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  1. Ground Branch Videos

    Is it on the list to be looked at before EA hits?
  2. Ground Branch Videos

    Kind of video related (but not really) but I can't wait for internet to have super fast speeds so servers can have higher tick rates which would make animation prediction a lot smoother along with less lag. Basically it would be like single player animations. I have said this before about some of the videos but just the rough turning and twisting of characters looks unnatural in MP but I know we cant do anything about this until technology gets better! so I am not complaining :). Also can't wait for modern PC's to run photoreal environments. UE4 already supports photoreal technology but the fact is you would need like a 10,000$ computer perhaps more to be able to do it and just isn't feasible right now with today's technology.
  3. I am really excited for this although I don't have a PC yet. I am excited to see new anim that enhance immersion in gameplay videos. I love the way this game is shaping up. It's so unfortunate that the KS failed as a lot of this stuff could have been implemented much sooner. I get such a high on watching videos on YouTube with this game.
  4. Cool! This is what I was talking about in my AI Ghillie Suit AI post!
  5. Since AI is starting to be moulded and being able to recognize cover. I think this should be contributed with Ghillie Suits. I would like to see AI recognize shapes of objects so they can kind of see a Ghillie Sniper if he or she is close enough. I would like to see AI figure out if there is a different unnatural shape in the environment then take appropriate action from their observations such as, shoot or try to investigate in a realistic manner while taking cover and sneaking up behind. Would this be a hard medium in game to configure Zoomba? 1. AI spots something suspicious in it's eye view range. 2. AI A) takes caution and alerts others or (B) approaches cautiously or C) shoots at you or D) all of the above. Bottom line. Would love to see the enemy AI have a a realistic and distinct behaviour when coming across a sniper's Ghillie suit.
  6. The Armory

    What about Ghillie Suits? I imagine they would take a lot of time because of all the insert holes.
  7. I noticed that in some of the videos of Ground Branch if you go to the Server List page page there is a tab in their called "Friends" My suggestion would be to if any of your friends are online from your friends list you can right click on them and a little option would come up with "Join Friends Game".
  8. Jumping Mechanic in Ground Branch

    I still think that jumping and hoisting over objects should only be activated when you are near an object to prevent silly bunny hopping in multiplayer.
  9. Hey. Thought of something that may be doable and might not be. Depends. If there is a base that needs to be ceased it would be neat if an enemy Helicopter or HAV was circling/patrolling around the base for security purposes and if you got seen by either one of them then all hell would break loose and the Helo&/or HAV would try and follow you and relay your location to the enemy. The enemy would then try and swarm you, flank, and flush you of of position. These missions should be a night mission to aid in not being detected by the enemy. If you are detected you would be forced to make a decision of aborting the mission or going forward while the enemy tries to outsmart you. In other words if you get detected let it have an adverse effect on the whole mission. This would also force co op players to be slow and methodical about whichever decisions they make and use available cover to avoid being spotted.
  10. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Nah, too many sheep still buying the game and believing everything Ubisoft says. Smh. It astounds me how many believe that vile company.
  11. Devtac design helmet
  12. Getting access to the team room

    Welcome LongCow nice too meet you!
  13. Can we please please see this in GB?
  14. I would like to see the same death animations like the Original Ghost Recon. Eg. Getting hit by bullet(s) to the body, the body would torque and the guy would stumble while taking a few steps backwards before falling on his back or face while holding the part of his body that got shot if it wasn't insta-death. Of course death animations would have to be random for almost every enemy soldier killed as it could get repetitive and look unnatural if they all fell and reacted the exact same way all the time. Ogr did it by depending on where the bullet hit on the body perfectly. Different parts of the body being hit caused the character have different death animations.