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  1. Things are moving along

  2. Somethings coming and here is a preview

    keep it up, we are still coming to check on GB. The Portuguese FPS comunnity is with you.
  3. Introduce yourself

    Hi all, I´m Draco from the War Dogs 13th Platoon, live in Portugal, and have been an active FPS player with my team since Ghost Recon, we are a bunch of old farts waiting for GR to come out.
  4. i love them lol, he is right on the money for me and thats not true lots of indie game reviews and lots of them nice mount and blade for example.
  5. Does anyone know, Angry Joe? he would be awesome to back the project http://angryjoeshow.com/2013/06/xbox-one-aj-interview/ http://angryjoeshow....i-angry-review/
  6. Taking out the trash

    omg i went back to Raven shield 3 and its still awesome
  7. Check this video see the likes and donts
  8. Mechwarrior its a niche, because it has a learning curve that not everyone gives time to learn. The same happened with the first Tom Clancys licenses GR and so on, it stands as a simulator. I played all the Mech games sinse 89, and its a fun team based game, thats why i play it, unfortunatly if your team sucks you will have to also. Thats what i expect on GB, team play, learning curve, and those great feature shown already on video. Unfortunatly this sends the game to a niche. Sure the name, is a great thing to have, thats why new GR existes, what is that? that aint my GR, they used the name to make another console game.
  9. 10 bucks were i come from is money, and i know that is hard, for some players to make a connection with the game genre, because it as been extint for more than 6 years. And i hope you know that for every 10 trolls that write on the web there are 2000 that dont post anything. Its always easy to push something down, never the less when the oportunity presents itself again, i will call on my contacts again to suport the game.
  10. i´m sure that, that will not happen again, a bad experiment dosent meen the end, more and more people are waiting for GB. And Mechwarrior had an advantage, that you soon will have too, a working ALPHA.
  11. As i see it it was a problem in advertisement, if you remember there was advertisement for MWO everywere, on google, youtube PC Gamer, and a butch of others. I only noticed GB because i still have contact with GR net, if not i wouldnt known about the project, many stand as i did. We older gamers that, had the fortune of playing good old tactical FPS, know what this younger people been loosing with the new FPS games on the market, that remind me of going to an arcade and playing with tokens, fun yes thats for sure, but without porpose, kill and slash and move on. We wont a game that we can use our brain and blow someelses brain in the process, not a run and gun. Thats why i follow GB and wait for it with nostalgia of the good old days when team work ment something.
  12. Mate i stand as one of you, but we know that its a nich and that as fan base GR and RVS stand in an unique category in FPS history.
  13. Gest for replying so quickly you deserve a kiss , i´m not going to give it to you, so see who is available near you. Anyways, you are saying that as soon as you have an ALPHA with playable features you will reveal it to us?
  14. I´m sorry but i cant agree with you Jsonedecker, one thing you can be certain, the longer it takes for Ground Branch to show its colors less and less people will follow the project, if you guys have a playable Alpha you should let people see it, we will expect bad things from an Alpha because thats it, an Alpha. You have at least one project that started that way and its still growing, MECHWARRIOR ONLINE, is still an ongoing project being played by fans since it was an Alpha, and it got 5 million US$ in the first 2 month. Its buggy it still lacks graphics, but the gameplay is there, and that alone keeps it going and getting more support. Pls dont tell me that a freeking game were robots shoot lasers at each other is more likely to prevale than your awesome FPS view. oh and another thing, why in hell do people still play Americas Army? is it because its free or because of the tactical and team work. it is outdated,no new weapons nothing new and cople of maps and thats it. Provide us with lets say a cople of weeks with a new weapon, every 3 months a new map, and you will see everyone ralling to cheer you guys up.