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  1. MP: Assymetric Warfare

    There was a second part to that sentence (Following mission orders) if the orders say to Overwatch then thats what is done. i know there is no way to properly solve this issue but was just throwing out a few Ideas.
  2. MP: Assymetric Warfare

    Wow a lot of great ideas posted here. I think simple myself and it was discussed earlier in this topic that the Team Death Match is the one to discourage with that said i would agree with who said to eliminate any type of Kill Scoring and Award and track completion of objectives, Teamwork, ROE and Combat effectiveness. Promote working as a team and demote for run and gun this can be done as rank Promotion or Medal awards for so many points in a match. Example If team A (Assaulting) stays together and works together within meters of each other, following their mission orders they get 1 point each for teamwork but if 1 player moves outside the group and goes it alone he looses 1 point. the points would go towards medals or promotion in rank with a set number of points to get the Promotion or Medal. And the same for the opfor. then a change the A team now becomes the Defending team with like what was said earlier random Objective and spawn point. I love this forum get me excited to see a new Tactical FPS .
  3. Kickstarter video feedback

    Love it or not it's your choice, i believe from what i see it is what i and many of my gaming friends are looking for. Would i like to see more sure but hey they are being honest this is what they have so far to show. This is the reason for Kickstarter. I have been posting this video on as many forums as i have access to and you all should be too to help get this off the ground instead of nitpicking a very small part released in this video. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Kickstarter video feedback

    John: There was just enough there to get me interested and got my juices flowing, and now they need to be directed to the forums where Questions can be answered. This is what you are doing and will do ok as long as you have Knowledgeable people answering there questions. I had a lot of questions and found a lot of answers and what i couldn't find i asked and was answered very quickly. I have made my pledge and will pump you up as much as i can to our AA Community. Just be sure you have the Forum being monitored Questions left for days with no replies will not be well received.
  5. Game Play

    I just donated $125 US i hope this helps.
  6. Game Play

    Yes Jonathan a lot of that was fixed in the release of AA3 but not much Bunny hopping removed and hit detection was improved aiming was and still is off and yes a leave on a tree in some places will stop a bullet lol all points we brought up as alpha and beta testers but they were not fixed. I guess it will come down to the realism and human v human game play for me, Tactical realism with no HUD to give away your position and the ability to maneuver around the map freely. I am looking for it to be as real as it can be, i hate playing some FPS where guys just run around the map like an idiot trying to get as many kills as possible with no consequences because they can just wait 3 seconds and respon and their back at it again. Is the Alpha or Beta going on now or is it on hold till 2013?
  7. Game Play

    I am currently trying to get this info out in a lot of AA forums to get some feedback from members like myself that have been playing AA for years. I do agree that AA lacks a lot of quality but it is forgiven for the game play itself and with no updates in the last couple years to it's content or bugs we are looking for something like Ground Branch. Other issues we encounter daily is cheats and hacks will you have an anti cheat detection in place something like Punkbuster but better i hope. So is it more geared towards PvP or PvAI these are the things that will make a difference to the AA community if you are looking to get the PvP AA community involved. This group is mostly dead set against the respon aspects of some games like COD and BF where you need no tactical ability just run and gun and have a HUD that shows you where the enemy is shooting from. Also will you have the ability to host private servers on sites like Gameservers and run the servers with admin privileges like AA3 does now?
  8. Game Play

    Sorry if this has been discussed already, i have been reading your forum a lot and have a few basic Questions that i have not seen or have missed here so i need to ask. I have played most FPS out there and have not enjoyed the respon aspects of most of them. I have played and Alpha and Beta tested for AA1 to AA3 and have found that this type of game play is what i like personally tho the graphics could be better. My question is will this game be similar to AA3 meaning PvP with no responing till the Objective is completed or will it be more like the other FPS with guys responing after they die. If this is to be like the AA series i am ready to support you and spread the word and make a donation. Thanks for your time.