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  1. Why is that? Too many adult beverages?
  2. The best thing to do if you dislike the way Ubisoft has taken games is to just forget about them and not buy their games. Instead, give it to John.
  3. I keep a book in the bathroom for just that purpose.
  4. I wonder who the guy who recommended that you check this out was? Anyway, welcome.
  5. What are you talking about? They are just getting broken in!
  6. At one time, Ubi had the niche game market cornered. There was no reason to get rid of it, they could very well have created new franchises to compliment them and have both selling side by side. Oleg Maddox no longer uses Ubi to publish his famous iL2 franchise, but a Russian publisher instead. The last real niche game that Ubi sold was il2: BoB.
  7. Whole world replication is good for flight sims, but for a game in the scope of Ground Branch, needing to have Sri Lanka created when one is operating in Namibia is a different thing.. Even in flight sims such as FSX, the whole world isn't created at once. Sure the basic ball is there, but mesh, terrain and objects such as airports, buildings and AI are not created until you are X distance from such and is really needed.
  8. R.you.S.E. Weird. Strange auto-correction going on it appears. I wonder what @NYR_32 has to say about this?
  9. This is one reason why I say get at least a mid-range CPU, a top of the line GPU and as much RAM as you can afford. Even with just Core i7 920, This thing current desktop has lasted me quite some time considering there are not as many games I want to buy anymore that I want to play. The newest game I own is Cities: Skylines I believe it is and it runs pretty good on this.
  10. Can you do it? Can you unplug for a day and put your phone down? National Unplugging Day starts at sundown and continues until tomorrow at sundown.It is easy for me, I don't Facebook, Twitter or any other social media on my phone or anywhere else and I don't use it unless I have to. I often go places without it. Can you go a day without your phone?