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  1. So hey guys, I have a question for y'all

    apparently it happens to the best of us
  2. So hey guys, I have a question for y'all

    @Caliber, thanks man. Its ok, some people are just a bit grumpy cuz maybe they don't get their naps and juicebox. and @Colin/J1223, oh wow!! i just got sooooo ruined!! yeah buddy...lol...you sure are waaay cooler, little fellas. If it makes you so upset, why not open those blow holes and just ######kin tell me (and i know this is a real novel concept to some) lol...... I think I've been MORE than polite in terms of my intentions and my attitude towards respecting people.... and have, AGAIN, said that this topic CAN BE MOVED SOMEWHERE ELSE WHERE IT WON"T BE IN YOUR or ANYONE'S WAY or causing you any obviously problematic issues or disruptions in their uber high brow debates that I so rudely interrupted (* yes,sarcasm*). Any mod/admin who even took three and a half second's to read what I literally just had said would know that I was even suggesting to move this away from general disc to off-topic LOL... But I guess to hope there would be something in my PM INBOX saying these things about this thread, as opposed to a couple people being total "cool guys" with saying how my lame "paragraph long posts are" is just not cool i guess. It is a LOT of effort. Whatever, its fine. I could give a room temp rat sh** when someone, who apparently thinking them being a "donator" makes them so obviously higher in value w/ their "opinion" (which resembles that of such a sweet, little lady). Sorry AGAIN, if I caused an issue for y'all there... (lol....the fact I have to say all of this AGAIN is just ######in precious). Its all good...I can bail since I am only a "wannabee" ("wannabEE"?..may wanna spellcheck that if you plan on putting them on avatars..thank). Just thought I was among like-minded folks. lol, its all good. Late
  3. So hey guys, I have a question for y'all

    Its ok if he is, i just wanted it VERY VERY understood that, if he or any admin/mod was serious (or even slightly a bit overly grumpy about whatever i had said/done on here) I would very much hope there would be something in my INBOX or something letting me know whatever i am doing is inappropriate. Hell, thats what my mom was able to do when i start playin' with my pecker in front of guests at their house parties, so why not some really angry, buff-lookin' mod? j/k Anyways, i appreciate the opinions i actually have gotten and its really helped me out, and also helped me to almost complete my work ,which has included some very ballsy trips to these two little shanty towns near Monterey itself to verify the "other side's" story, which i kinda whimped out on one, but at least was quasi-able to do the other!
  4. So hey guys, I have a question for y'all

    alright well sorry brother...its fine. no need to get aggro (maybe there's more than just me trying to get opinions that made you run "all out of patience" because I didn't know you were "runnin' low" with any in the first place. Instead of being a quiet mod, why not just say you are getting a lil' upset??? Obviously being polite is not a prerequisite to comment so... lol (j/k!!) I made the thread to ask a question about a topic i was writing something about that pertains to SOF etc (that imo, is not a big deal BUT i have said that its totally fine to move this topic elsewhere/or remove it/etc out of your guys' way ya know...just sayin...).
  5. So hey guys, I have a question for y'all

    HOW ABOUT THIS TO KEEP YOU UP AT NIGHT???? LOL... I have a guy, who just returned from being part of a PSD detail for some DSS guys, a consulate liaison, and about twenty DEA and ATF agents (Not sure if i can confirm ATF, but DEA for sure). He is telling me that, in a span of THREE WEEKS, he found nearly a hundred and fifty people (about %30-40 were teenagers, male AND female) all rolled up and dehydrated and unfed (not to mention there were burn marks from cig lighters on them and there was significant damage done to the teenage girls' genitalia (yeah, it hurt me just WRITING THAT..ugh). After about the fifth incident, he spoke to another SOF teammate (a guy who was DevGru for three or four years and then became a pararescuemen) who decided to contact the consulate about maybe sending an investigative team to these other sites that they werent able to secure because of "time constraints" during their raids (especially when shots were exchanged and these private "shooters" were having to boogie before any of the corrupt authorities arrived and caused serious possible issues in more ways than one). The investigative team found NOTHING (or at least nothing w/ the chance of a lead). They had all been moved. The only evidence that they had been there??? Was a set of little toes...painted pink with unicorns (i know, i know...trust me i know) and little sets of rings, ear rings, necklaces, bracelets, piercings, etc....all of which were stacked in a neat little pile with a note that roughly translated "if you keep this up, next time you'll find the rest....and there won't be anymore pleasantries" (or he the translation may have actually said "courtesies"). Anyways, crazy right? It makes your realize why these privately hired men are so important. They may be able to get in to denied areas, infil quietly, weapons free (no real ROE), and either roll up or kill those responsible. On the other hand, even the cold-blooded super ninjas (or at least thats how some of us view these family men) of these Tier 1 SMUs can't really do what needs to be done to these types of individuals.....hence, the entire point of the ebook that these veterans and myself are working on. The RATTLR (Rapid Asymmetric Tactics Team-Lead Response) unit that works under the company ESS/Exec Sec Solutions (not their real name right now) actually DOES HAVE THIS CAPABILITY and exercises it with "extreme prejudice" so to speak (sorry for the smileys...I really just HATE those things but they were kinda fitting since the smiley menu here was kinda appropriate lol). Anyways, as before, if anyone wishes to know more, PLEASE email me so i can share this important stories of heroism with you. It would mean so much to some of these thankless men who do thankless jobs for a paycheck that (to some) may seem like a billion dollars compared to that of an 11 Bravo today, but trust me, it ain't much. So again, please email me or PM me ...PS I am gonna put more trust into you GB forum guys (at least those i have been speaking with off and on now for a few months) with my PERSONAL EMAIL. Please don't make me regret this or anything. I would just like to be able to speak with some of you via email since I check that the most often and, of course, I want to speak in order to get ALL of your opinions (which there are none more important at this point on any game forum, book forum, etc). TaskForceGreen@hotmail.com cell phone 619 994 7412
  6. So hey guys, I have a question for y'all

