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  1. You can see where this is going. Give it 5-7 years and it will be 4K graphics and all sorts of goodies. The ability to ###### and switch fire modes on weapons is amazing. Properly managing your weapons system will be half the challenge of the game. The next step someone needs to come up with a natural feeling way to walk and run. Imagine implementing vehicles into this kind of system? Project reality in VR? The mind boggles with possibilities.
  2. The controller needs a buttstock so you can properly aim down sights
  3. Any progress here mate?
  4. More stuff please psychomorph
  5. I actually find the whole concept kind of icky. I'm not sure why I'm comfortable playing modern shooters but not this? Maybe it's the concept of the most senseless bloodbath in history being turned into an amusement ride?
  6. More please
  7. Looking forward to it mate
  8. Really hope they hang onto that realism vibe with the next instalment of the game
  9. I thought it was fantastic. Where'd you get all those models for new rifles and sights?
  10. Mate what happened to your SF mod? It looked great
  11. Hang on. I'm confused. I've already got GB on steam won't it simply update there? Cheers in advance
  12. Don't think I got the preorder keys
  13. Man that looks good
  14. Looks like they model gun jams? Pretty cool. Beautiful graphics. Wish they'd dump the grind rubbish though.
  15. Always though warfighter would be great modded. Cut all the crap and make it realistic. The gun modification tool was great.