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  1. Where did you hear/ read about Ground Branch?

    Can't remember exactly, but a news portal writing about the kickstarter. I was impressed "how far" the game was for a kickstarter, previously I only knew about Takedown which is still in planning only. It's sad it's only 10 days to go but hasn't reached even a quarter yet, despite Takedown having had no real Footage and .. well
  2. The delicate issue of FOV zoom.

    Arma especially but also RO2 have maps with really long distances. I think zooming in fits those game. IMHO it depends on how the maps and thus gameplay wise it will turn out, besides ironsight which is naturally "a bit zoomed in" you may even not need it. I'd also argue that FOV not necessarily represents "zooming" per se. Many players have issues with smaller FOVs that it feels "too close" to the scene and they get headaches and whatnot from it (sure, in the old Q3 days it FOV was 1:1 used for zooming).
  3. Disable signatures of users?

    Ah great, that was definitly too clever for me thank you
  4. Hi, usually on any forum software I've an option to disable signatures of other users, can't find it here ... am I blind or is there none? thanks :-)
  5. Kickstarter video feedback

    This. And this also "sold" it to me; I just came over from the kickstarter after I found out about it. The simple no ###### raw down to earth information is what makes things feel honest to me. @Jsonedecker: you were in anxiety? Well, it just brought you more then 100 USD on kickstarter from me, so I guess it was worth it ;-) Just stay true to your words.