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  1. Free weekend. http://store.steampowered.com/app/418460/Rising_Storm_2_Vietnam/
  2. Huge fan of the series. Played q1,2 and years and years of Q3A and QL. QC: I played a few matches. The gameplay itself is good. Very reminiscent of Quake, so they hit that target. The rocket launcher has a delay when firing, which is definitely NOT how it is / was in q1,2 or 3a. Weapons and movement need to be snappy and instant. Which brings me to the absolute downside of this game. Waiting and Matchmaking. It goes a little something like this: Run QC, wait 40 seconds to get in the menu. Matchmaking, wait 1 minute until it finds a match. You are presented with a stage and players load in. 1 minute. Map begins to load, 30 seconds. Spawn in the map, warm up mode waiting for all other players to load. 30 seconds. Countdown and some awful animation for your character as if we're all 7 years old. 10 seconds. **Actual Gameplay.** 2 minutes later the amazingly low fraglimit is hit and you're thrown back to the main menu. I could stand 3 bouts of that before i quit.
  3. Nice position
  4. Don't forget the 2 meter high and 4 meter long jumps. Sadly, these horrible parts of movement are never going to change. Otherwise they would have changed them by now.
  5. Infiltration sadly didn't set the bar for other shooters. I remember back when people found RO to be the most realistic. You still see people reply in favor of RO ( even RO2 ) to articles and video's of new realistic shooters. RO, with it's hilarious wobble weapon sway, and recoil on steroids, was an arcade infantry game with silly weapon handling and people loved it. I loved the gameplay for what it was, but it couldn't hold a candle to Infiltration. Anyway games depress me lately, i play Squad and enjoy it, but i really miss the slow pace and tension of that old UT mod.
  6. It's not my dream slow paced realistic tactical shooter with max 12 vs 12. But it's also not minecraft looking and sounding. I'm enjoying this game and playing with a clan makes it really a good time. It's miles from Infiltration but it's well good enough for now. It feels finished to me, which means i'm enjoying it when i play. If you shake your head in disbelief when people like Squad, then what makes you nod approvingly?
  7. Thanks for the update. It sounds more challenging / chore than life itself. Maybe i'll reinstall at some point and take a look. This must be the longest game in early access that i know of.
  8. Anything on bullet penetration? In RO2 it could never be fully integrated. (Tried by Beppo from Infiltration). RO2 had some "feature" that checks every round for near objects in a certain perimeter and then insta spawns the rounds. So you would have something like a hitscan up to a certain distance, and then bullets spawned mid-air.
  9. I'm enjoying Squad for some time now. My experience is great gameplay. Not at all Deathmatch with vehicles omg. In Europe, try the Exodus server and Mumblerines. But there are many more great servers with admins almost always close by. And tons of teamplay. A new SL is not the best indeed, but playing on pubs i do get many great games and capable SL's. If you don't like the SL, exit the squad and enter another one. I haven't had this much fun and a sense of real coordinated teamplay since Infiltration. In the evenings, after young kids bedtimes, you get the best games. And what zoombapup says.
  10. And the sounds will be better.
  11. They kept that auto-voice-chatter in there. Horrible. Your avatar will blurt out random "cool immersive" things, beyond your control. I remember in RO2 i played my beloved Red army and snook up to a bunch of Germans. Waiting for the right time to suprise attack them. Then my avatar shouted some russian ###### all by himself, alerting the Germans to my position. The reverse also happened to me plenty. Walking somewhere, hearing a German cry out he's afraid or something. Ah great now i know exactly where he is. Thanks! I can't understand why the **** a dev would do this. Not in RO2 and not in RS2. Undermining all sneaking possibilities in the game.
  12. *single tear rolls down cheek from excitement*
  13. I hope it surpasses, or equals, quake 3 arena. Which is the best arena shooter to me.
  14. As much as i want to like this, i shudder from the thought that movement is even faster than vanilla Insurgency. Day of Defeat was my one of my favorite online shooters (until 1.0), Day of Infamy will probably disappoint.. Maybe someday.
  15. Tanoa looks really nice. The only thing thats massively bothering me is when you, or ai, walk through bushes etc, there is absolutely no sound. There should be sounds of leaves, bushes when you walk through it. In your video at 8:35 is there is no sound as you and your men walk through the jungle. Only once i hear the default arma "walk through bush" sound. Surely BIS can do better than that. The ambient jungle sounds are really nice. But it's a stereo file playing, regardless of where you are facing, it plays one position. The sounds don't turn around you if you turn.