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  1. The Expendables 2

    Rock and ######ing Roll!!
  2. Happy Birthday WhiteKnight77

    Happy Birthday WK Welcome to the 50+ club buddy.
  3. Roll Call

    US Navy in the 70's. Those that want or need more info, go look it up.
  4. Which series do we like to watch?

    Heroes. Nothing else on TV worth watching.
  5. The ultimate hitman.

    Bond, James Bond.
  6. 300

    Here's a 3 minute trailer link for you.
  7. Introduce yourself

    It took me a few more days to get around to reading the message at then in the past, I'm not gaming at the moment so don't get to the forums like I used too. But this game my change all that! At least that's what I'm hoping.
  8. Introduce yourself

    NC is in the house!! Not gaming atm, waiting for something worthwhile and this looks like the place to be while I'm waiting. Thanks to those involved that care about us that have been left in the cold for too long!