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  1. We can all hope

    btw, how do all three pages interact? I donated $50 on kickstarter, but that isn't showing up here on blackfootstudios, and what about the actual site for Groud Branch? I see the forums for its page redirect here, how are you tying all three together?
  2. I hope to the gaming gods you guys will take the time to make the game well optimized. From many examples, most recently Red Orchestra 2, the Unreal 3 engine does not do lots of players, and big open and detailed environments well at all. I hope that for the sake of all our pledges it will not turn into a technical mess. On the brighter side, we are all funding you because we have faith, oh lord yes!, that you will be "the one" to deliver a game right out of the box that tactical FPS fans actually want to play. We have been sustaining ourselves with mods for existing games, for example Project Reality for Battlefield 2, or simply just going back through our collections 10 or 12 years ago and replaying our never ending favorites again and again, sometimes even with some addon maps or skins or weapons from our beloved communities. The problem is, despite the ferocity and zeal of PC gaming communities, time changes all, and we don't know where those will be in 2, even 1 year. If we can "kickstart" (probably the worst pun in the history of ever) the tactical gaming genre again, we'll at least be able to have our fun until we all blow ourselves up, aliens invade, or the zombie apocalypse, in which case, our tactical shooter would then be real life!... clawing a way through those unholy nightmares.