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  1. First of all welcome to the forums! Have you tried uninstalling and then deleting all the files in the Ground Branch "Documents" folder? It's located in "My Documents" do that then try reinstalling. Perhaps try updating your drivers to the latest if you haven't already or try rolling them back as well and see if any of this helps.
  2. Mabey he will!
  3. Yes, all this can be achieved and GB could look a lot better than it is now out of the box without hiring expensive graphics artists. So if BFS could tweak it with shaders and filters out of the box it would save people a lot of headaches with mods.
  4. Is something similar planned for GB? Would be kind of cool to order your NPC's like this through your mic.
  5. Hello everyone do you remember the thread I made in regards to the Starwars Battlefront Realism Mod by Toddyhancer? Anyways the point I am getting at is maybe BFS should think about hiring Toddyhancer aka Martin Bergman for the graphical department once you secure funds? I don't think he's a graphics artist but he does know how to apply and edit certain filters to bring games like Ground Branch to a more realistic graphical standpoint. Perhaps BFS could get some knowledgable tips from him in regards to his methods of achieving this. I am not saying that BFS sucks at graphics because they are already good but I do remembering John stating that they will be looking to bring triple A graphics to the game in the future and I think this could be atleast a good start. Here is an interview link with Bergman.
  6. Any gaming Mice that anyone knows about that is as smooth as an analog stick from a controller?
  7. Sorry posted in wrong area..
  8. That's cool thanks! I will gladly check that out once I get my PC up and running!
  9. No I haven't tried to mod DC's but as you said Open world could add immersion. I am all about realism but if I ever did make a sim where you had to travel 80 miles to get to your objective I would put a "skip sequence by pressing X" or something if you wanted to get to your objective quickly. So you would have an option of travelling the 80 miles for a more realistic approach or skipping to it. Best of both worlds imo.
  10. Thanks FM!
  11. Yes I have played all the old Clancy titles since 2002. I loved them all! Both OR6 and OGR required skill and brain power to finish each map. From what I have seen so far GB is headed down the same path!
  12. Can someone please make a video of Sand Pit please?
  13. Okay was just wondering your opinion onto why. You've answered. Thanks!
  14. Just a more realistic approach to military based objectives.
  15. If BFS ever had enough money and enough staff would you ever consider making an Open World version of Ground Branch? Let's say the scale size of Bolivia? Or some other small Island or country? Bohemia Interactive does the scale of the Island Altis and they are an Indie team. John you have stated before that you wouldn't want to make something of that scale but is it because of the financial stability? or just not interested? And if you ever did get the dream team would you consider this sometime in the future? UE does support Open World projects.