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  1. Hate mail

    I've got hate mail just for putting videos of my own mods or what not on YouTube; nothing new here lol!
  2. there is talent here, I like the use of lines to define texture and shadow. I noticed you use scruffy lines to represent trees... long twisty lines to represent trees and wires. Sometimes lines to make shadows...
  3. My Uncle Is Dying

    yeah really sad to hear this, i wish best of hope to you and your family... especially your uncle. I had a loss just last august, my 16 year old beagle dog passed away... she has been around before I was finished with elementary school. I cannot remember a single day in my Life without my loved dog, so I know what it must feel to lose someone you're related to and see often. I buried my dog myself outside in the backyard under a rose tree, whats beautiful is that ever since she died dozens of deer have been walking out there and laying down out there in front of the rose bush for months now. it's already going past fall and the rose bush is still as beautiful as ever. Good to know life goes on my friend Losing loved ones always makes such difficulty on life, but this will happen throughout all of our lives... so enjoy this place while you can!
  4. Quickie.... fun times with Unreal Engine 4.

    Sounds like good news to me, and plus you can program in realtime... I'm actually not that pessimistic about UE4, just converting stuff over may be some work. But, this new engine is made to be convenient and more lenient towards time of production it seems like. Anyways, I'm actually happy about this!
  5. Ground Branch moves to Unreal Engine 4

    ^ I've seen that one, pretty excellent detail tbh... Halo AI Waypoints and stuff... (You'll see how the lesser numbers are generally forced back when the larger numbers of AI "take their squares" if you will xD) Funny but cool lol!!!
  6. Ground Branch moves to Unreal Engine 4

    No problem at all, I actually had been planning to talk about it sooner or later. Whatever is best for the dev team I say
  7. Ground Branch moves to Unreal Engine 4

    Little hint at Call of Duty <--- Simple Multiplayer, Cinematic Campaign This can be beat easily guys!
  8. Ground Branch moves to Unreal Engine 4

    F.E.A.R INCLUDED, jeez I forgot about that game and I actually have the disks right here on my desktop. That AI was also Sierra right?
  9. Ground Branch moves to Unreal Engine 4

