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  1. Sad moment time for i wasted months on wow and sc1/2. Blizzard games have many many hackers. Starcraft hacks are very common and are now ahead of the curve in terms of detection. Same for PVP hacks in WoW.
  2. Where did you hear/ read about Ground Branch?, they sent me an email. I had virtually removed ghost recon from my brain after the debacble of the last 2 pretenders to the crown.
  3. Thoughts from a few R6 players

    My feeling is that 8v8 is the max i would want to play at in such a game. With 2 teams of 4 you could set up some nice ambushes and flanking moves with the right comms. Excited even thinking about secenarios.
  4. Kickstarter video feedback

    I felt the video was really passionate about why you wish to commit so many resources to this project. I could see the links to the previous work and I felt that there is definatly a large gap in the market for such a game. I started the video planning on pledging enough for a copy and maybe the sound track but after watching the video i had to have early access so i could hopefully help in a little way (probably just playing and reporting bugs/issues).