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  1. Dah.
  2. One should exercise patience and regular breathing when waiting for things that require bug testing. =p
  3. Anyone else seen this game? Seems to draw much inspiration from Rainbowsix except with a procedurally generated level in a competitive team format. Seems pretty damn neat
  4. Can't wait, keep it up!
  5. Could be a great way for map publishers to make money (similar to CSGO's operations), perhaps if using workshop to house the maps any instances of abuse will be balanced by the fact such maps will be downvoted to oblivion. Not sure how logistically you would accomplish it though.
  6. All I'm saying is we haven't gotten any news for the entire year so far. #newyearjokes
  7. Great news, can't wait!
  8. I believe they plan to do their own 'Early Access' before putting the game on Steam/Early Access? Seems to happen a lot in games even when such is viewable - theres been several times people don't pay attention in CoD: Ghost's extinction mode and suddenly realize... oh we needed someone to have X.
  9. Does this perhaps mean it could be enabled down the road (i.e. future updates), or perhaps be added on a map by map basis? Pretty common feature nowadays, with TF2's and CoD's killcam (showing the weapon that killed you). Perhaps being able to show/talk about loadouts in the Ready Room while your chest bumping would help? hehe.
  10. Since this seems to be a hotbed of activity; Any chance we'll get maptools? Can't afford Unreal 4. T_T
  11. Great news, can't wait =)
  12. Great news, and congrats! Any chance this means it might show up on Early Access/Greenlight soon?
  13. This sounds like a great way to keep players involved after they die. Glad to see news, hope for Early Access soon!
  14. Yay! Looking forward to it.
  15. Personally I think having such a high goal was part of the problem; Banner Saga's original goal was 100k (ground branch had $425,000). If GB had successfully reached that 100k mark (and therefore successfully reached its funding) I feel as though more people would have gotten the word on a successful project that was still ongoing - part of the reason I feel BS ended up reaching $723,886. Perhaps a restart with a more realistic goal, a better demonstration of the different between regular shooters and GB, and a bigger push for news of GB would get this project the funding it needs?