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  1. Ammo checks?

    I am wondering if there will be any plans to introduce an ammo checking system much like Red Orchestra 2? I always thought it was a cool and immersive feature, and would love for it to be in a realistic game such as this. Perhaps you could hold down the "R" button, and an animation occurs, followed by text/verbal indication of an approximate ammo supply? What about the possibility of transparent magazines/magazines with slits in the side to show the remaining amount of ammunition?
  2. Insurgency 2 Kickstarter

    I agree. It would seem that it was very "clunky." However, this seems to have been fixed in ArmA 3 thanks to the tactical stance/posture. I am really pumped for ArmA 3, although I hope that they do not dumb it down for the masses....
  3. Dynamic Rappelling

    Well, I suppose that it is better than nothing! After all, it could be implemented using a mod or maybe in an expansion pack of some sort, far after both parts of the game are released? One thing that must be stressed, in my opinion, is that in the single-player, we need dynamic breaching. What I mean by this is the ability to breach by shooting the door off the hinges with special breaching ammunition, by wearing a gas mask and gassing and clearing the room, by banging and clearing, by smoke and clearing, etc. This would really stress the pre-planning sequence, and the gear system.
  4. Pump action shotgun and tactical reload

    Exactly! I really like all of these ideas and hoe that they get implemented into the game! The taser rounds would be especially cool! The only problem is: how would this be implemented into the controls? i.e: how did S.T.A.L.K.E.R do it?
  5. Dynamic Rappelling

    Hmmmm.... I was thinking the same thing, and I love the aspect of wearing a gas mask/ CBRN/ NBC/ gear and gassing a room as well. However, as much as I do want it, I'm not so sure how they would do it. I know what you mean by the way, I'm a single-player guy, and I love dynamic games without many scrips, that allow you to plan, move, and engage how you want. The only game though that I know of that included use of grappling hooks (I know that's not exactly rappelling) whenever you wanted to use them was Battlefield 2, and they were not very realistic, as in they did not actually hook on to anything.
  6. I too am looking for the maximum amount of realism in this game (voted for first choice), but one must remember that mods can increase the realism of the game ( BF2/ArmA2 - Project Reality & ArmA2 -A.C.E). It's why this game will have mod support; whatever is not in the game, will probably be in a mod.
  7. Making of an AK-74M for Ground Branch

    Mods could also be used to implement the weapons that are not in the game at launch.
  8. Making of an AK-74M for Ground Branch

    Right on! I was hoping for a G36!!
  9. Yeah, it would be. Not many games offer that, now do they? Would make GB stand out. I wonder how dynamic the environments and missions will be? For example, I like random enemy placement (it's in terrorist hunt I think), multiple secondary objectives, many techniques to be used (I hope stealth is only forced in a few parts for scenario realism (behind enemy lines); I want to choose whether to do it otherwise), and of course, an open environment with many paths and routes. Choosing how you insert into a mission would be awesome (each with advantages and drawbacks (HALO,water, helicopter, etc. ), as would be a thorough briefing in which back story is given, objectives detailed, and the ability to equip your team(s) how you see fit. What do you think?
  10. Intense graphics of blood and body damage.

    Amen brother. Although I'm not so sure about the Buzz Lightyear voice though.....
  11. Thanks for putting up a link.... Forgot to do that lol...
  12. That does make sense actually when you put it that way. Also I'm sure they will add those weapons, but I would also like to see some more weapons from around the world such as the G36c, AUG, L85, L86, P90, VSS, Vector (Kriss), Tar Tavor 21, Saiga 12k, AA-12 (with some variations of ammo), G17, UMP-45 and the FAMAS, for some more variety as well. Possibly even a Desert Eagle and G -18 because a drug lord or terrorist type of enemy may use one.
  13. Yeah, that is actually exactly what I was thinking..... GB has to compete with ArmA somehow....
  14. Actually, I haven't played Hidden and Dangerous 2; guess I'll have to sometime. I had heard of it, but didn't know if it was actually any good. Anyways, if you go to the Ground Branch website and go to Media -(images) at the top, then scroll down to "Characters and Gear," and you will find renders of what appears to be a re-breather, compass, and fins, as well as a diving mask. So, they may already have plans for diving in the game! By the way, what do you think about actually being able to operate the crane stock on say, an M4? It could be extended for long range engagements, and retracted for short-range and CQB.
  15. Realistic features never seen before

    Yeah... The ability to actually use the telescoping butt stock (switch to different lengths for CQB or longer ranges) would be a really nice addition! Great work so far guys! Don't give up hope!