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  1. I think that adding inertia would be an important aspect here, well in multiplayer anyways as people will be looking at your character. I don't see how it would disconnect between player input though. Just like if you run in FP and you bring your gun up have it sway for a split second and then return to normal aiming sway. That is the main problem right now with characters. Their animations have no inertia which makes character movements robotic and stiff at the moment. Mind you, you would have to do some good blending into any movement the character has so it isn't just an all of a sudden halt on your character animation. IMO Insurgency does it perfectly in First Person View.
  2. As the title implies. Since I don't have my PC yet I have been looking at Youtube videos of the members of this game and trying to pick out bugs for the devs. One thing I noticed is sometimes if you shoot at a NPC they stay stationary and turn around and return fire. Something I would like to see is sometimes if you shoot at an enemy and you miss or you shoot one guy and the guy next to him notices his buddy go down I think they should charge and run after you at full speed while returning fire at you aggressively while actively seeking cover at the same time. Kind of like Rambo! In an attempt to flush you out and make you move so they get a good line of fire of you. It would definitely keep you from camping and picking off guys. This would force you to make two decisive decisions in this situation of to either stand your ground as they charge at you or move quickly to cover if possible. Depending on your decision this could decide whether you live or die and force you to think fast.
  3. Can't wait to see the cool new Forum
  4. Do I smell a
  5. Jeeze I wish I had my PC up and running! This is making me foam at the mouth and itching to play especially once this is implemented! Very interested to see the video!!
  6. And then you'll get sheep like this AI Bluefox dude defending them on every single negative criticism they get. It's people like that who support garbage like GRWL just because he got treated nicely at a dinner with the devs. I hope Vivendi takes over Yves companies ass and shows them all the door. Those greedy ######. BFS has 1000x less resources than Ubi and look at what BFS has accomplished with AI!!
  7. The original Ghost Recon. It was just by chance that I went to my neighbours house and he was playing it at the time. In all honesty I thought it would be boring then I played it for a bit and ever since then I fell in love with it along with its expansion packs.
  8. Check your Spam and Junk mail folder. Sometimes they end up there.
  9. Looks kind of blank and blah to me and not to appeasing to the eye. All of the other games have snazzy websites to attract people.
  10. Below are a few ways that I think could help sell off Ground Branch once EA hits Steam. My suggestions may or may not be relevant as I am not a marketing guy but just thought I would share with you of how I think my suggestions could help. First off, a new fresh coat of paint on the website with some nice eye candy to entice people to actually read what is on there. It will also make things look more professional and show that you care about the game and all that you are working on. - Use outlets such as and other websites you may have connections to and let people know in a clear concise statement that this game is alive and well and ensure that you will get to your goal. - Explain why you think and know why the first Kickstarter failed and let people know that you have been working silently for the past few years to get this game going. This in turn will let people know how serious you are about the project. - Reach out to the new generation audience and explain how this game came into fruition and explain how authentic and real the game will be. Explain to them that real world war situations are not all COD or BF style. Explain the direction of the game and pride the realism aspect of thid project. Explain all the small details that make this game what it is and why it is so special to you and explain how it has ties with older games such as the old R6 and Ghost Recon series amd explain to the new audience how this compares to games such as those mentioned above. - Explain why this genre died long ago and explain to people why you want to bring it back to life. Explain how the current games depicted have ruined the genre in this generation. - Make sure all current bugs are squashed. There is nothing worse than getting into a new game and having game breakibg bugs. Believe it or not but first impressions to the uknown public are very important. Many people assume that an Alpha or Beta is what the final product will be despite texts saying that "This is not the final product and things will change during time" many people throw a blind eye to these types of texts in games. - Graphics do play a big part in the success of a game. There is many people out there who play games for graphics and not just gameplay. I have found that people say that "Gameplay is more important than graphics" Some may agree with this but I don't. I believe one of the reasons why COD is so successful is because the graphics play a big part of the marketing. I am not saying that grapahics is everything in COD but it does play an important role to a consumer.
  11. Sweet, do I see the very beginnings of weapon sway in there when Zoomba is standing still?
  12. This is typical Ubisoft bs. They are only interested in your money. Period. I cant believe you pre ordered AbslouteVirtue. Not calling you an idiot or anything but geeze man. Its people who keep preordering games that make it bad for the rest of us.
  13. Hey how did it go? Did you guys get some vids?
  14. Damn. Wish I had my PC up and running
  15. I noticed in your video you call it "Early Access" Someone correct me if I am wrong but I don't think Early Access exists yet? I haven't been able to play the current builds due to my PC being broken. As far as I know these current builds are prep for EA to hunt down bugs and squash them before it hits EA.