    Haha you're funny, good one ... hmm. Well I can attempt to redeem this argument, though it might be some extra typing. I'm going to give you 5 essential different video games that have wonderful AI, and describe why I chose them. And I also think I may add a personal favorite, but it's not related. So the first game will be Counter Strike Source, nearly every classic PC player has played or heard of it. This post is in dedication to Ground Branch developers, getting tremendous amount feedback from a person who cares enough to compete with such a burden. So if any Dev's are viewing, thankyou... and this is constructed directly to explain the success of multiple products that acquired excellent AI. Counter Strike Source <--- Basic Blueprint for AI in CQB CS:S AI is particularly good at sneaking around, hiding in corners and protecting or assaulting objectives. Though they can be predictable if you see them in front of you... occasionally just like the rest of the good games they have behavioral changes. They may decide to run away and hide behind something if they've been isolated. The chances of you going into a maze with this AI, they will outsmart you at every corner. Unless you use proficient tools, Smoke, Flash... Frags... and that is promotional to wise players. But this game is a Primary source for good reference. Swat 4<--- AI + Player Helps and defeats inferior AI with Tactical Know how Swat 4 AI because Sierra managed to create multiple separate class structures that handle the differences between a Human player, a Civilian, a Terrorist\Suspect, and a Swat Officer. I've seen if not handled the source code before, so I know it. Now the reason this is another good source of AI is because one... if every bot on the game acted the same they'd be straight up dumb. If a Human acted like a Cow and ate grass the entire game, would I want to play? Well maybe, but still I must continue the point. The differences between these classes, would be distinct. One, the Human is the leader and is also in control of things the AI simply cannot really do. This helps fill in the gap of how missions flow, with the actual prior knowledge a skilled player has. Two, the Civilian AI handles everything dependent on their mood. Though the Civilian isn't far off from the actual Suspects they tend to have their differences. Sometimes the Civilians become more prone for submission towards the Criminals than the Swat themselves because of their spontaneous choices of trust. The Civilians are also usually the first to get down on the ground and surrender if ###### hits the fan, so there isn't much more I could say. Three, the Terrorist\Suspect is prone towards either running or standing their ground. It makes the AI just incredibly unpredictable, so you never know what will happen next (It makes the game interesting). This is something that should be in Ground Branch for suspects or terrorists, specifically for the sake of AI survival. One, in Swat 4 these suspects tend to run away and then as soon as you follow them around a corner you're confronting 2 other guys. Brilliant and articulate design in my opinion, this is what made Swat 4 on the list. And last of course, the Swat Team AI is also brilliant... and very flexible if necessary. And this game was created long ago, but you'll see them operate just like a Swat team would at times. Thanks to sierra!!! Armed Assault<--- Realistic Military, outdoor long range hunting Think that AI sucks, nope... there is some issues but they remain favored for their terrain handling. This game has some of the best AI mods in any case, they do tend to have problems around towns and get stuck a lot but when it comes down to actual terrain warfare they do a great job staying in formation and being aware. The only side to the AI I do not like was that their reaction to cover and behavioral settings under certain circumstances are all... very poor. ArmA 3 has improved just a little, but a long shot from what I consider 10 Stars. I'd give ArmA a 6 Star rating because of it... Crysis<--- Strategic AI overwhelmed by Player's Technology Well at times the AI can be glitchy, but its usually only between transitioning of states or moods. This is only a split second, and it can only happen at this time. But fairly said, the AI has a longshot over ArmA when it comes down to tactical and behavioral settings. The reason Crysis made my list is because, well the AI are simply the best at handling Team Work and concealment. The only reason there are exploitable areas is because Crysis was designed to be a Sci Fi Military Shooter that was meant to cater to the player's advantages. Regardless of what all I've given it, it only has a 8 Star Rating. Also they do tend to shout a lot, thats only because its just supposed to be you fighting a platoon or more of them alone. But their handling of cover and positioning is not so bad at all, they tend to put a little work on the player to beat them on Veteran settings. Halo Combat Evolved (PC Original)<--- Strategy Alone vs. Intelligent AI in numbers I don't urge strongly enough to open this game and examine the Alien squads, and how Bungie ensured it would take pure strategy alone to beat Halo on Legendary. Though you may look at the game as silly in the hands of Ground Branch, it is infact a struggle for even Quake and Unreal players to over come immediately. After a while from getting half way through Halo, I thought to myself... why are they so difficult to beat. I could sit for a minute struggling to defeat them, and even after I isolate that last Alien Elite... I am still having trouble putting just enough damage on him to keep his shields from boosting back up. It occured to me that the AI are so aware of their surroundings and combat awareness, that they sense the time to hide or strike when most players wouldn't. I had to train my self not to play head on each time, and use some kind of diversion or I'd be the one to lose. After all, I am the one that's alone and with little health\armor resources as it is. It's nearly impossible, but until I started to research some strategies the game turned out to be absolutely amazing. It's just a classic, don't mean to over exaggerate but try this ###### and see for yourself. Don't do Xbox either, PC is where you'll do your best. Xbox you get the help of a second player, bs imo. Anyways, the little aliens tend to linger around and pin you down when you're fighting tougher aliens. This is an aspect of the AI that is tough to over come... and regardless of effort. If you're not 100% aware of everything that's going on you'll end up losing everything when you're not looking. So, let's get straight down to the point... sorry for every line of text you had to read... hope it's been worth it. The whole point of why Halo AI is up at 10 Stars is because of their behavioral handling is perfectly aligned to even the best players. The AI will clump up in a group sometimes and travel together, sometimes the AI will clump up in smaller groups. Sometimes one AI Bot will hide in the distance, and while you're fighting the others off it will come rushing around your ass and blow your only remaining cover. So it requires a backup plan and immediately acquiring all contact before engaging... and last of all the Elites regardless of their brutal force will adapt based on your Health Bars and if your Shields are low. This basically means you're ######ed any which way you go and how you engage them... so you have to have a powerful strategy of damaging them. The entire premise of Halo is that you ecounter large groups of enemies constantly, you have to kill off the weaker ones first and isolate the strong ones. Which reduces incoming fire and constant sabotage of positioning and cover. And then finding a way to bait the smarter tougher Aliens which typically would kill you if otherwise... rape yo' ass. Great game though, and anyone reading this should seriously get the game and just examine the AI behavioral settings. OR I WILL MAKE A VIDEO TO DEMONSTRATE THIS! Unreal Tournament 1999 GOTY and Quake 3 Arena\Quake Live (MISCELLANEOUS)<--- Strong Skill + Strong Strategy = AI Owned Though these games typically do not compete in any compatible way with Ground Branch, I'd say it's just a blessing that we have these games. Elsewise, I'd still seriously suck at everything I play. The AI on these games are properly designed to kick a players ass over and over again until he rage quits. But not me, not anymore... these games are my bitches now. So the reason I included these three random games is because they are grouped into AI that are simply after the players skill\strategy alike. Hence the AI Adjust to Player Skill settings in Botmatch. You see, you cannot just play this game on the toughest settings without failing dozens of times, if you're starting your first year or two. The AI are super quick and accurate, there isn't much a slow poke can do until they smarten up a bit. This AI has a great rating because of the fact that they can still warm my aim up a little after all these years that have passed. But this AI is upon the oldest of FPS AI, so I don't give it a precise rating. And to decline their abilities some more, even on Godlike or Nightmare settings they don't stand a chance anymore, I straight up waste them 30 to 0 because I invested lots of time enough to play with talented people. But the AI pathfinding skills are leet, they time armor items which can make it tougher to beat them. And if you're honestly good enough and aware enough of Unreal and Quake strategy you'll eat them alive. If interested, I suggest checking out the UT Bible which has an in-depth description of what to do in tough games like these. Though this documentation is generally for intermediate users, and not new players with no Arena DM experience. Anyways to summarize, regardless of all the flames that are about to barbeque me for this long ass post... I just want to say that I gave my best efforts to explain myself. And all of these years of experience, and a ton of observation from not only in-game but in the source code and programming half. I myself am investing time in this stuff, forgive me for sounding like a dictator fanboy. But it is my goal to find a good game out there, that actually provides long time play even after the online play is gone. This is the reason why Infiltration for me has been weak these few years, it's become a complete drop in interest going from multiplayer to botmatch with weak AI. The Games in the TOP AI List that I made are all highly successful games and had some of the best AI in history. The Graphics, Audio, Multiplayer of Ground Branch are all things that die out within 5-10+ years. There is no need to throw all your time into graphics and in the end, see little to no marketing production at hand. Black Foot Studios best option is just getting this game on the road. So as a little reminder, the AI is the absolute biggest key role in keeping your game enjoyable for longer than 10 years. Most guaranteed!
  10. Ground Branch moves to Unreal Engine 4