    Look, i have no interest in bumping so i will just keep it to relevant info ok? I am not trying to p*ss anyone off. Not whatsoever. ANYWAYS, there's more good news...The girl was returned to her family with minor bruising and scrapes. but she later told the rescue team members that there were about seventeen other girls (ranging from early teens to late twenties, if she had to guess) that were either tortured and killed (once any value was lost) or were beaten and driven to another stash house. The article (whose link I will have up) also explains that the "unknown group" was INDEED a group of former and current US SOF operators that were composed together to retrieve this girl as well as gather any possible SIGINT (and esp HUMINT) on-site before egressing back to their Mission Support Station (name unknown, but i was promised more info on it) in the Eastern-most region to analyze it. It appears that although the incidents described in the ebook are now going to be amended to include all these events. Anyone remember Kidnap+Rescue (or may have been called Hostage Rescue) on Discovery channel?? I have a really REALLY strong feeling that, along with all these "goin'-in-heavy" Direct Action (DA) elements that would go in "weapons free" as usual, from the little i can gather about their usual mission templates, there's gotta be a significant amount of these "rescue-for-hire" ex-LEA/ex-Fed guys who were along for the ride (seeing as how some of the bad guys were "rolled up and ziptied" and not just smoked lol). Wonder if it was those same private groups like in Kidnap+Rescue on Discovery or History or whatever??? Thoughts?? Anyone think they are still active even during times like these where being on the open road with no heavy weapons in a region like East Monterey etc is suicide?? lol....anyways, thoughts?
  7. So hey guys, I have a question for y'all

    no i asked had it been "moved" not "removed", big guy. I dont bump threads, especially a thread like this one. I have some shame chief my only reason for asking is when i left the site, i went to general GB disc and didn't see it..that was all. Nevermind, i found it now so whatever, thank you. My main reason for seeking to make one last post in the first place was to post my email in my person info section (which changed recently).
  8. So hey guys, I have a question for y'all

    Has this topic been moved? Cant seem to find it
  9. So hey guys, I have a question for y'all

    Ok, so I just got some MORE news (if anyone is even still interested anymore haha). There was a rescue of a local aspiring journalist (about 13 yrs old i heard) by an "unknown group"!!! It was located approx 26 mi from the *exact location* of that recent raid involving the same PMC in Eastern Monterey in one of those "outland areas", so to speak, near the town of La Rianazez (did i spell that correctly? lol i have no idea but if someone can correct me great). The "unknown group" (presumably, if my source is right, were an amalgamation of JSOC SOF and ESS RATTLR units) made entry, found the teen, and were able to also detain about seven others (EPWs i guess?? lol...no idea what they are called. I guess just "detainees"). Its also being said that the whole remaining "Felix" arm of the Cartel thats been on the news lately is already posting responses to the original raid and will probably do the same about the rescue. In my opinion, they shouldve just shot those pieces of **** on site and saved themselves the hassle and zipties (what a waste of plastic cuffs i say). Anyone who kidnaps some aspiring teenage journalist is a total worthless scumbag
  10. So hey guys, I have a question for y'all

    if anyone wishes to email me, i have the teaser/promo excerpt from the book ready to go out to all the sites etc. Its not long, just a intro/prologue, a few excerpts telling of a few of the more exciting raids/engagements during the spike in '09 in Mexico's worst areas, and a bit about the Iranian trained & Venezuelan advised Cartel paramilitary groups etc that work alongside the Zetas and Sicarios. It also tells of the relationship between JSOC's involvement (or more like it's "unofficial" involvement) with the PMCs and both of their SIGINT/HUMINT elements' work. Also, if any mods/admin wish for me to move this topic elsewhere, i would be happy to do so. I apologize for placing it here originally as it is so... p.s just send me a PM or go to that "send message" thing on my member name etc. That way I can share my email with ya
  11. So hey guys, I have a question for y'all

    ....oh and if anyone wants to PM me for a snippet, i'd love to get direct feedback also.
  12. So hey guys, I have a question for y'all

    Oh and sorry...RATTLR stands for Rapid Asymmetric Tactics Team-Lead Response..they are the PMCs lead ground element in all of this. All former SOF and many former Tier 1 elements in these PMCs. The raid is getting more attention now in Monterey but in Juarez, there's nothing being said i guess. Will look harder for you guys to see what i mean....its epic Our boys came and conquered
  13. So hey guys, I have a question for y'all

    No worries brother...I didn't take what you said out of context or anything i promise. I know what you meant ...I just wanted it to be clear that if it seemed a bit "tacky" so to speak to ask for such opinions on here, that i wouldn't have any issue removing it etc. So by the way, i said i would get a link about the raid involving the Joint SOF/ESS RATTLR task unit but it is saying in the article that "local law enforcement and federal agencies" made the raid lol....so that was a bust....but not entirely unexpected. As i say (and so do many others) in the ebook, credit usually goes elsewhere. Especially if shots are fired
  14. So hey guys, I have a question for y'all

    oh...and if anyone has any questions or anything about the material or it's authenticity as well, please don't hesitate to ask.... and oh, i also will be asking to move this to the off-topic section if I am asked by mods/admin. I don't wanna cause any issues, just want as much honest feedback as humanly possible from the best possible group to ask