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  1. Nems Artwork

    Wow Nem been a while since I responded but the work you display is absolute terrific as usual and thanks for the continued updates I'm impressed.
  2. Asus P6T mobo issue

    Yeah long time no see back buddy hope all is well your end and while I do drop in and read here from time too time my partaking in idle chit chat has dropped of due to just to much going on with work and other things leaving gaming on the back burner. The only reason I mentioned nLite was I know what a PC wizard you are and like me not fond of the bloatware that comes with windows hence stripping it out. There is a little tweak in nLite that gets allot of folks stumped and causes windows to have a brain fart stopping the install. Since this isn't the case maybe your disk on the vista 64 side of the install procedure is corrupt? If vista 32 install ok then it might be a long shot can you get hold of someone Else's disk just too see if this continues the install without the issue you have?
  3. Asus P6T mobo issue

    Spectre65 your not using nLite are you to strip out windows crap are you?
  4. spam?

    Set up a bogas gmail account with bogas info about yourself and send them a reply and see how much crap you get bombarded with and then if your not happy just delete the gmail account you setup or keep it and use it for things like this. It's what I do so you can then sign up or hand it out willy nilly and fear nothing because it's just a trash email account.
  5. Nems Artwork

    I like this one that is great that really hits the spot in the way you have done the sky and colours. Nem have you still got my sig on hand? If you have any chance you could send to me the sig minus all the BFS stuff just leaving my name as it is currently on the white background so I can use it on another web site bud.
  6. Astronauts to drink urine

    I must be doing something wrong I just p|ssed in a cup and downed it but by god it's not like they described for me anyway. It was hard going down and burnt on the way up but I got used too it so no big issue............. I should have read the article closer there using a filtration system
  7. LCD Monitor

    See the green code that is what you type in the shopping basket at checkout to receive the discounted price.
  8. Big Oops

    Come on WhiteKnight77 just admit it your girl keeps poking you in the ribs to bring you under control no shame in admitting your under the thumb........
  9. The Presidency

    Did I miss something major for this topic to be raised
  10. DirectX 9, DirectX 10 visual comparison

    Some of the effects in Crysis is so plastic looking and not at all realistic with DX10 and DX9. And those DX10 shot for FSX is a know fact there fake and Microsoft admits that they were telling porkies on what DX10 could do in the flight sim and could never achieve it.
  11. LCD Monitor

  12. LCD Monitor

    Psychomorph I also have the Dell UltraSharp Widescreen 24" and like I keep saying Dell is the Rolls Royce of monitors no dead pixels, no bleeding etc it is the best there is and has never missed a beat from being un-packed. Grendel says the same thing and when your ready to make a purchase make sure that you purchase the "revision number" that has any issue fixed. Sure you paying big money but wait for the coupon deals before making a Dell purchase you can save 100's of Euro's. I understand that you want to be GB ready but you can always build a system in stages and try and use what hardware you now have but a quality monitor can't be built in stages and what you choose now will be what you live with. While you mentioned PC upgrade hold off "Nehalem" is going to be a ripper of a CPU so keep that in mind as well.
  13. LCD Monitor

    Good advice zoog on using all your own cables for a return...... Also Psychomorph no matter how great a PC you have and graphics card if the monitor lets you down in image quality there is nothing you can do but live with it. Never in my opinion let a monitor drag your system down. It's best to save for a little longer and get a better quality one because that is what your going to be looking at when your in front of your PC and gaming. As far as I'm aware 24"-27" monitors all have a native res of 1920x1200 Psychomorph I just did a conversion of 400€ to my $$$ and if you saved a little more €€€ you can purchase the Rolls Royce of monitors that being a Dell. If your going to purchase such a big monitor this is the time to make the right decision and do it right without rushing it. Long after you upgrade your PC the monitor will still be sitting there and no amount of hardware upgrades is going to turn a horrible monitor into a princess. Also weigh up the cost of replacing monitors that are out of warranty and have started having issues this mostly happens with the low end range so don't forget that. Backlight bleeding watch for Dead pixels check for DVI is minimum or a combo of DVI-D/ HDVI The latter delivers the best image quality and is standard format of today and DVI was the quality format of yesterday so HDVI is what your aiming for but nothing less than DVI. Go over HERE and research other monitors that might just suit your price range and what your looking for. Take your time don't rush a purchase or your going to be unhappy. I think AMILO will deliver what it is your after but just don't rush it keep looking. I'm not going to ask questions reading your answers is enough along with budget.
  14. LCD Monitor

    zoog is right you get what you pay for so Psychomorph don't go buying anything just yet it's late here and I need some sleep so tomorrow I will ask you some questions then we can move forward. Lets get the ball rolling what is your maximum budget? In the mean time read post 9 from start to finish to make sure your in the loop and up too speed with tech info.
  15. LCD Monitor