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  1. How many friendly AI teams will GB allow for? 2,3,4? (and total # of men per team? 4?).
  2. Single player (AI teammates? in?).

    Ok. Teammates are indeed in. I've found what I needed. Can delete! So looking forward to GB.
  3. This has to be answered somewhere on here I'm sure. I've been lurking on this forum for years now. Will the single player version of GB have AI Blufor teammates? I would have to believe so but looking at FAQ doesn't really say such. Just clarifying for myself. Thanks. And if so (which I hope, for old R6 days). How many? How many teams?
  4. Raven Shield AI mod

    I think I have got it to work (and load up). Though curious, what about the "M_AIMod_Sourcecode_106b2.rar" Where does this belong and does it need to be Un-rar?? If I Un-rar it , it contains 2 folders....but your directions don't say for this to be placed anywhere within the RVS/Mods folder. Is it just in case someone wants to edit it?
  5. Raven Shield AI mod

    Additoiinal Question - If I have Gold edition on Steam - Do I need to un-rar for both Raven Shield and Athena Sword - OR do I just follow the directions for dealing with Athena Sword installation?? When I tried to install last time. What ends up showing up in my "Custom game" option is the Mod Unlocker option. But I never see the option to activate the "Rainbow Team AI" mod?
  6. Raven Shield AI mod

    Thanks. Will try 1.06 later tonight when home from work - It does work with steam verion correct? Thanks again!!
  7. Raven Shield AI mod

    I just purchased the RVS Gold pack from Steam (while waiting for Takedown to get here). How do I install this mod? When I extract files, where exactly do they go. All within the Mods folder (within Steam directory). Do I just extrat (un-rar) the 1 DL file. The directions within are a little confusing. In that there seems to be more files (rar files) than it says there should be once the DL is extracted into the mods folder.

    Just put up $250! This IS the game I've wanted developed since OGR! Great, great preview video. Wish I had more to put up.....
  9. Squad Setup

    Two fireteams at a minimum, hopefully we can break into three fireteams.
  10. Planning Phase

    Exactly - The more I think about GB, I really hope it allows for such - The pre-planning phase and the ability for "go codes" is what made R6/RVS such a great tactical shooter that you could play for years. I do hope "Soul switching" is part of GB as well. While I loved leading one fire team while having two others operate mostly independently, it was beneficial at times to be able to check over on another fire team for greater situalonal awareness (that would be avliable in real life, via communications) before giving the final "zulu, go code".
  11. Planning Phase

    Agreed! They allowed for so much flexibiliy. They took R6 series to another level for me. Really hope we will see such an ability within GB. Have to believe we will.
  12. Planning Phase

    I think the R6/ RVS pre-planning style was excellent - Now as others have said, it we could find a way to have a hybird type system that allowed for the micro-managing style of R6/RVS but if all goes FUBAR to dictate on the fly that would be fantastic. The Zulu / Go codes that RVS implemented were great! Nothing like having 3 Teams at the same time take down a room or large area. I really hope an RVS type pre-planning style is part of GB. One apsect I certainly liked more about R6/RVS than OGR.
  13. Have been a long time lurker here on the site - Still keep GB as my last hope for a great tactical FPS (and to bring me back to the R6/RS days). I know there use to be a place for donations in support of GB. Is there still that option. Not that I have alot to give....but would still like to throw $20 here every now and then when I have it.....
  14. I find myself once every several weeks coming back here to see how GB is developing.....I am an old school R6/GR player......constantly wishing to see the next true R6/OGR game to come out..... Which definitely seems like GB is the one that will finally do this.... In waiting I've gone the route of more SIMs like POA2, HPS games, and CMSF.........while occassionaly falling back and playing OGR (still)... I've never played the ARMA series......but of late have been giving some serious consideration to buying (and getting more involved / knowledgable) on ARMA 2. Parts of me think the game looks great and really could be the next OGR (and Ive simply let it pass by me for the past several years!?!). Can others on here, who I know are all original fans of R6 & OGR......Can I get any comments on ARMA....what makes it great....what makes it NOT. Thanks.
  15. Updated Time frame on GB

    I know no date of expected release has ever been put out..........(though I did think I read somewhere on this forum early 09......that must have been my dad).......Seems more likely around Qtr 3 or Qtr 4 of 09..... Question - Just bought a new computer - Will these specs hold up well for a late 09 release of GB? It's a new Dell 720c System. My full system is XPS 720, Core 2 Q6600 (2.4ghz). 4GB DDR SDRAM (800 MHz) 512 GeForce 8800GT I'm running XP Media - Not Vista -