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  1. Operation Barbarossa

    Even making a successful push toward Baku would probably not have saved Germany ; while it could cripple the Soviet Union by depriving it of its factories in Stalingrad and a good chunk of its oil production, it still wouldn't have allowed Germany to pump and deliver Baku's oil at any significant rate, for the following reasons : 1) Sabotage of the railway networks and derricks requiring extensive and lengthy repairs. 2) Different rail gauges between the Soviet and German tracks, meaning you have to slowly transfer supplies between trains where gauges change. 3) Terrible road network between Baku and the German units/factories not in the immediate vicinity requiring the oil, especially in the spring and fall with that horrible mud and the winter freezing everything. 4) Because of 1) and 3), the Germans would have to rely on their truck fleet to transport the oil, with the terrible efficiency it has on such distances and further exacerbating the problems created by the lack of trucks in the Wehrmacht and their mindboggling diversity. Also note that seizing Stalingrad and Baku would probably not mean the Soviet Union is knocked out, since the U.S. Lend-lease to the USSR was very significant, and controlling Stalingrad and Baku aren't enough to prevent the supplies from flowing through the Persian Corridor and the Pacific Route : Note some of my points are indirectly derived from this video :
  2. Now that I think about it ; aren't the maps of GB too small to make snipers useful ? IIRC, the longest shots I took in multiplayer were below 200m.
  3. A video not featuring Karl ; that's rare. I wonder though if his chest rig and helmet setup videos could be useful to Ground Branch.
  4. Ground Branch Videos

    Is it me or in the first video the bricks are thick enough to stop the bullets ? Also, that's improper use of the Mk48 ; you need as many lasers on it as possible to provide a quick aiming solution at close range !
  5. Game Video Thread

    A SiC Humiliation: Quake Champions, pretty please ! Or I'll have to kill you again at Ground Branch !
  6. Ultra smooth gaming mouse?

    But can Rocket Jump Ninja frag at Quake Champions ? One important aspect about mice that I'd point out is the size ; a few years ago, I had to order 2 Logitech G3 mice from Australia because I had no suitable replacement to my old Logitech G3 won in a LAN-party, as most if not all mice at the time of buying were big, at least for my hands. So measure your palm's size and compare with Rocket Jump Ninja's chart/reviews, and if possible, try the mouse you'd be interested in at some shops or at a friend's who'd have it.
  7. Ground Branch Videos

    Dunno if it was you or someone else.
  8. Ground Branch Videos

  9. Ground Branch Videos

    A SiC Humiliation: Ground Branch !
  10. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    Weak main character, cannot into dual wielding Railguns :
  11. Game Video Thread

    But playing at Quake Champions is fun ! Especially when you feel like a member of the Death Korps of Krieg when facing some people who kept playing regularly since Quake 3 went gold !
  12. Game Video Thread

    Still waiting for A SiC Play Humiliation : Quake Champions !
  13. Quake Champions

    The closed beta... IS OPEN !!! : Get your key, and run the gauntlet, literally !
  14. Iron Sky

    PERKELEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!! The Finns are doing it again ! SIEG HEIL MUTTERFICKERS ! :
  15. Quake Champions

    Yeah, the loading time and matchmaking are a pain. Also, I think they overemphasized the cosmetic items. And the Lightning Gun seems too powerful IMO, the shotgun is too weak at anything but point blank, and the swapping speed is too slow.