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  1. Interesting view on melee

    Please refer to 11:37 - 12:05 Why would they teach rangers this for no reason... I'm not saying melee would be a great option for combat... but it should be there and it should be realistic enough to discourage people from using it
  2. Interesting view on melee

    Hello forum, I for one have always been annoyed with current games melee attack animation and effect. I have always looked for a way to get these ideas out: One knife slash to any part of the body... thats probably not going to instantly kill you I believe that there should be more animation for melee (a good example is Ghost Recon Future Soldier) as in a variety of different animations (come up behind slit throat/knock over and step on head) Your gun is going to make a difference... If you have light machine gun in your hands you are going to have some trouble instantly knifing someone my suggestion: Light machine guns and other large weapons could have a knock down melee (hit with gun, target falls to gun a little stun and user has opportunity to shoot) Pistols... this would be great... pistol whip (that won't kill them so you would have to shoot after) Assault rifles hit with muzzle of gun A way to knife although it wouldn't be instant Got another idea post it... it is a forum Target is prone... curb stomp/soccer kick to head Choke out from behind and... this is a longshot... tackle target to ground punch or shoot... would be EPIC There are so many possibilities when it comes to melee and no game has ever truly delivered in this category and i really hope the best for this game i have always been a huge fan of realistic game play. I hope others share my views and if you do feel free to post your ideas ill keep this updated EDIT: i replaced butt of gun with muzzle thanks to Master Blaster On another note... i backed the kickstarter how do people get the thing on there profile that says they are a backer!