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  1. Thank You, Backers.

    Ahh I see. Okay...
  2. Thank You, Backers.

    John have you taken contact or looked at the other project Takedown from Serellan to get some inspiration? you probable do/have, seeing as you probable know this guy back from the GR days!? It seems that they have a bigger support from private investors from what I can understand and there by could set there KS goal a bid lower and so they reach there KS goal( part of the reason that they succeeded might have bin because they have set there goal to get the game out on all platforms and there by getting more supporters IDK!??)... Also they seem to have a very active blog they post info, video's, Q&A things pretty much every week.
  3. I'm sad to see

    Yeah I understand that it is not easy, it is just sad! tsk tsk big publishers and MS/Sony tsk tsk haha...
  4. I'm sad to see

    Ah okay I see that is sad... Well I do really hope that it could come true to make it a game that is available for all platforms and that it it will be an awesome game on ALL platforms/regardless of platform, and not a downgraded version on one or the other platform. I hate all this platform war that many people have going on, not to mention have most developer teams and big publishers do thing's these days and just thinks in big $$$ ! So it is refreshing to see such a project like this, and I'm sad you are having such big trouble trying to get this out for all platforms, in the end we are all gamers, and I personally would love to see a REAL Tactical game on console for ones. Oh well It looks like I just have to try and save up some money and give in and get me a pc, so I can play REAL tactical games... But it would still be awesome to see this game or another company come out with something similar in mind to hit the consoles, maybe on the ps4;-) I bin wishing for something like this to come to consoles for years, I'm real sick of all these shooters we have had and still are getting this last many years, they are pretty much the same all of them, and are to focused on all this big action,fast pace,arcade'ish ,xp and level systems, kill streaks and perks and now also a lot about drones and high tech stuff, I would love something different.
  5. I'm sad to see

    Ah okay, thanks haha ... Well I really hope it will happen!
  6. I'm sad to see

    That this game probable never will hit the consoles! I'm even more sad to see that threads/posts that is about consoles is getting locked pretty much instantly! Veil I do see that it probable will be hard to get someone to finance this type of game on consoles. I am sure that there would actually be a big enough community that would support this type of game on console, I see lots of talk from console gamers longing for this type of game to hit the consoles! In fact I see a crowing amount of people that wish for something fresh and new, and that is more tactical and realistic, then ever seen before on all platforms, or lots of old school gamers that are longing for a new game that would provide them with similar experiences and tactical/team oriented focus that they got out of some of the games that was made not sins the ps2 days... Personally I would love to be able to play this game on my console(perhaps for the next generation consoles!?) I have bin wishing for this type of game for years, and I would definitely support and buy this game if it was to come to console! Seeing as I never had a gaming pc nor would I not have the money to get a pc any time soon let alone have money for regularly upgrade the pc to keep it up to date with latest games. Is is not in anyway possible to try and reach out to the console community, via twitter,youtube,Facebook,MP1st, and what else media and make the console community know about this game existing!!? Perhaps make some polls and see if there would be a big enough support for this from the console community and maybe it will grow big enough to actually be noticed by someone with the money to actually make it happen and make it available for consoles as well!? And that would support you without wanting to change a thing of what your trying to build. I know it is probable way to much to wish for but hey I am allowed to dream ain't I ;-) Oh and if it some have should manage to actually come true! please make it with dedicated servers hehe;-)