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  1. /thread. Seriously, this is a way to make it work, even if just a few buildings can be entered.
  2. Ground Branch is still in development and while more funds would be great, at the stage of development it is in, it will not bring in millions of dollars. What John does want is a stable game that people will want to play and will buy, even if not completely "finished" as far as levels and game modes go. Switching from UE4 to the Outerra engine would be expensive, money that BFS does not have and would greatly delay the release of GB. Another reason for not using Outerra is that it is good for large worlds, which Ground Branch isn't trying to do. GB is set in a smallish area maybe 1K square max. Outerra would not be a good use for such games.
  3. Gotta have the requisite foodstuffs to die multiple times by while playing.
  4. Ouch, that looks like it hurt.
  5. That is the view out of my window of course. This was after a rain storm. We get some ugly days up here when weather sets in.
  6. This is an interesting subject as we know what has happened in the past. Still, it might have been AI path finding verses the actual width of the door opening.
  7. Maybe just a little.
  8. I would agree with JaketheJake. It depends on who the enemy actually is. Are they previously trained military personnel or police or are they someone who trampled through a rough training course in the desert somewhere thinking they are hot stuff? Once that is defined, then one can work on how they handle recoil. Would it be best to assign a random value based on distance on how they handle it or do you give them a set parameter per range be it near, middle or far distances? This also depends on where the mission is as well due to facing a complete different set of enemies, which could all have different capabilities. Whatever is chosen, needs give players a believable firefight no matter what. While we do not want enemy who can one shot us while looking the other way, we want them to at least give us a chance to trade a few rounds between each side before a fatal round gets us.
  9. As someone who has been shooting for many years, though not at other humans, there is different amounts of recoil depending on the weapon. A 12 gauge has tremendous amounts of recoil (at least my cousin's does) compared to an M16 which has a buffer spring to absorb the majority of recoil. An M16 has as much recoil as a .22LR round. A .30-30 has less recoil than a Lee-Enfield .303 does. As far as managing it, you do not really pull the rifle down, you just let it settle back to where it started, or somewhere thereabouts. This is for firing in semi-automatic modes. Automatic modes of firing are different. The muzzle will climb until the trigger is released and the weapon should settle back down to where it started. Now, a fore grip could help stop muzzle rise, but I cannot attest to that. Setting a rifle on supports changes how a shooter handles recoil all together. It should be just straight back into the shoulder. There are all sorts of different variables. Maybe both @BTH and @DetCord can help with this some more.
  10. Who is HostGator? Apparently they dislike hotlinking.
  11. Ya need to use [img= ] tags to post any type of image, or, click the Insert other media button and select Insert image from URL.
  12. There is nothing there Led. Did you delete the content?