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  1. Any gaming Mice that anyone knows about that is as smooth as an analog stick from a controller?
  2. Sorry posted in wrong area..
  3. That's cool thanks! I will gladly check that out once I get my PC up and running!
  4. No I haven't tried to mod DC's but as you said Open world could add immersion. I am all about realism but if I ever did make a sim where you had to travel 80 miles to get to your objective I would put a "skip sequence by pressing X" or something if you wanted to get to your objective quickly. So you would have an option of travelling the 80 miles for a more realistic approach or skipping to it. Best of both worlds imo.
  5. Thanks FM!
  6. Yes I have played all the old Clancy titles since 2002. I loved them all! Both OR6 and OGR required skill and brain power to finish each map. From what I have seen so far GB is headed down the same path!
  7. Can someone please make a video of Sand Pit please?
  8. Okay was just wondering your opinion onto why. You've answered. Thanks!
  9. Just a more realistic approach to military based objectives.
  10. If BFS ever had enough money and enough staff would you ever consider making an Open World version of Ground Branch? Let's say the scale size of Bolivia? Or some other small Island or country? Bohemia Interactive does the scale of the Island Altis and they are an Indie team. John you have stated before that you wouldn't want to make something of that scale but is it because of the financial stability? or just not interested? And if you ever did get the dream team would you consider this sometime in the future? UE does support Open World projects.
  11. @dcopymope Actually OGR did have spawning but it was kept to a bare minimum. How do you think the guys from the camp in the first mission started coming after you after you cleared the caves? No matter which route you took before hand you wouldn't see them until after you cleared the caves on the way out. Also on your way back to the extraction zone enemies were spawned so that you would have resistance on the way back. I hate spawning enemies myself but like stated it is sometimes necessary on big maps. It's unfortunate but sometimes has to be done but if done right you will not notice it.
  12. I have said in the past I would love to see BFS make it's own Engine but this would cost millions of dollars. If you had the money would you design your own IP Engine? Just curious.. What would be really cool is someone in this community would make an Open Source Game Engine designed specifically for game based military applications such as GB but I don't see this happening. It's just a dream. If I had the brains for programming I would start designing my own Engine then donate it to BFS.
  13. PMed John.
  14. Hey fatmarrow. I will see if I can get a hold of the unnoficial page Admin. I will also link John to it.
  15. Oh I thought it was an image created by Detcord or someone from this community. It looks a lot like his work.