    When I started to code AI in the first Unreal Engine, I noticed that so much functionality in AI Behavioral Settings was already just abstract code somewhere in the engine. If so, does this mean you guys will have to do less work to make these AI Bots intellegent with their survival? Back in Old Unreal engine, the AI had so many moods... and the smarter AI would hide after taking damage. Some of the AI measured enemy health and his own, and used his own drawscale to an advantage. But other AI from UE3 however, after seeing Red Orchestra 2 AI I sort of gagged... I thought those AI were sorta weird taking cover on the wrong side of walls. There should be some sort of algorithm that checks over and over really quickly for spots that break vision of their Target or Target's vision of him... and until the AI reaches a spot that breaks the line of sight of it's enemy. If the wall height clip size or whatever, which I think can be measured is smaller than the AI Collision Height then goto crouching. But I say it very simply, not in any kind of code... but I think I can code it on the old engine. A very good place to check out AI on is the Original Halo for PC, just play on Legendary settings and try and see what makes them so tough. Be less concentrated on Halo being a Future FPS, and more on what makes the Campaign on Legendary so interesting. The AI is so smart at fighting back, that it can be difficult for even the PRO players to defeat.
  11. Project Reality 2 Is now official!

    Oh crap, repost! I swear I never saw the other one... moderator please delete this lol
  12. For those who don't know what Project Reality is, it is a realism mod for BF2 that sort of has the same combat as ArmA but concentrates on large scale PVP. Project Reality 2 is a Stand Alone Free to Play PC MIL SIM designed with Cryengine 3. This game is what would be considered realistic over ArmA 3, now this news isn't 100% new. It's been rumored a while back, however now it has been confirmed that it is authentic and they are currently hiring more members, the news was updated on the Project Reality mainpage and don't be afraid to let me know what you thinl... to read more click... here and here.... http://www.realitymo...-announced.html And Also, the Alpha will be ready in within this or next month
  13. Seeing modular approach to playing online...

    Yeah that was pretty much what I was thinking of, and Colin is right too. Operators are usually trained to do multiple people's jobs to minimize the amount of people on missions. I suppose specialists could specifically be the one to carry the equipment for the main objective. I sure do hope there will be rucks and stuff for teammates to access, but as far as I know... the game wouldn't be that revolved around rucks. It would be nice to be able to carry misc supplies like scopes or extra rifles like a barrett to fire from a distance. Or in this case a bomb defusal kit or something that makes the specific person have an important role to the team.
  14. Seeing modular approach to playing online...

    I think the engineer thing is over exaggerated to disclaim my point, the point only is to give roles which all squads have. I didn't mean to say we would have classes on engineering, it was meant to be someone in the squad that deals with computers and machines. I meant to say a specialist or demo man... but each person carries different material... elsewise missions would never work. One guy could be in charge of demolition, door breaking etc... it's nothing over complicated. If you've ever played Infiltration 2.9 CE, there is a game mode called Specialist... which this guy is particularly good at defusing bombs and what not. This is what I was trying to portray... I wasn't suggesting that there should be school on the game, just strategy guides. But anyways, yeah... I think I got my point out now.