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  1. Perhaps there shouldn't be such bright lighting in the customization room? The weapon should be the color that it displays in the maps. Imo the M4 should show jet black in the customization room. Which is the way it looks in real life. With the current way it is right now it looks like a totally different weapon when out in the gameplay field.
  2. Is it just me or is the M4 that you set up in the weapon selection a lighter color than this one? in the game the new M4 has a darker black shade to it compared to the area where you can customize your weapon in kit selection? From what I see so far in the pics this is my conclusion. Someone send me a PC so I can play this damn great game again ! Lol
  3. Agreed!
  4. How realistic where the missions in OGR and combat compared to that of real world military missions?
  5. Been wondering this from some time now I know John had mentioned that he wanted to redo the characters once he had enough funds but my question is if you do this will you have to remodel all equipment to fit them peoperly? or are basically just talking about a cosmetic and texture change to the current characters skin?
  6. Omg! I need to get my PC running!!! This reminds me of one of the underground GRFS Multiplayer maps we had. I forget what it was called though.
  7. First off like many hace explained before that this game isn't even on Early Access yet. The purpose of these builds are to find bugs and implement new features such as the things you talked about. If I recall correctly almost all of your suggestions have been talked about and will eventually be implemented once the team grows bigger from Early Access purchases. Right now the dev team only consists of a few people working on this project while working at other jobs to support their families and this game. Rest assured though as John has said before that once they get enough funds through Early Access they want to have a dedicated full time team to work in development of this game but until that happens things will happen just at a slower pace. You are more than welcome to help in development of the game by reporting bugs in the builds that are pushed out. Keep in mind though that the builds that people will get now is not the most updated version. People who have been here for 10+ years who donated at the first inception and those who purchased Operator Edition a few years back get the most updated current dev build versions of the game. In short the game is not public yet for good reasons as others have stated before they only get one chance to prove to people that this game is a good product and one chance only to make a good impression. First impressions are very very important hence the reason why things haven't gone public yet.
  8. Not exactly what I was referring to
  9. Yes I do now. It's too much for the modern PC to handle. On that thought though here is a game being created with Cry Engine using Megascans.
  10. Why can't you use them for game development in GB? They have excellent ground tiles such as mud, sand, grass, rocks trees and plants.
  11. When you get shot by a bullet the screen should change It's colour to grey with heavy breathing along with a very slight red outline along the rim of your screen and a verbal saying "I'm hit!" while torquing your body according to where the bullet hit.
  12. Kris *cough* John *cough* with Megascans massive library. Lots of Free assets.
  13. And a Compass
  14. Any video of players playing Ground Branch with a 360 controller?