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  1. Hobbies other then gaming?

    I am a big mountain biker and golfer in my time not at work or on the PC at home..
  2. The bomb is dropped

    As long as each game is designed to the same extent on each platform, I would love to see exclusivity done away with. An example where this is lacking is with most EA Sports games - The experience you are able to have on PS3 or Xbox360 is a next-gen style of game, whereas the PC versions are the same thing they have done for the last 5 (or even 10) years. This lack of development on the PC front is most-likely because they don't have any real competitors for their games in PC world, as they do in console world. That stuff really grinds my gears.
  3. SH4 Gone Gold

    With all the high praises SH3 has received, and now with the new release of SH 4 - it looks at though I am going to have to try and get into this series as well. As per the unknown publisher comments - if any publisher ever gave me a game that I played for more than half a decade, I would always, and continue to, give them another chance, I guess. Nailbomb, lemme hear your thoughts on it once you get to playing it.
  4. What kind of monitor?

    I currently run the dual 19" LCD monitors, and my only complaint is that the screens arent big enough - I will be upgrading one to at 22" - 24" sometime in the next year. Not really out of necessity, but just because I can. I have been using LCDs for a couple years, and I have nothing but good things to say about them - although I find the greatest advantage is still having them mounted on the arm mounts and not sitting in the middle of the workspace on my desk.
  5. Are you Fifth Grade Material?

    haha! Very nice.
  6. Donation discussion

    I have to give HatchetForce all the credit for that one. It was too perfect not to remember in my signature
  7. HUD

    Amen to that. We'll just continue our banter, in hopes of getting BFS thinking in new ways!
  8. A Beer Before It Starts

    Haha! Very nice!
  9. Congrats and welcome Hackshot! Geez - 18 unvalidated members.. did they get lost?
  10. Donation discussion

    I love the hat idea. I would definitely buy one of those - but yeah not one of the cheap ones. Stickers is also a good idea. They end up everywheres from snowboards to helmets to car bumpers.. an inexpensive purchase that can be put anywheres. Mousepads are also a very common idea that some people seem to enjoy. I would enjoy some form of poster as well - and I am a big fan of calendars, which is something that would be great to release in the last development stages, maybe prior to the christmas shopping months or whatnot. One thing that I would use a lot of would be a Nalgene type water bottle with the BFS logo on it - I use those all the time, not sure about everyone else. On the topic of donations, you could always sell those LiveStrong type bracelets as well - they work well as a donation tool, sell them for various prices depending on what people wish to donate.
  11. Left-handed characters?

    As another mostly lefty, I do think that incorporating left-handed player configurations would certainly enhance the experience. ( Also makes us lefties feel not so left out ) Would there be any performance advantages or differences with the opposite hand? Like strafing quicker in one direction or the other, Better accuracy in one direction.. something like that? Or any others?
  12. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    That about sums it up for me as well.
  13. Which series do we like to watch?

    Golden! Nice link!
  14. Maps

    I always found that the map environment has always been a dictator of the appropriate size of the maps. Open maps with much advancement must be larger than slow moving dense environments. With that being considered, I would probably think that a range of 500 X 500 to 1000 X 1000 would be considered adequate.
  15. HUD

    I haven't seen the wake effects used in GRAW2, but as long as they don't give too much away for location. An option to have 5.1 surround enabled, and/or just disable the wake - would be nice too. Because using the surround sound to find the baddies would also be a cool experience.