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  1. Assassins Creed III

    @Witzbold, I agree, number 2 was a great one. I'm still looking forward to ACIII.
  2. Company of Heroes 2

  3. The YouTube Thread

    also... for those who like ... And... !
  4. Links to other sites

    Wireclub: International (Canadian owned) social network
  5. Lets play some Rainbow 6: RS

    You all also know about xfire right? http://www.xfire.com < --- go there, download that and those who want to play Raven Shield can connect to each other using p2p tech.
  6. Introduce yourself

    @Cpl Ledanek, I've heard about you guys from a Ghost Recon forum on Steam. Another player suggested it to another player. I just happen to zoom in on the name and voi la... here I am. =)

    Awesome John! I've already started to spread the word to other gamers I play with on verious games. By the way, how do I get my donator status and BFS sig? I am a kickstarter. The name's Warren. =)
  8. Introduce yourself

    Hi everyone! I've gone by many gamer tags and for a handful of years my longest one has been OmnisouL (PC) deadsol(PS3), and now Konjureman(PC). I'm 25. I'm from PA, USA. I've played Rogue Spear and the expansion packs for many years. I started back in 1999 and played up until they shut down MSN The Zone. Some of my gamertags from back then were Kamikazi_ECO, RSPG_deadsolja, Ven0m0uS, and a handful more. They were some fantastic times. My name is Warren, you may call me by my real name or my gamer tag, whichever you prefer. I'm glad to be apart of this community and I hope we can get this ship at full speed.
  9. Real Ground Branch mentioned in news

    Sweet, it's always nice to see things like this.