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  1. Map Editor & SDK & Updating.

    Yeah Map editors on PC allow for the user to create anything they want (duh). Map editors for games such as FC for xbox/360 ect however a less complex, yet they still allow you create most of your map ideas. I agree btw, PC map editors do take awhile to learn all the in's & out's. Of course you can always use the tools/objects/textures that come w/ the editor to make your maps. Honestly I don't have the time to learn all the in's & out's. I guess that's why I enjoyed the FC map editor so much. I could publish a 100% finished map in less than 8 hrs.
  2. Player Outfits

    ^^^ Agreed.
  3. Map Editor & SDK & Updating.

    Yeah, FC: Predator for the x360 had an excellent map editor. It was so easy & simple. You could create hills, mountains, bodies of water ect, very easily. I've created a handful of maps on those games (I even remade a few GR maps). In my opinion GR esque' maps are the easiest to make b/c they focus on terrain, tree's, & foliage. It's pretty addictive indeed. I've got ideas floating around in my head all the time. It's fun to actually put them into a game & make it a reality. Btw, I thought BFS has already stated that they want to bring their game to consoles.....
  4. Player Outfits

    Here is what I'd like to see from character customization: *Head Gear- Give us several items to choose from. Goggles, helmets, hats, masks, face paints, you name it. We should also be able to choose from a list of custom colors. Keep in mind that I'm against being able to change your fatigues color. The host should have control over that (unless it's a Clan match, & then you must wear your teams fatigues). *Customizable Gear- Allow us to choose our boots, gloves, ect. Do you want to wear fingerless gloves? Choose em'. Do you want brown boots? Select em'. Also I'd like to be able to choose my own belts, harnesses, ect. Do you want long sleeves, short-sleeves, or no sleeves at all? Again, we would be able to select the color of these items. *Soldier Create- Allow us to change our character's height, weight, sex, race, ect. I know the military has a strict weight limit, thus we could choose from a few default weights. The weights/body types could be: Skinny, Average, Husky, Fit, & Muscular. *Xbox Live Vision Cam- Allow us to upload our face in the x360 version of the game. This feature would be a nice addition in my mind. *Create Clan Fatigues- Allow us to mix & match camo patterns. Allow someone to select tan digital camo for their pants. Then if they want, allow them to choose a plain tan shirt. This would allow clans/squads to look different from each other. Keep in mind that everyone in the clan/squad would all be wearing the same colors (however the style in which they wear their fatigues would vary. Ex: No sleeves for some, long sleeves for others). Also an in-depth logo creator for the x360 version would be a nice little option. I'm sure the PC version would be waaay more flexible (create your own logo from scratch, ect). Btw the colors should be realistic (no pink boots, ect). Give us default colors, & then allow us to choose a shade of our choice for that color. Here is an example: White, Brown, Green, Black. I choose White. Then I lower the shade scale all the way down to make Dark grey. ^^^^ Easy, simple, & yet still realistic. Hope to hear from BFS, & the community. Well, there was my ideas. -Peace Out Discuss
  5. Please, NO RANKINGS!

    I agree. I dislike rankings to. However, it would be nice to see a military rank next to our names/gamertags. Maybe our ranks could be determined via Single Player. The higher the diificulty you complete the game, the higher your rank. Also there could be secondary objectives that could further our ranks. ^^^^ I like that idea. Btw, while we are talking about ranks, would it be possible for Blackfoot to implement a matchmaking system ala' Halo 2's. By far H2's matchmaking set the bar for MP gaming. Can Blackfoot surpass it. From the party system, to the stats page it was great. I also liked how once the host left, another was chosen, thus the match would continue. I'm not gonna lie. A matchmaking system is a must. It's been proven that it could be done on consoles (xbox/x360). I'm sure the PC crowd would welcome this feature w/ open arms too.-Peace
  6. Map Editor & SDK & Updating.

    How about a map editor for the console crowd? Honestly, Far Cry: Instincts & FC: Predator featured the best map editor ever seen on a console. It's simple to use, yet difficult to master. There is certainly a lot left to be desired such as a paint, texture, & copy tools just to name a few. Let's say that Blackfoot does include such an editor for the x360 version. I believe there should be a way to rate user created maps within the game itself. Also I would hope that there would be a Top 25 list. Blackfoot would have to come up w/ a way to process maps onto the Top 25 list. Maybe the # of times a map has been downloaded or the # of times hosted by unique users over LIVE (maybe both, I dunno). Certainly, a map editor keeps a game fresh, & adds to it's longevity. Far Cry for the consoles has proven that. To some this is a MUST HAVE feature. I'll admit, if it was announced that the console version of this game was going to feature a map editor/creator, then I would totally drool over the thought of this. Blackfoot, I hope you seriously consider this.-Peace