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  1. MP: Assymetric Warfare

    The way the combat mission series handles it is perfect in my opinion, you can lose your entire force and still win the round in certain circumstances. What I like most is the differing objectives you can have, one team might have to delay or stall the other, whereas the other team may have to push through to an objective or inflict casualties. The different objectives made the combat so much more complex and interesting. It wasn't just a matter of killing everything, you had to stop and consider not only how you were going to achieve your victory, but how the enemy was going to achieve theirs, and also how each side could prevent the opposition from winning.

    To be perfectly honest I feel the kickstarter page has way too much information and it's just not presented concisely enough. A two minute video about what it is and why people should support would be more benificial I feel. Even just talking over concept art or footage of "cool tactics" to illustrate the idea and as a hook would be great to get people excited for everything you could do in the game that doesn't exist elsewhere. I pledgeded and really hope this goes ahead as it sounds like an awesome game, good luck