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  1. CS or Lean?

    Lean system.
  2. Ground Branch Kickstarter QR Code

    Cool! I'm sure this will prove useful to people with phones for easy access. Newbie at QR-ing: does it directly link to the GB KS website?

    *Cough* Lion Shadow *cough* One of my favorite maps
  4. Lets play some Rainbow 6: RS

    Awesome! I think I got mIRC to connect properly to the server you mentioned above. I'll try to join up on the fun! I usually frequent the public server (Proving Grounds #2), which is the only server I know of that does Mission-exclusive maps (Rescue and Defusal Missions) and features unmodded Rainbow Six gameplay.
  5. Introduce yourself

    Wow, congrats Snowfella. That really is huge stuff! Is the Armory a level that you designed for Ground Branch?
  6. To the BFS team

    Yeah buddy!
  7. Questions stopping me from backing...

    Steam has its own set of anti-cheat measures. They use it to regulate CS:S matches, etc. Not sure how much it would cost for a developer to implement that into their game, but it might be a choice. There's also Punkbuster too. I'm not sure how effective either anti-cheat programs are in absolving cheaters. If dedicated servers are an option, server admins and a server's community can regulate for cheaters on their own stead. I remember back when our clan used to play matches in CS 1.6 and BF1942 Desert Combat mod. We were required to download and run a special program in-game that took screenshots every once in a while during our match. That was back when we competed in a gaming league--I honestly forget which one. Might be something to consider if if Ground Branch has plans to go competitive like CS did.
  8. Introduce yourself

    Thank you very much for the warm welcome and useful insight. I will definitely consider getting into modding also. I'm currently learning C++ on my own and have been dabbling with C# a bit--trying to get a general idea before signing up for programming classes. Thank you very much Colin!
  9. Thanks Ledanek . Hopefully by this weekend I'll be able to grab a copy of GR.
  10. Introduce yourself

    Well met everyone! Cpl. Ledanek sent me a link to this introduction thread, so I figure I would post up a little bit about myself (I hope what I type doesn't bore you to sleep XD). I've been a gamer since my early years, enjoying video games of all types. I started with the original Super Mario Bros and worked my way up to Contra, Double Dragon, and other awesome titles for that era (Famicom for the win!). One of the coolest thing I got hooked on was coop games. Overall my love for gaming has continued througout my older years, and as such I decided to create a Youtube channel dedicated in sharing tips, tricks, and insight with other likeminded gamers.I'm hoping to be able to make commentary on other great games to hopefully help spread the word about awesome upcoming games (of all kinds, not solely the tactical kind). Sadly, gaming is something I am finding less time for as I study for school, so I try to create video content that is meaningful and helpful, as I have come to realize that time is at an ever-increasing deficit. I've found myself very interested in learning how to code. Maybe some day I can get a nice degree to create cool video games that others can enjoy too. I'm not thrilled about how the mainstream games are treating their gamers, so I know that Indie is probably the only route I'd want to go in the future. There's a huge path ahead in terms of classes, tests, exams, but oh well. I know it all will pay off in the end. But that's it about me. I love tactical games--the challenging ones that make you think and use your head before you rush headlong into anything. But I also enjoy casual FPS games too, like Killing Floor, etc. Nice to meet you all. If its tl:dr, I understand and apologize.

    This is great news! Coop is the main reason why I still play Raven Shield to this day haha. If it weren't for multiplayer coop, I probab\ly wouldn't have bought it again. Ledanek and others have convinced me to pick up the original GR (never played it), so it's on my list of games to get. Back on point, playing Thunt/coop GB style sounds amazing! A hostage rescue / VIP escort would rock socks too. Yeah, I'm pretty confident that inclusion of coop with multiple mission types will ensure an infinite amount of replayability. Keep on.
  12. Thanks guys! Currently living paycheck to paycheck atm (starving student alert hahaha). But next paycheck... GR is MINEEE! It sounds like a great game

  14. New KS Main video up

    I read on the KS update George Lucas helped you guys improve the new video? That's big stuff.