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  1. Guess what Game-Related Movie

    To be super specific, the picture promotes Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, which is a game. But a movie based on Metal Gear Solid 1 has been announced as official at the same time. No release date established, so it's best to assume that the film studio is still in the early stages of development.
  2. So hey guys, I have a question for y'all

    I'm sure a number of this community would be interested in reading this. It might even inspire some of our modders.
  3. Yes, there is no HUD in real life, but Ground Branch isn't a simulation of real life. That's ARMA's territory.
  4. A balance of realism and fun. Realism in weapons and health is fair enough, but there's also realism that bogs down the pace of a game and doesn't add much entertaining value, such as waiting 5 minutes for your helicopter pilot to arrive and hope that the player pilot doesn't do something stupid and crash in mid-flight. Ground Branch is being stamped as a true tactical shooter, which is far from a military simulator. I expect a tactical shooter to allow me to get in on the action relatively quickly (not as quick as an action shooter, but not as long as a sim). For tact shooters, it's a necessity to have some pacing to allow time to strategize mid-mission. Speaking of which, dynamic objectives would be awesome: failing an objective does not necessarily mean "game over," but gives the team a different objective than if you would have succeeded. Failing the backup objectives can mean game over, though.
  5. Given that you are told the time of day by bringing up a 24-hour digital watch, it looks like HUD is going to be very minimal, if not non-existent. If there is a HUD, I would like only essential information be displayed, such as VOIP (with the option of turning it off or changing the opacity). If I'm playing with pubs, I do have a hard time figuring out who is talking without some sort of indicator, especially if there is no 3D VOIP. If the game has primarily 3D VOIP with a secondary push-to-talk key for radio chat, that would be fantastic.
  6. Hello, first post here! I heard about this game through America's Army forums just this night, from a random lurk to look at their bi-annual update. The link was to Kickstarter, and I was completely overjoyed that the old tactical shooter genre is getting a serious new addition. I haven't played a shooter on the middle-ground of arcade and sim since SWAT 4. The only game that came close was Operation Flashpoint: Red River, but it felt more arcadey than tactical. I showed my support with a $30 donation on Kickstarter.