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  1. On version 0.9.5. Runs well on this machine: intel i7-950 @ 3.07Ghz. AMD Radeon 6950 2GB. Nearly maxed graphics, little lower on frames than hoped. On a side note, I seem to be having issues with the forums now. Almost like a false lag, its not registering keys I type or giving consistent mouse input in the text box. Back to the game, hopefully not repeating anything: -Invisible walls at edge of map are acting like normal walls. Causes gun to clip it and unsight (gun points up or down as it 'should'). -Sighting up when near the evergreen trees is annoying because of the gun clipping them and unsighting again. Would assume that to a degree the operator or gun would push branches out of the way. -There doesnt seem to be a way out of ghost mode? -Would be nice if you could un-lean by repressing the direction you are leaning. basically a toggle. -Can't seem to prone (I assume this is not active in this build). -Walk doesnt seem to do anything (I assume not active in this build). You probably are aware of most of this, but thought it was worth checking.
  2. A plan rarely survives first contact!

    Lots of people that don't come around the forum (like me) are still watching and waiting. It's exciting.
  3. In-game vid 07/04/2013

    From someone who frequently plays hardcore in the dreaded COD... That mode has no crosshairs, and is still very popular. Having played FPS for many years I can pinpoint the center of my 22" monitor within a half inch quite easily every time. There are multiple ways do deal with no crosshair if you like: A laser sight, literally putting a mark on your monitor (yes I know someone who did that), spraying and adjusting aim based on where your last bullets hit, and sighting up because you can't trust the hip-fire or GB equivalent. If the aim is good while in the "intermediate sighting" stance or whatever it will be called, then perhaps there should be no crosshair as I find it really doesn't matter to most people. However if the aim is abysmal anyways while you are not really sighted up, then perhaps a dot will be nice for orientation or to use other equipment such as grenades, picking up guns, etc. As John said though, this feature is still up in the air and isn't a focus of the game at this point.
  4. Moving Forward

    Whats the mention of multiple new team members? I saw the post about Jeremy, and I know theres Jsone, JonCon, and the (2?) military advisors. I don't see any other posts, although I've been blind before Anyways, while that is a legitimate question, it serves to show how a centralized blog or equivalent on your main page or elsewhere would be a quick and easy way to learn what I need/want to know as a supporter of BFS. Right now this forum is sitting in my favorites tab, and I check it once in a while just to see what happening. If you add a blog, that will be my new link to your site.
  5. What I mean is, anyone who donates would be expecting a free copy of the game later down the road... maybe even after another KS. Whether it's two years, or three. I wouldn't expect donations to be enough, but when the game IS done eventually, then we get the game. Of course, everybody would go into it knowing that it may take 2-3 years to complete the project. Unless... you mean there is a chance that the game wouldnt even be completed in a 5 year span... or NEVER?
  6. Pretty sure it's already been mentioned... but I am in favor of some sort of in house kickstarter. IF you think donations aren't enough, or you have some misguided guilt about taking our money... just promise us products for "donating". The difference is, if you don't hit the goal, you keep our money so something gets done. Lets face it, those that are here on the forum (and those you can contact on the KS comments while it lasts) are probably some of the higher backers anyways. At the very least, that money can push you close enough to a tiny demo for a future KS.
  7. Realistic features never seen before

    I believe he is talking about 120hz required to create the 3D effect. Usually they have two images, both running at 60hz (called a 120hz screen), and these two 60hz images alternate. So really, your eye is still just seeing 60hz. However, as per the OP... it may be possible to just add some translucent effect to areas of your weapon to simulate how your FOV is barely obscured ... much like putting a tube up to one eye, you may notice how one side appears translucent of course. I'd be curious to know what their SOF guy thinks of those ideas.
  8. options for Alpha and Beta testers

    If the kickstarter doesnt get funded, there probably won't be an alpha or beta test in early 2013... maybe not 2013 at all.
  9. To the BFS team

    We realize that Ground Branch (and especially the KS) is a significant investment of your time and money. In that, we also realize that any investments you guys make to have this project become a reality are also shared by your families. I'd like to say that the community thanks you and your families for allowing so much to go into this project! I'm sure that so much dedication isn't without second thoughts sometimes, so again, thanks from all of us! If the community agrees, please sign this thread for the wonderful BFS team and their families! signed!

    Gotcha. The explanation of expansions (not DLC), and pricing of the game is something I have never found on the website. I imagine that is the same for many actually!

    I'm a little confused about this announcement! So, currently MP and a basic singleplayer/coop is supposed to come out at release. This announcement is just saying that when you get Kynapse, that the new content will be free to everyone who pledged? Was it supposed to be a paid for expansion before that announcement?
  12. Questions stopping me from backing...

    I haven't played MW3, however I heard that it does have a lot of cheating. That said, I play BO all the time, and very often I think "that was suspicious". On the rare time I get frusterated too much, I go and look at the game replay, and I see they dont cheat. Usually they get lucky, they're fast, are jumpy and looking all over the place, or are smart and saw a small clue to where I was. It's my opinion that there are FAR less cheaters than people think... that or the cheats aren't very efficient. While I believe there aren't many cheaters, by no means am I advocating for no cheat protection. I just feel that with the millions of gamers out there, and the years they play games for, it's no surprise that people actually get good at games. You really have to put aside ALL assumptions and look at every single case with an objective lens and get proof. I couldn't imagine reporting cheater after cheater over a 4 hour period. Again, I also don't play MW3. Also, in many scenarios it is up to the server admins to deal with cheaters alongside the built in cheat protection. The players record videos of cheaters, or spectate cheaters to catch them, and the admins ban them. I think that this can often be more effective than anti-cheat software. Again, my opinion.
  13. Questions stopping me from backing...

    I'm fairly certain that everyone here can guarantee you that BFS will not stand for number 2, based on NORG and many other following principles. As for cheating, they obviously won't stand for it, but I dont know what they have planned to stop it.
  14. If they don't run another kickstarter, you can always send donations to them in the mean time... which would help lower the cost on the kickstarter when it comes back.
  15. Upcoming Ground Branch AMA on reddit

    It might be a good idea for community members to specifically ask leading questions. Some people may not realize that they have the wrong information regarding the kickstarter or ground branch, and straightening it out may be worth the time. Basically that includes all of those misconceptions that have been stopping people from pledging.