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  1. ok righto
  2. when choosing a load-out will there be things like water bladders, admin pouches med-kit,radio pouches i could go on but here is a site with all types of stuff http://www.platatac....ry/1024379.html i also notice that the picture for the glorified action fugue the mag pouches have space between each other is that the closes you can get them or was it just for testing purposes
  3. also not being able to play co-op me and a friend tried for about a hour trying to join each other. and yet i can join friend on BF3 and borderlands just fine and there bigger games also crap over priced DLC
  4. very cool stuff
  5. tactical shooters are pretty dead on console
  6. there are a lot of weapons that could be added both opfor and US i think each faction should have a counter part m240b for US and pkm for opfor
  7. MAYBE ok so i don't know if johno tried this but how about getting sponsorship from gear companys and put there gear in the game its a win win win situation the brand gets the moneys win ground branch gets the moneys to make the game win the players get the game and a great customization system WIN!! you dig
  8. any others in here
  9. kilo_bravo long time tactical player from socom glory days plus probably only console player here
  10. it should be
  11. why is this not pinned
  12. how about opfor like gear i mean GB are covert and many SF units are doing it or were doing it also mixing and matching camo as for loadouts 1X primary 1x large mission weapons like bolt action sniper rifles, pump shot guns, and anti tank weapons 1x pistola guys mixing up gear UKSAS https://encrypted-tb...ZW5j5NqA7CFON-b guys wearing opfor gear https://encrypted-tb...Ehj0Kq8LdxNttqQ EDIT: facial hair http://img709.images...170032comba.jpg
  13. how about weapon camos pretty much every spec ops group doing that 5 S's and M you know