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  1. Will the weapons have an accurate true to life fire rate on them? Eg. Like say if an M16 does 10 bullets a second in real life, will that reflect in this game as well?
  2. Introduce yourself

    Welcome @HellBillyDLux999!
  3. Hello, As we all know there will always be someone who wants to ruin the game with cheats when this game launches so thought I might make a thread that involves Anti-Cheat ideas from the community here. Admins if this post is not suitable then please remove.
  4. Tech Demo

    Welcome to the forums sir Masterbaiter.
  5. Proper admin rights to his game activated? Ports forwarded? Try having him right click on. His .exe and select Run as Administrator. Then try running the game. Could be a compatibility issue as well.
  6. Happy Birthday John Sonedecker

    Happy Birthday John! How old are ya now? Halfway to 85? 😉 Don't feel bad. I'll be halfway to 60 in December on the 17th.!
  7. Perhaps a firing range with instructional like this can be added specifically for Snipers.
  8. The Armory

    I like it too!!
  9. Would this system run GB?

    What if I bought a new GPU for it? If I did what GPU would you recommend for it that would fit that form factor? Like would something like this work? EVGA GeForce GT 730 DirectX 12 02G-P3-3732-KR 2GB 64-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card
  10. Refurbished: HP Desktop Computer 6200 Pro-SFF Intel Core i5 2400 (3.10 GHz) 8 GB DDR3 2 TB HDD Intel HD Graphics 2000 Windows 10 Pro
  11. Why at the beginning of each round in single player is there a timer? It starts at 60 mins then starts counting down. Why is there a timer in a tactical shooter? And what would happen if you kept playing and the timer got to 0 secs?
  12. Respawn / Reinforcements

    Yes! One life does stop the run n gun. As said before it makes the game more tactical and forces you to use your brain. In my mind keep it as is
  13. Respawn / Reinforcements

    Ground Branch will be a deadly concequence shooter. All the more reason for you to be more careful next time you play