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  1. Roflmao!!
  2. Welcome to the forums!! Enjoy your stay!! 😀
  3. I wasn't actually suggesting functionality with butt packs. I was just making a suggestion for pure cosmetics although I do think backpacks could play a role but like John said there would be a lot of work to achieve that. Upon saying that, I think fanny packs should be an option. I would be fine with some sub par mediocre animations or none at all if John decided do put them in. Like I stated before it would just be a purely cosmetic thing and would basically have nothing to do with functionality or gameplay.
  4. I am actually looking for critters that are indigenous to Northern Australia like in the Queensland area. I am getting 2 Clown fish and have decided to go with with open water reef fish instead of a tide pool theme. I would like to know which specifc species of fish and echonoderms and inverts that are in Northern Australia in particular The Great Barrier Reef. My wife and I are also planning to move to Australia someday when/if we get a huge lump of money somehow but who knows what the future holds. I am remaining optimistic about the idea. We both think it's beautiful with a nice climate. The only thing we don't like are the vaccination laws in the area but I don't want to get into a debate about that.
  5. I tried to tell them all that Ubisoft would bite them in the ass but they just gave me the middle finger and said " Oh but it will be different this time" these people who fall for Ubisoft's bs astounds me and the sad thing is Ubi knows they will fall for it and that's why their quality of games has been down the hole because of dang people who keep pre ordering their horse manure and fall for the company's " we're sorry and we promise you it will be different this time." saying. It's so very sad and then you get people like that AI Bluefox guy who defends them no matter how crappy their track record or current product is. It's people like this who Ubisoft loves because they bring them more revenue no matter how ######ty their product is. I have no sympathy for those people in the Ubisoft forums who pre ordered. Now I get to tilt my head back at rthem and laugh and say "I told you so!"
  6. Good day. This question is for you Aussies out there. I have decided to do a saltwater aquarium but I want it to have an "Australian Tidal Pool" theme. So here is my question. Can you name some types of the critters such as Snails, Fish, Anemones, and other invertabrates Such as Starfish and Urchins that you might find in the tide pools of Australia? I currently live in Nova Scotia near the ocean here but I have always loved Australia.
  7. You bring up an interesting point Zaziki. I would love to see missions where you would have to count on your buddy to bring certain equipment that you cant due to you carrying other needed things. This itself would promote team work and add real value to your comrades in game. It also brings a little more tactical and realistic gameplay comparable to the real world.
  8. As the title implies. OGR soldiers had fanny packs. This is more of a minor cosmetic wish that I hope will be implemented into GB as it looks cool along with backpacks sometime in the near future. 😎
  10. AI was exactly like that in GRFS. Your own team mates were invisible to the enemy regardless if your team mates were right in front of them or not. Please Vivendi take over Ubisoft and kick the AI devs to the curb. If that happens then I will gladly buy GR WL.
  11. Absolutely!! I will try and be more specific in my title lines.
  12. Welcome Recognition!
  13. My response to the cross hair suggestion.
  14. Sync shot feature: I would love to see missions on where making a synchronized shot is a must or the NPC's will spot you. I hate Ubisoft with a passion but really loved the sync shot mechanic in GRFS and what I can see from youtube videos of GR Wildlands but do it with no visible line or marked target icon above their heads when you "mark" them. Have it so you are required to conciously make a mental note of which guys you marked and which guys aren't just like in real life. 1. See multiple enemies. 2. Look down scope or iron sights. 3. Mark each visible enemy with "Q" button including the npc you want to shoot yourself. 4. Take aim of enemy you decide to shoot and wait for friendly AI confirmation that they have a target that you assigned and marked to them. 5. Press mouse button to shoot and execute sync shot or just hold down "Q" for 3 seconds to tell your friendly AI to take the shot without your assistance. Any plans for this John/Kris?? And if not in the plans would you consider this feature?
  15. First of all awesome work guys! In my mind the the AI percieves you when shot at is very realistic. I love OGR ai but they weren't always realistic. The way right now that gb has it is when shot at the enemy immediately turns to the direction of fire and starts shooting in your direction and not always hitting you on the first shot. In OGR basically if you missed you were pretty much dead. I like the way gb currently has it and is much more life like it would happen on the real world however I think that maybe contingency on distance should play a role on how accurate the enemy is with their weapon. Like if an enemy sees you from 50 feet away it should almost defintely be a 1 shot 1 kill deal. It's all about perception of distance. They still need to be worked on though as you all know. Like if you're shooting at them from afar they won't notice your bullets landing beside them. They just sit there and not to mention they don't yet react to their buddies being shot up or to sounds yet. Really excited to see these features worked on! I can just imagine what this game is going to be like once it's finished!