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  1. A SiC Humiliation: Quake Champions, pretty please ! Or I'll have to kill you again at Ground Branch !
  2. But can Rocket Jump Ninja frag at Quake Champions ? One important aspect about mice that I'd point out is the size ; a few years ago, I had to order 2 Logitech G3 mice from Australia because I had no suitable replacement to my old Logitech G3 won in a LAN-party, as most if not all mice at the time of buying were big, at least for my hands. So measure your palm's size and compare with Rocket Jump Ninja's chart/reviews, and if possible, try the mouse you'd be interested in at some shops or at a friend's who'd have it.
  3. Dunno if it was you or someone else.
  5. A SiC Humiliation: Ground Branch !
  6. Weak main character, cannot into dual wielding Railguns :
  7. But playing at Quake Champions is fun ! Especially when you feel like a member of the Death Korps of Krieg when facing some people who kept playing regularly since Quake 3 went gold !
  8. Still waiting for A SiC Play Humiliation : Quake Champions !
  9. The closed beta... IS OPEN !!! : Get your key, and run the gauntlet, literally !
  10. PERKELEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!! The Finns are doing it again ! SIEG HEIL MUTTERFICKERS ! :
  11. Yeah, the loading time and matchmaking are a pain. Also, I think they overemphasized the cosmetic items. And the Lightning Gun seems too powerful IMO, the shotgun is too weak at anything but point blank, and the swapping speed is too slow.
  12. Pro-tip ; you lack recon units. That's coming from the one who terrified people at ALB with his decks based only on the GLORIOUS DESIGN OF M113 ! You also need to pay attention to lines of sight ; there's a tool for that in this game. You obviously want your units with high penetration and/or excellent optics to have long unobstructed lines of sight.
  13. Want to frag like it's 1999 ? Need a Quad Damage ? Sign up for the Quake Champions closed beta :
  14. I'd advise against picking this CPU ; it's nearly systematically the weakest CPU in this review :,4977.html Also, the FX-8350 can draw quite a lot of power (FX-8370 in the KitGuru review) :,7.html Not sure what's the power consumption gap to be expected while gaming when compared with current Intel CPU's or Ryzen, as you'd generally use 2-4 cores, but to illustrate this point, let's say an FX-8350 draws, at the mains, an extra 50W when gaming and 15W when idle, you're playing on average 4 hours a day and let the PC at idle 6 hours a day, and you're billed 10 cents per kWh. So every year, that's $10.585 of extra electricity bill per year, not taking into account the potential extra dollars spent for air conditioning or a better cooling system for the CPU or whole PC. Also, the main point of upgrading a upgrading the CPU's performance ; here we see that the FX-8350 isn't an upgrade to the i3-4130, and with a massively bigger power consumption over your current CPU : There's also this French review that compares the i3-4130 to the FX-8350 and other CPUs : The main points to remember about this latter review are : 1) Power consumption : at idle, 1 thread and at full load respectively, for the whole system they had FX-8350 : 61W, 106W, 189W i3-4130 : 43W, 62W, 78W 2) Rendering/productivity-wise, the FX-8350 is much stronger, with a performance index of 173.3 for the FX-8350, 105.8 for the i3-4130 3) For gaming, the i3-4130 is better, with 146.7 for the i3-4130 and 128.5 for the FX-8350 As far as I can tell, the main use for your CPU seems to be gaming, so going from an i3-4130 to an FX-8350 would be a downgrade.
  15. Try writing it with the dots between each letter, as in the original name (Yes, it even corrupts the Wikipedia article's URL...) :