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  1. Insurgency Sandstorm

    Look at that epic smooth mouse movement!
  2. This makes animation more fluid.
  3. Suggestion for enemy NPC's

    I understand that but I can't see BFS making hundreds of different high detailed NPC model faces unlike OGR had. This would take way too much development time. HAHA!
  4. Many shooters now adays use the same character model in different areas in the map. For instance if you spawn at the beginning of the map and you shoot an NPC let's say this guy. Than you go to a different location of the map and that same exact character model is in that different location, it gets quite redundant and immersion breaking to be shooting at the exact same character model you shot from the beginning of the mission. A way to remedy this in a realistic way without breaking immersion is to have all enemy NPC's have full facial masks on so you can't distinguish facial features of characters. __________ IMMERSION BREAKER 1. You see a enemy NPC at the beginning of map with a beard. 2. You shoot him. 3. Then you move to the next location on the map and you see the exact same character with a beard that you just shot at the beginning of the map. This = Immersion breaking ----------- REMEDY 1. You see a enemy NPC at the beginning of the map that has a full facial mask on 2. You shoot him. 3. You move to the next location on the map and you see another character model with a full facial mask on and you shoot him. 4. You go up to the dead NPC and you can't identify full facial features such as a beard because he has a full facial mask on. = Not immersion breaking because you can't identify specific facial features such as a beard, etc. All enemy NPC's should have the same uniform BDU but different pouches and vests equipped but with full facial masks on so you can't identify them as being the same characters you shot before.
  5. Hello, I have been browsing the Ubisoft forums the Ghost Recon Wildlands section and there are a few points in there that people have made and suggestions that should have been done in the game but aren't. Most of the time people have requested the following: TEAM AI REACTIONS: Team AI that actually reacts accordingly to the situation. Example: If you aim at a target and you miss than one of your AI team guys will take over and go for the shot or AI that actually knows automatically how to raid a building if given the command. Original Rainbow Six team AI was very good at this. TEAM CUSTOMIZATION: Automatically your AI team mates should have the exact same Uniform style and look that you set yourself to but have the ability to change their weapon loadouts. Any team mate that carries a Sniper should be exempt from this as they have the option of Ghillie Suits.
  6. What next for AI?

    Although Soul Swapping is a pinacle in the old gr and rs games, I would like the option to turn this feature on or off. A person like me wants realism and you can't soul swap in real life so I would turn it off for my liking.
  7. Head Canting While ADSing (Suggestion)

    You're right. I haven't been able to play GB for so long. I guess this idea is a scrub. I broke my cheap laptop by stepping on the screen. I was doing some cleaning and I put the laptop on the floor for a few and forgot it was there then crunch. Yeah that was all my fault and my own stupidity. Luckily it's an easy fix. I just have to get the money for a new screen.
  8. Head Canting While ADSing (Suggestion)

    Easier to switch from magnified to unmagnified without having to put your weapon down.
  9. Head Cant Left: 1- Aim Down Sights 2- Press designated key for left head cant. 3- Head cants left = scope to the right of screen with scope shadow. Head Cant Right: 1- Aim Down Sights 2- Press designated key for right head cant 3- Head cants right = scope to the left of screen with scope shadow.
  10. Night Vision Goggles in Real Life vs Video Games

    No Unlocks Please! Below is me yelling at the screen showing my disdain for unlocks in GB.
  11. What is the “Testing” version of Ground Branch? After you have purchased a Ground Branch key which you can do here: & have activated it through Steam You have the option of switching to the "Testing" version What is the "Testing" version? The Testing version is the version of Ground Branch that has the newest developer updates within the game and is not an ALPHA or BETA. Some testing versions may not work due to the fact new features have been implemented. Basically the “Testing” version of this game is for people who want to help with the development of Ground Branch and give input/feedback to the developers of what works and what doesn't in preparation for Early Access. If you are experiencing problems with the current version it is best to report it to the developers as soon as possible so they can get a fix out. If you are having problems such as the game won't load, you always have the option to revert back to a previous version as explained below. To get the Testing version of Ground Branch. 1. Open up Steam 2. Go to Games Library 3. Right click on Ground Branch 4. Click Properties 5. Click Betas tab 6. Where it says Select the beta you would like to op into: select testing - Ground Branch testing build and in the box below type GroundBranchTesting 7. Click Check Code 8. Then at the bottom right of the window click Close You will then see an Install option. Click this Option and it will install the latest version of the game. <Right Click Ground Branch> <Properties> <Betas> tab <testing-Ground Branch testing build> <Close> <Install> To ensure you have downloaded and installed the testing version, in your Games Library beside Ground Branch it should say “Ground Branch [testing]” Keeping Up To Date With The Latest Developer Builds To be sure you are automatically kept up to date with the latest developer build of Ground Branch right click on Ground Branch and select Properties Click the Updates tab. Where it says Automatic updates underneath that there will be a drop down menu. Select the drop down menu and set it to Always keep game up to date then select Close <Right Click Ground Branch> <Properties> <Updates>tab <Always keep game up to date> <Close> Reverting Back To The Previous Version In your Games Library right click on Ground Branch and select Properties select the Updates tab. Underneath where it says Automatic Updates a drop down menu is there. Click the drop down menu and select your preferred option. Then click Close Then Install the previous version. <Right Click Ground Branch> <Properties> <Updates>tab (Select Preferred Option) <Close> <Install>
  12. CIA I think would have these if they had to get into an enemy base surrounded by wire and needed a Clandestine point of entry.
  13. This would help people be able to get the testing version of the game by just glancing at the forum. New comers don't understand what a "Testing Branch" is. Or how to get the latest version of GB. Shouldn't the page also be renamed " Get the latest version of Ground Branch here" ?
  14. GB news update

    Yes, I hope it stays this way!