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  1. Would this PC work for GB?

    Take a look here to see how well it will do..
  2. Operation Barbarossa

    Very interesting at how this is playing out and the possibilities that could have been if Hitler had waited.
  3. The trapdoor spider

    That was pretty cool. I just watched the first one mind you, but they are awesome. And yes, I am not a fan of big spiders.
  4. Proof US is working with ISIS

    That is just too damned funny.
  5. What Is This?

  6. Pics

    The top is sunrise.
  7. Dodging a Bullet

    Apparently, several days later, another deer was killed mere feet down the road from where I almost hit the one above. @Snowfella, maybe once the truck is paid off.
  8. Roaming Rome

  9. This is the HARSH Reality of the Xbox One X

    I don't think console makers will allow for upgrading them any more than what they already are. As it is, they are gimped PCs (due to specific hardware made especially for them and cannot be used in a PC even though it is PC grade stuff) and pretty much locked down as far as what software is able to be used in them as well as the type of discs, if any, can be used in them. Allowing them to be upgraded further defeats the purpose of the consoles and MS and Sony love the money it brings them all around. I don't see them giving that up anytime soon. Doing so means they are shooting themselves in the foot. Notice that they still try to keep the costs below $500 a unit. Ask yourself why. I think more people would just go ahead and build or buy a PC that can play games if they were more than $800.
  10. Dead body disposal

    You are thinking way too much into it me thinks.
  11. Operation Barbarossa

    Very interesting to say the least. Cannot wait to see how it plays out.
  12. What Is This?

    Somewhere in England. There is also a shot of it being built as well, at a very famous English studio.
  13. Operation Barbarossa

    @DetCord, that would be awesome and to see if staying the course to Moscow as originally planned instead of sending Guderian south and taking Kiev and the Ukraine would have resulted in something different. Conversely, it would be interesting to see if the Germans were to just strike south and in the end, Baku, if they would have had enough resources to take Moscow and Leningrad later.
  14. What Is This?

    As the title asks, what is this?
  15. This is the HARSH Reality of the Xbox One X

    John is aware of such and while he has stated he would like to see GB on them, it might not happen for a while. Remember, the PC version is nowhere near done needs to be finished before such considerations are made.