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  1. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    looks like a ghost recon,socom style game from that picture u put together.
  2. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    the one before last image looks good, to me it looks like a soldier walking through the water with weeds and plants sticking out of the water. i dnno how to do this puzzle or w/e so ill comment on the images
  3. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    honestly all these numbers confuse me lol, looked on there and saw the things about the pics then rea that u dont have to stick them together with photoshop but its something else. all help will be great
  4. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    i read them and i dont understand any of it, then i come on here and see every1 talking about numbers
  5. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    can u please tell me what you have to do lol.
  6. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    i dont have a clue waht u guys mean with this lol. can some1 else explain, all these numbers are confusing me.
  7. whats all this about lol, im confused.
  8. from a console gamer

    i have been playing console games for years and rs3/ba has been the best game/clan game i have EVER played online on a console. since my 360 has broke i have been playing swat 4 and would love a rs3 style game mixed with swat. Vegas is just awful so lets not talk about that. stuff i would like is: -Lean, but strafing while leaning and u have to hold down a button to lean but more importantly you guys would need to make sure ppl can not look through walls and so ''slow walks'' like in rs3. I like all the gadgets and ways of breaching in SWAT 4. like shotgun the door handle to blow it open and you breach, the way u can also use a braching charge doing the same thing but unlike other games it does just blow the door open and it falls on the floor or swings oepn i want it to blow up everywhere so the terrorists cannot see anything. i dont like the way you can change between fire modes but i have never used a gun so dont know if guns do that in real life? sniper rifles i would like to shake around and then you can hold your breath for a few seconds, when out of scope it has no crosshair obviosly, same with shotguns maybe. i love the good old claymores that blow up in a direction instead of blowing up everywhere in the end killing you if u sit near it. i hope you dont do a vegas and include c4's that can be thrown and magically stuck to walls lol. another thing from swat is the computer mirror gun thing ''dnno its name'' that has a camera on the end and you can stick it underdoors to look on the other side stick it in the midle of a open door and see whats at both ends of the corridors or see whats around the next wall. Tear gas grenades actually need to do something when ppl dnt wear a gas mask, SWAT 4 has shown to me the best use of tear gas the way the player goes blury and cant see, starts coughing and putting his hand on his mouth so he cant shoot his gun. another thing is stealthly opening doors so u can say push up on the D-PAD and the door will open how ever much u hold the UP and then u can get a tight gap in a door and shoot some1 without being seen. you should be abel to shoot through doors aswell to add even more realism. picking up guns should be in the game same as grenades, ive never seen a tactical shooter where u can pick up other ppls equipment. i would love many great indoor maps where u have to breach rooms u have multiple entrys...windows...vents [both that you can climb in] if the scopes are like say the reflex scope on vegas where u can see the scope and outside the scope i would like the scope to zoom in not everything else outside of the scope that has no zoom on it. if you look at splinter cell:DA single player the assualt rifle is a great example of this.
  9. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    has there been any more teasers?
  10. Recoil

    i think there shouldnt be any Auto-Aim with the recoil IMO. also i know im a bummer of the series but RS3 probably had the best recoil on guns i have seen, correct me if im wrong but imo that was the best. although all the guns need to be pretty balanced instead of every jsut grabbing 1 or 2 guns and never touching the others ever.
  11. MP for Competition

    for MP id like to be able to change maps and modes without having to load everything over again. this would be so easy for clan matches and dnt f, up the way ppl join spawns becuase like rainbow six u can only have a amount of ppl on 1 team tehn sometimes u cant even swap so i would like teh host to be able to swap players around the room. and the thing that i have missed most is being able to launch the game iwth nobody on the other team. without this u have to play random publics to try and learn tactics of maps and its just so hard and annoying trying to do so.
  12. Is there a name for this title?

    Vision Squad ''Don't think they can't see you'' lol
  13. One shot kills

    what happens when u shoot some1 in the bum lol
  14. Is there a name for this title?

    Bravo Squad: Silent forces
  15. Team Vs. Team Games

    i prefer games with limited customisation. again like rs3/ba. a few game modes, only 2-3 restrictions eg grenade launcher thermals ff and obviously time per round. that was perfect now games go out and put everything possible to customise then ppl join rooms with stuff they dont like then moan in clan matches about the settings etc. imo that was 1 of the reasons why them 2 games were popular also the game play .