thing. Hoorah to Ground Branch / Blackfoot Studios. HOUSE MOUSE OUT!
  14. Housemouse here.....I am so excited I might just DIP (die in place ),just kidding. At last, a real shooter. I visit these forums every few weeks to keep up on things,once this gets started I will be there to fully support as much as I can. I missed the first kick starter and it looks like there won't be a second but I will support! What makes me excited is that every one in the forums seems to be fairly mature,this will make for some good fire fights. I will meet you all on the field of honor! House Mouse out. You shoot yur way out,I'm cuttin' mine.
  15. Housemouse here. I missed the last kickstarter but I am primed and ready to roll for the next one. Count me in, I CANT HARDLY WAIT!